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"Honor is a fools prize, victory is of no use to the dead"
―Loki Fisher
Loki Fisher
Biographical information

Jackson, Florida, USA

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Loki Fisher was born an assassin by his mother Lisa. He was born in Jackson, Florida and later moved to Rome two years after his birth.

Loki's mother died when he was eleven by invading Templars. Loki then trained under his Uncle Victor and was raised by the order as well. He then became an assassin at age sixteen and later dropped out of school because of his assassin life. Loki then served many missions for the assassin order that could not be complete by previous members.

Until he was eighteen, he left the order to have a family life and try to finish school. He then was successful and got married at twenty one. He was married to his wife and former partner Alison who was part of the order as well. He had 2 twins who would one day become assassins.

His wife was later kidnapped and taken to a unknown location by a Group of Templars, lead by Lance Vickers, trying to steal his children. The Templars were successful causing Loki to rejoin the order to search for his lost family. Loki later found his children and left them to be raised by Assassin Garret Richards until the time was right for him to return to his children. He currently is going on missions trying to find lost knowledge of the order and taking down corrupt economies and public officals while looking for his lost wife. He also took over the Hell's Blade guild after the death of his uncle Victor.


Early life[]

Loki was born in 1970 in Jackson Florida. His mother Lisa later moved to Rome to keep a low profile from Abstergo and Templars. Loki struggled in school and had trouble with the other kids. He was in many fights once he reached the 4th grade. Loki felt like an outcast and nearly ran away from home. Many months later in his fifth grade year he came home to his house being burnt down and his Uncle Victor waiting. He was then taken into training at a very young age. Loki trained for years. He still struggled in school and still got into fights. He later got into a fight with Jackson Vickers and injured him very bad. This caused Loki to be expelled and moved to a new school. Loki would be struggling for years until he completed his training in the order and leave school. Loki then started going on global missions and even took down an entire Templar army with the help of his partner Alison Ricardo. They then stopped a Roman Templar guild from rising and took down Dallin Vickers father of Lance Vickers.

Taking down Templars[]

Roman Templars started attacking many different assassin guilds throughout Italy. One of many guilds was the Assassin safe house owned by Victor. This caused Victor's guild "Hell's Blade to be moved to a new hideaway. For a temporary base of operations they settled in the ruined "Monteriggioni". Victor sent Loki on missions to take down Dallin Vickers. After invading an Absergo facility Loki and Alison looted it of everything for money to fix the hideaway. After getting the money they went to Jason Golum, the architect and blacksmith of the guild. They then continued to assault the Roman Templars for many months. After five successful missions Loki decided to go after Dallin once and for all. Though his Uncle Victor begged and advised him not to go, Loki disobeyed his uncle's orders and left. This caused his partner Alison to come after him and look throughout Italy for signs of him. Loki found the Vicker's Mansion and invaded it using his new hidden blade mod the taser. After going into Dallin's office,Loki found a letter reading that the Victor's were relocated to a part of Europe. Loki then was attacked by more Templars and was captured. He was taken to a Templar facility and tortured for months. After three months of his capture, Alison invaded the facility using a silent gun and got Loki out alive and found out that Vickers was relocated to Denmark. They then traveled together and got very close.

Getting closer[]

While traveling Alison talked about her past which she denied to talk about previously with many people except for Victor. She revealed that her mother and father were Templars and that they were killed in a attack by Loki's mother Lisa, who took pity on Alison and brought her to Victor who raised her as an assassin. Loki then told her he didn't know about this and that Alison needs to forgive his mother if they are to remain friends and no longer enemies. Alison then forgave Loki and his mother for her dark past. After this they were then attacked by more Templars and Alison then was shot in the leg by a revolver. Loki then took the Templars out with his Knuckle Claws mod on his hidden blade and his fist. After taking out all but one, the last Templar fled to warn Vickers of the coming assassins. Loki then took Alison to an abandoned warehouse where he met another assassin Neil Sellers. He just happened to know where medical supplies was in the where house but it was guarded by Templars if he was to go to it. Loki then took Alison's silent gun and went to get the medical supplies. He then returned to Neil who healed Alison and then said to meet him in Germany. Loki then went to sleep and waited one week for Alison to heal in the warehouse and survived off of food in a celler under it. Alison then woke up and requested to stay in the warehouse one more night so she can prepare to go back in battle again. During the night she admitted to Loki she had feelings for him and asked if he felt the same. Loki replied with " There is certainly something inside me that I know is telling me I do... but there is also something telling me that I need to focus on Vickers". This then caused Alison to hug him and go back to sleep. They then started traveling the next day to Germany.

Arriving in Germany[]

When they arrived in Germany they went to the location Neil requested they meet him in. They then found his body in a Canal and found a note saying "come to the facility in three days.. or else Victor dies". This caused the assassins to go and infiltrate the facility and later found out the note was just a threat to get them closer to Vickers. Vickers then later came to see the assassins in their cell and tell them what he wants from them. He revealed that he needed Loki's blood to find a "First Civilization" artifact that allowed the wielder of it to read the thoughts of those he wanted. He then told Loki that he has the blood from the civilization, do to his mother finding an artifact that mutated her blood causing it to be much like the "First Civilization". They then took Loki into a lab to get samples of his blood. Vickers then found out that the blood can not be sampled cause it would dissolved in the container. Vickers then decided to keep Loki and use him to find the artifact, and threatened to kill Alison. Loki and then said they would help Vickers only if the two could have back their weapons and personal belongings and if there would be a chance for peace between Assassins and Templars, to which Vickers replied with "If we give you back your weapons you will kill us". Loki then stated it will be a sign of trust between the two. Vickers then agreed willingly and then revealed to Loki he must touch a First Civilization map to find the location. Vickers revealed the location of the map to be on top of the Eiffel Tower and that it was moved there by assassins to protect it. He then sent Loki off to retrieve the map.

