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"I thought I'm going to meet my end that night. 20 plus RPKAD soldiers were on my tail, fast and hungry like a pack of wolves. Maybe I should've heed Alice's words. She knew that it would be too dangerous to go out in the darkness of night wearing suspicious clothes. But it was important to me to know what was actually happening. Although, after all of those gunfights, pursuit, and escape, I must give up and return."

- Bayu in his journal

October 2nd Midnight was an event that had been erased from the record of intelligence by Indonesian military as it was impossible to be investigated due to the involvement of Bayu Cathaka, an Indonesian assassin.

Prologue : The September 30th Movement[]

At September 30th 1965, an Indonesian communist party, known as PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia : Communist Party of Indonesia) abducted and massacred several army generals in a remote territory known as "Lubang Buaya" (Crocodile Hole), using several Cakrabirawa rogue soldiers. The corpses of the generals were thrown into a small well and left to rot. Soon after that, the situation of both political and military in Indonesia were in dissorientation.

Investigation : October 1st[]

At the same year, Bayu and his wife, Alice, lived a harmony life after their marriage 4 years ago and were having a holiday in South Jakarta. At October 1st 1965, one of his understudy, Joko, knocked his hotel room door at 5:00 PM. Bayu was surprised when he heard the knock ; who would come to visit him this early? He opened the door and Joko quickly told him that last night, several army generals were abducted and massacred at Lubang Buaya. The news shocked him, as he didn't expect such thing might happen after the independence of Indonesia.

Remembering that he owned several "friends" inside the military, Bayu quickly put on his disguise and Bayubraja armor, then rushed toward downtown. Luckily, when he walked through Gatot Subroto street, he met with one of Soekarno's trusted men, Mangil, who was once the commander of Cakrabirawa regiment. He halted his car and quickly identified himself when Mangil pointed his gun to him. Mangil shook his hand and told him that the news was true. In fact, he was on his way to the National Palace to warn Soekarno about the tragedy. He asked Bayu to come with him, but Bayu refused and instead decided to go to the location where the massacre was launched.

Running with high speed, thanks to his Bayubraja armor, Bayu finally made it to Lubang Buaya, while his understudy was commanded to watched over the situation in National Palace without being seen by anyone. When Bayu arrived at the location, several unknown personnels carrying firearms were patrolling the area. Carefully, he moved closer and peeked into the well, and filled with horror as he saw the corpses stacked into the small well.

October 2nd Incident[]

The situation became more critical as an army force entered Jakarta at the next day. Realizing that there is a high possibility of massive coup, Bayu told Alice to go to his mother at Jogjakarta and stay there until he go home.

Bayu quickly investigated about what force entered the capitol, and what is the purpose. Turned out that the force were several soldiers of 454th Infantry Battallion, known as "Banteng Raiders" (Raider Bull). They were commanded by Kostrad to participate into the ceremonial day of ABRI (Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia : Armed Force of Republic of Indonesia, today known as TNI). The company halted at Halim Perdanakusuma airfield. Bayu noticed one of the soldiers was Kusumo, an old friend. He quickly met him and Kusumo confirmed that their presence was under the command of Kostrad.

However, there was a mistake when RPKAD (Today known as Kopassus) was ordered by Major General Soeharto to secure Halim Perdanakusuma, due to the rebellion of PKI in order to avoid any damage. The Banteng Raiders soldiers weren't informed about this, and remain on the airfield without expecting to be attacked.

The incident began when 2 airforce soldiers, Sergeant Supardi and Private Tugimin, were shot by the RPKAD near the oil depot. The RPKAD soldiers expected that they intend to confront by rushing to their arms.

The Banteng Raiders were surprised by the gunfire, and in a moment, they were also ambushed by the RPKAD soldiers. Bayu Cathaka quickly dodged and hid himself behind a hangar, but was also under fire. He then rushed to Kusumo to aid him.

Bayu : "Why they're shooting at us?! They're the RPKAD soldiers!"

Kusumo : "I don't know, we're just being told to wait here!"

Bayu : "This is insane! If we don't stop this, the whole airfield will be destroyed!"

Kusumo : "Then that's what needs to be done! Find someone with high rank around here!"

Bayu quickly escaped and intended to go straightly to the National Palace. But then he saw Airforce Commodor Ignatius Dewanto and informed him about the attack. Dewanto quickly went to meet RPKAD to stop the gunfight

Pursuit : October 2nd Midnight[]

His presence as an unknown personnel led Bayu became a wanted person. Kusumo couldn't tell the army who was he, and Bayu decided to escape from Jakarta immediately. At first he aimed to escape at midday, but the boundary security was tightened. He then waited in his hotel room.

At midnight, Bayu quickly packed his clothes and run away. He carefully approached the city boundary area, but when he took a rest in a warung, a patrolling soldier recognized him and alerted his group. Bayu quickly ran by using the power of Bayubraja armor. But then the RPKAD was informed about this, and a small unit near the location was quickly dispatched.

About 20 plus men were ordered to chase and capture Bayu. Thanks to his armor, Bayu managed to escape the soldiers and made his way to Bekasi.