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"I fight for freedom."
―Louis on his beliefs

Louis Auverlot was a member of the French branch and the Caribbean Assassins of the Order of the Assassins operating during the Caribbean Purge. Louis traveled to the colonies and served there for Mentor Lady Concord until 1776 when he was killed by Callum Kerr.

Louis Auverlot
Louis in mission at Portobelo
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May 1740


April 1776

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge


Early life[]

Louis was born into a poor family in Saint Denis, and grew up near Marseille in 1750. As the son of poor peasants, he had to help his father to advance the family consists of seven members. His older brother, Thomas taught him to live in district in which they lived. Louis learned parkour and pickpocketing, which the turned out very useful on many occasions.

When he was thirteen Louis had to move with his family to Paris. His father died of a fever, and the family fell apart completely. Louis ended up on the street and began to steal as the only means survive. In the following years, Louis went from job to job, continuing to plunder the richest citizens of the city. The fruit of his acts of crime was sending him to his mother, as a livelihood.

Joining at the Assassins[]

Andrés François

Louis now had 16 years and was in the streets of Marseille. Louis the past for a while 'watching the people passing by and saw each other a hooded figure. Louis did not understand who he was and why he was dressed so strangely, but he felt the desire to challenge him. Louis mingled with the crowd and approached him slowly without being too obvious. Louis followed him to a secluded spot, and there he wanted to rob him after the first beat. Louis beat him and asked him where he was going. The smile man under the hood and said they were none of his business. An arrogant Louis said that was his business because early human assets would be his. Louis threatened the man with a knife, the man quickly grabbed the wrist of Louis, the dagger fell, the man froze Louis and stopped him against the wall. Louis broke free and went to the ground whipping the man's legs with his. The man jumped and then beaten in the face of Louis. Louis on the ground got up and jumped on the man. The two rolled on the ground but in the end the man sat on Louis and the sleeve appeared a blade which was brought at Louis neck. "Have good quality guy" the man said. "It would be a pity you wasted in this way the" continued. "Leave me and maybe we'll talk," Louis said. The man left Louis and introduced himself as Andrés François. François said he was fighting for a Brotherhood and said the true principles of the Creed. Louis said that it was true many things he had said. François asked Louis if he wanted to join the Brotherhood. Louis looked into his eyes and then François knew it was so.

Assassin Training[]

The team of Assassins

Louis trained in combat, parkour and other arts of the French assassins. Louis at the age of 18 was finally equipped with a concealed blade and then a ghost blade left forearm. Louis was very good at fighting and also found to have the genetic ability known as Eagle Vision. In 1760 it was time for the first Louis Auverlot mission that would officially introduced in Brotherhood Of Assassins. The mission consisted in attacking a Templar fort: Fort Montréz who worked as a depot for ammunition of the Templars. Louis could not attack from the only reason he was given a small army of French soldiers and 5 top-ranked assassins. Louis rallied a little 'of mercenaries and prepared an attack. Half of the French soldiers would have captured the templar ship at the harbor below the fort, the other half would attack the front door while the mercenaries would attack the weaker side of the fort. Louis would infiltrate the strong and should open or destroy the main gate with the assassins team. The plan went into action in August. Around noon half of the French army went to capture the ship and the other half attacked the fort. Louis and the other assassins quickly climbed the walls of the fort as the French army kept busy snipers and templar soldiers. The six assassins got to the top as classified assassins killed the guards in the area, Louis races for the flag. Louis climbed the pole and took his sword, cut off his flag. The signal. The mercenaries attacked the strong side. Louis and another assassin ran to open the gates. They went down under murdering two guards and Louis proceeded to open the gate. As the doors open Louis heard a gunshot. He turned and saw his partner fall to the ground dead assassin. Louis went to look in the direction of the shot. A man dressed as an officer's hand was a gun that was smoking. The French soldiers made their way to the fort, killing mercilessly resistance they encountered joined by mercenaries who had entered. Louis wanted to kill the captain of the fort but for having had to reach his way. Louis cut the stomach to a soldier and stabbed another soldier in the chest. A soldier tried to hit Louis in the stomach but he stuck his sword and threw it away. Louis pierced the soldier's chest, then stepped forward to others. Two soldiers came out to Louis but an assassin swept assassinated them. Louis thanked his partner and saw a brute behind the assassin who was raising the ax for Assassin's back. Louis moved the assassin and stabbed in the throat the brute. The assassin slapped him on the shoulder and Louis proceeded to the official. An agile collided his knife with Louis sword but eventually pounded Louis into his stomach and then stabbed by his side. Louis shot a brute and then slashed another soldier. The officer saw Louis and pointed the gun. He fired, Louis rolled quickly to the left dodging the bullet. Louis raised and then kicked the officer's leg. The officer was unbalanced. Louis took advantage. He drove his blade concealed for the officer's chest. The man fell to the ground.

