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Louie Bevill
Biographical information

18 June 1667
Cluny, France


4 August 1730
Cluny, France

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Real-world information

Louie Bevill was a French-born member of the Assassins order.


Early Life[]

Bevill was born in Cluny in France to a family of Assassins. His ancestor Edouard Bevill was a member of the Assassins during the Hundred Years' War, responsible for the killing of Templars John Chandos and the Black Prince, who were attempting to retake France for the Templars in revenge for the Friday 13th massacres of the early 1300s. Bevill's father Richart was the Mentor of the Assassins in France, and in 1681 he trained his son to become one of the order. Richart told him of the tales of his ancestor Edouard, and explained why the Templars and Assassins were enemies. The young Louie Bevill was trained in stealth, patience, fighting, falling, jumping, climbing, and all of the bare necessities of Assassin life.

In 1683 Bevill was sent by his father to the Americas, after gaining evidence that the Templars were heading there to search for the Quivira, the city of gold; he found out about the plot by eavesdropping at the Royal Palace in Orleans. He found out that the expedition to find the money was led by Robert de La Salle, who was the Governor of Louisiana, and that the French nobles talking had suspicions that he was searching for the money for himself. Bevill sought to infiltrate La Salle's ranks, and joined the expedition in 1684 as it left for the Gulf of Mexico.

The journey was plagued by pirates and bad weather, and in the storms, Bevill managed to sabotage three of the French ships. He ignited the gunpowder in one of them, blowing it up; he steered one so that it ran aground in an inlet, and he assisted in an Assassin (believed to be a pirate) attack that captured a third ship. Due to these misfortunes, La Salle and 36 explorers headed inland through Texas to find the source of the Mississippi River, although he was in reality searching for the city of Quivira so that he could fund a Templar conquest of America.

In Texas, La Salle founded Fort Saint Louis, where he made his base. Bevill secretly contacted fellow Assassin sympathizers Pierre Duhaut and Jean L'Archeveque, and arranged for a mutiny against La Salle in 1687. When the French expedition moved out and encamped by a river, Duhaut and L'Archeveque stirred up enough trouble to start a mutiny. La Salle ordered some of his best men executed out of paranoia, and when he was reprimanding L'Archeveque, Bevill found his chance to stop La Salle, and he slew him with a pistol shot to the back. In his last words, La Salle told Bevill that he only dreamed of greatness and wealth, but Bevill responded by telling him that wealth was an obstacle in the path to greatness. La Salle's death temporarily put an end to the Templar schemes with America.

Bevill left Louisiana when the Templars killed Duhaut in revenge for La Salle, and in 1720 he found out that L'Archeveque had been killed by Indians bought out by the Templars. He died in France, his homeland, and married a woman named Henriette Miles. This made Bevill one of the many Assassins ancestors of Desmond Miles.