The search of the artifact[]

Loki and Alison went to Paris to retrieve the map. When arriving, a group of assassin came and said that the Master Assassin of the guild would like to see them. Loki did not want bad blood and went willingly. Upon arriving at the guild the Master Assassin, Garret Richards, asked why he should trust the two because of their alliance with the Templars. Loki said he has no intentions of helping the Templars but to gain the artifact for the order to keep it safe and in the right hands. He then asked Garret if he could help and asked if he could follow the Templars quietly in case Vickers would turn on the two later. Garret then agreed and prepared the guild to get ready while Loki and Alison went to get the map. Loki left Alison with the Assassins as it would he did not want her to get hurt again. Loki then went and climbed the Eiffel Tower to get the map. Loki for fun then did a leap of faith off it. Loki then returned to the guild where Garret asked to see the map. Loki looked at the map with everyone. The map then revealed the location to be at a temple under Stonehenge. He then told the guild to meet him there and to keep hidden so the Templars did not see them. Garret then said he will see him soon. Loki and Alison then returned to Vickers and left with them to go and get the artifact. After arriving at Stonehenge the group found a switch to the Temple and then went inside. Before going in Loki made sure the Assassins were following them and Garret revealed himself and nodded. Loki then went inside with the others and found out from a message left by Jupiter a First Civilization leader, that only Loki could use the artifact and any other person using it will disintegrate. This caused Vickers to lash out and attack Loki. Loki then said they have an alliance and to honor the agreement. Vickers then broke all ties and requested a duel with Loki. All of Garret's Assassins then came and killed all of the other Templars in the area. Loki then was ready to fight. Loki was beaten by Vickers very bad and was stabbed. Loki then used the artifact to which he got up and used to read Vickers mind to see the upcoming moves. Loki then killed him with his Hidden Blade and layed him on the ground and wished him farewell as he would've been a great Assassin and a great ally. To which Vickers then said "The alliance proved to be a failure, We will never have peace, the war will wage on! You Assassins are fools! We will win! and you will all die!" Vickers then died by choking on his own blood.

Leaving the Assassins[]

A new life[]

Loki Returned to the "Hell's Blade" guild and gave the artifact to Victor to keep in the archives as it was to much for him to handle and the world wasn't ready for it. Loki then told Victor he was leaving as he has done what he needed to and there is more for him out in the world. Victor nodded him off and let him go. While Loki was packing Alison came into his quarters and asked what is next for him. Loki revealed that he was leaving the order and that he has a new life to get to. Alison then told Loki she wants to be with him for the years to come and that she loved him. Loki then decided he wanted to be with her and they left the guild together. Loki went back to school and then got married to Alison one year later. Alison birthed twins the next year and lived with Loki in Jackson Florida the next four years.

Life as a father[]

Loki started writing for a newspaper and then started writing books on his adventures in a fantasy genre. Loki started making millions of dollars from his job and got to live a happy life for a little longer. He always cared for his children and made sure they were educated well. After being married for five years a Group of Templars lead by Lance Vickers broke into his house while he was at his job. While the group was there they Kidnapped the Children and hid Alison at an unknown location. Loki decided to join the order after this swearing vengeance. Loki then used his money for gear, equipment, tech, and other needs that the order needed. Loki then went looking for Lance Vickers after building up a guild and getting allies for the attack at an Abstergo facility.

Finding his Children[]

Loki took over the his uncle's guild after his death. Loki used this to his advantage and went as far as to pay people to join the order. Loki then realized this was a bad idea as he could be paying Templars and stopped this operation. Loki then sent his second in command Jacob Kleeman, to go and find information about the whereabouts of his wife and kids. He also used computer specialist Kevin Morris, to hack into Abstergo files and get info the order could use. He later learned that his children were being kept in the same facility Alison's parents died in. Loki then invaded the facility with Garret's guild and his guild. They then lead a stealth mission to the facility, using stealth generators a new kind of technology that was could only be accessed by Loki and the rest of the order. He then killed Vickers slowly and painfully and got his children back. While he was dying he revealed that the order can never die because they are everywhere including government, business, and many more things in society. Loki then took his children back home and decieded to keep them with Garret until it was time for him to return.

Present day[]

Loki now spends his days looking for his wife and taking down corrupt economies and public officials. He has taken complete control of many of the guilds in the Assassin Order and looks for information lost to the order long ago. He also spends his days looking for First Civilization artifacts.


Loki is very serious about his job and makes sure he doesn't mess up. He is shown to be very brutal if he is angry and in the heat of battle. Loki is very cheerful though and fun as he loves to joke and spend time with people and traveling. He is shown to also be a show off and a flirt when he was very young.


"You are mine, the child of a killer. A killer who never meant for you to be involved in my old work. I will protect you forever. I won't lose you the way I lost him little Loki "
―Lisa Fisher talking to her new child
"Some survived, some hid, and then waited for the time to return "
―Victor on the return of the of the Roman Templars
"I got my revenge Victor, yet I feel like I have done nothing. I feel like there is more for me to do. But not as an assassin. I wish to leave. I have a new life to fulfill. One that lets me live as a father with children and a wife. "
―Loki leaving the guild.
"It was her Loki!! She killed them!! I didn't deserve this!! I was an innocent child! I didn't know what they were doing for their jobs!"
―Lisa talking about her parents death at the hand of Lisa

Weapons and gear[]

Loki's weapons and gear include

  • Frag gernades
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Hidden Blades
  • Taser Hidden Blade mod
  • Poison dart Hidden blade mod
  • Silent gun
  • Pistol
  • Assault Rifle
  • Grapling hook
  • throwing knives
  • Smoke bombs