  • Louis: Who are you?
  • Officer: Assassin What do you expect a confession?
  • Louis: No information Templar-dog
  • Officer: You do not have to be me even if you gave a crushing defeat to the Templar will not improve things.
  • Louis: Do something good in life instead of trying to subdue and you tell me if you're the Templar who ran everything.
  • Officer: It's me, François Montréz but wait to sing victory silly Assassin.

The Officer dead.

  • Louis: Rest in peace bastard.

The fort was taken now and the remaining soldiers surrendered all. Now the Brotherhood had a big win. They had at their disposal a strong, many ammunition and a ship. Therefore the mercenaries became personal men of Louis and Louis became the captain of the ship that had captured that renamed Lady Jay (in 1720ca of James Denton). Louis had made good his mission and was officially introduced in the Brotherhood. Louis passed after another 3 years in France performing missions for the Brotherhood. One day in 1763, Louis was called by Andrés François who told him I needed an agent who went to the Caribbean, and he saw Louis as the most classified. Louis honored the task greeted François and traveled aboard Lady Jay for the Caribbean.

Life in America[]

Josiah Advisor

Louis traveled and eventually came to the Caribbean in the former pirate city of Nassau in November 1763. Louis knew I had just ended a war between England and France that had lasted seven years and in which France had lost its colonies and how the Colonial Assassins were removed. Louis fell for the city and toured remain amazed by the difference between the Old World and the Colonies. Louis attempted assassin of activities around but did not see them. One day, Louis saw a man in clothes and blacks with hood run for the roofs, Louis followed him to a place. He had lost sight of its target and then he heard the click of a pistol behind him. Louis shot right away and blocked the barrel of a gun sending a punch in the face to its target. The man backed away impressed by the responsiveness as the man snapped a concealed knife. Louis snapped his hidden blade and told her that they were both two Assassins. The man apologized to Louis and compliments as he said to react promptly to his aggression, he introduced himself as Josiah Advisor. The two shook hands and then Josiah took him in his refuge. Josiah presented to the other members and after assassins took him to Great Inagua. Josiah there introduced him to the Council of the Assassins and the Mentor, the Council was formed by five assassins. Victor Jensen, one officer and one who controlled Kingston through his gangs. Jackie Charlotte, the woman who administered an office-brothel with which controlled Nassau. Condor Apito, the Taino that protected the Caribbean islands for the Brotherhood along with his apprentice Edward Stoddard. Songui, Voodoo Master also said that the tracker was the stealth expert. Delaware Dinsmore, the head-band that held Havana for Assassins. And finally, the Mentor of Caribbean Assassins, Claude Dimanche. Josiah introduced Louis to everyone as Dimanche told Josiah that Louis would stay a bit 'with him for the first things to do. In the months after Louis followed Josiah who showed him and learned how to surf well, to make naval attacks to explore the islands and illustrated by following the customs of Caribben Brotherhood. Louis continued his way for Assassin as in 1766 had a romantic relationship with a woman with whom he had two children, but after the woman went to Boston.

The Apple of Eden[]

Edmund Stafford[]

Emunad Stafford

In 1769, Louis sent to Ocracoke to kill a British officer named Edmund Stafford who had an Apple of Eden that he would send to the Templar Rite of New Orleans. Louis had to prevent it. Louis landed by Lady Jay, and watched as the settlement was full of British and sailors who got drunk as normal and whores who went around. Louis walked for setting up as a prostitute asked him to join him but he pushed her away abruptly. Louis saw Stafford as the counter of an inn that was drinking in company of another high-ranking man. Louis saw that he wore on his finger a ring with the Templar cross, and spoke as if he would not be heard. Louis put on his cap to not be recognized but seem like a simple sailor. The two Templars continued their conversation and got to the end of the settlement. Louis hid behind a tree and saw the Templar deliver to Stafford a kind of bag containing a spherical thing (most likely the Apple of Eden). Stafford if forwarded in the forest while the Templar went to his ship as if nothing had happened. Louis decided to follow Stafford to take his Apple of Eden and followed him to the jungle. Louis hid in the bushes to avoid being seen and saw as Stafford was walking down the path with the British soldiers around. The soldiers were passing Stafford at a sign from him. Templars ?! They would have died anyway. Louis extended his hidden blade and stabbed a soldier alongside putting a hand over her mouth. Louis brought the soldier into the bush and then went on stalking Stafford, Louis climbed quickly up a tree and from above followed Stafford who kept walking. Louis at one point jumped from the tree, extended his hidden blades and landed on Stafford spearing his back. Louis took Stafford in a bush, Louis plundered the corpse and roofs lean against it, he found nothing. At that time Louis noticed that Stafford was still alive. "Who has the piece of Eden?" Louis asked. "Quentin Blaise" Said Stafford, and with those words he died. Louis got up quickly and saw British soldiers darting for plants toward Louis. Louis ran as fast as he could to get out of the jungle behind with the soldiers who fired on. Louis avoided most of the bullets but eventually came on a bluff that overlooked the city. Louis turned and saw the sword-wielding British soldiers in front of him, Louis was on the brink dropped down with open arms. It was the leap of faith. A Louis seemed to fly at that time and it was a beautiful sensation. He fell into a pile of hay with a good landing. Louis went straight to Lady Jay and traveled quickly to Great Inagua to report what he had discovered. Dimanche did the non-neither hot nor cold news of Louis, and when he finished hired him to find, kill Quentin Blaise and take the Apple of Eden.

