"If we are the beings of control, then why do men and women only seek our help?"
―Lotte-Mari to her killer, 1347
Lotte-Mari Bjerg (née Ohlson) was the Leader of the Cross of the Danish Rite of the Templar Order, and the wife of Oluf; she was also the mother of Sivert – the Knight Commander – and Katrina Bjerg – the Master of Occultism. All four were members of the Bjerg family, an ancient family of the Danish Templars active in the country since the 12th century, when the Knight Templars acted openly.
Lotte-Mari Bjerg
The White Knight
Lotte-Mari in her Templar attire
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February 1290


June 1347
(aged 57)

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Biography Edit

Born to a noble family, Lotte-Mari had visions of becoming something great. But she still had a heart for the sensitive: even if she wanted to become something, she wanted to help those in need. So, when Lotte-Mari married Oluf Bjerg and rose to power, she decided to help the poor street children. She and her husband were also public people, and were known was a kind and caring couple. They were known for providing for poor children by taking them into their home and giving them a better life. Although, in reality they abducted the children off the streets of Copenhagen in order to send them to training camps outside the city, where the children would be trained into soldiers for the Danish Templar Army.

When Lotte-Mari was pointed out to be the Leader of the Cross by the former Grand Master, Lotte-Mari's task was to collect information and act as the second-in-command of the Rite. When ready for an attack or ambush, Oluf, the Knight Commander and the Leader was the generals. The Master of Occultism was to stay behind, and got the role of being the Grand Master if the three fell in battle. If a Grand Master fell, the Leader of the Cross was to be the next leader; if the Leader was already deceased, the Commander was the next in the line.

As the Leader of the Cross, she gathered information, and on one occasion she located a Sword of Eden in the city of Silkeborg. She did not want her husband to find out in case it was wrong, but by doing this she felt she could not tell about it either when she actually found it. With the Sword of Eden, she led battles against Assassin strongholds with a little army of Templars, and won every time.

When Lotte-Mari died in 1347 by the hand of a Danish Assassin, Katrina – her daughter – read in the will that she was to bequest the sword Lotte-Mari had used. Katrina soon discovered it was actually a Sword of Eden, and decided to take it with her to the Nidaros Cathedral: maybe it would open with the power of the Sword? By reading in books written by Grand Master de Molay, Katrina had learned the Sword had the capability of instant translocation, echolocation of foes and project energy blasts. Maybe a blast could open it? On Katrina's orders, the Sword of Eden was places in a heavy protected Templar base in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, when Katrina was to travel to Norway and collect the Sword from the base, she learnt from the Templar overseer that the base had been attacked by Assassins. They had killed several of the Templars and the soldiers. And the Sword was gone. Katrina then tasked her brother to find it for her. He was unsuccessful in this.

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