Quentin Blaise[]

Quentin Blaise

Quentin Blaise was a French scientist and adventurer Templar. He was born in 1725 by Blaise family and was the main lift of Caribbean Templars. Louis spotted Blaise in Santa Lucia. He would go there for a meeting with other Templars who knew that he also attended Agnes Lootbox. Agnes was something to watch was dangerous and lethal. The meeting would also participate Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus, and another 5 templars unknown lesser rank. Louis walked through the streets of the city disguised as a simple sailor but the clothes he kept his guns and a knife. Louis leaned against a wall where there were two other fishermen and saw in front of a small house, Quentin, Orpheus and Agnes with the other 5 Templars who gathered. The 5 Templars it would escort while Agnes, Quentin and Orpheus would speak. The group set out and Louis inconspicuously followed them from behind the fishermen's houses. Louis heard fragments of discussion held on the study of the apple by Quentin. At some point, however, Agnes stopped, he turned to Louis and threw a dagger. Louis ducked in time that the knife went to the wall of the house in which Louis was ahead. Louis took his gun and shot him in the head with a Templar-guard. Louis saw Quentin run with three guards behind-the Templars and Orpheus. Louis took the dagger and ran to the guards who had stayed with Agnes. Louis dodged the thrust of his sword and then stabbed the man in the armpit. Louis had no time to waste with Agnes or would have failed the mission. Simply Louis threw a smoke bomb and ran after the Templars-fugitives. Louis anticipated the Templars and found himself in front of them. These opted for combat. One of them took his sword and tried to hit Louis in the shoulder. louis stopped his wrist twisted forcing the man to turn around still holding his wrist. Louis grabbed his sword and snatched it out of hand.

Agnes Lootbox

Louis stabbed the man who had disarmed the back. A second guard made a series of lunges that Louis parried while Orphes and the other guard flocked to their mate. Louis caught a glimpse of Quentin take a gun. Louis grabbed a guard and used him as a human shield to not take the bullet fired by Quentin. Agnes came out of nowhere and dropped his dagger for the Louis shoulder. He dodged in time the blow and kicked at Agnes. The last guard punched him in the face of Louis, Louis extended his hidden blade and as he turned impressed fist sank the blade into the man's back. Quentin stepped forward and began to duel with Louis accompanied by Orpheus. Louis dodged a stroke of Orpheus but was wounded in the cheek by a coup of 'Agnes. Louis screamed in pain. Louis thought quickly and wounded the Orpheus leg and kicked him in the stomach after Quentin. He fell to the ground and rolled away the bag containing the Apple of Eden. Louis rushed on it. Agnes, however, grabbed him and crawled in the dust fighting one another. The bag rolled away again, and Louis took off half Agnes. Louis saw Quentin getting up out picking the apple. Louis sank his blade concealed in Quentin's shoulder and then snatched the Apple of Eden. Louis quickly dodged an attack Orpheus and then ran away with his loot. Louis returned to Tulum where he gave her the Apple of Eden to his mentor Dimanche.

Protection of the Apple[]

Edward "Eddie" Stoddard

Louis became the patron and the official carrier of the Apple of Eden having become the same year a high-ranked Assassin. His work for the coming years was to keep and study the piece of Eden and made him as best he could and also good. In 1770 he had heard of some losses in the Assassin Order as many members including a Master Assassin and the loss of Tulum hideout. Louis took the help of one of his brothers Edward Stoddard for the protection of apple. In fact, he would have to leave on October 17 for New York and from there to the Davenport seal for a meeting with the Mentor of the colonial branch Achilles Davenport. Louis so on the appointed day he went to Nassau harbor for departure. Stoddard was but behind him there was a brute as if holding him hostage, Louis knew immediately that it was a trap of the Templars. Louis grabbed his gun and fired straight into the brute's head. Other mercenaries emerged from the parties and attacked, Louis ran a sword in Stoddard. Louis parried the thrust of a mercenary and then cut it into his chest. The fight went on for a short period in which Louis saw Agnes Lootbox off a roof and go to them. To time of Louis and Edward ship was about to go and they had to keep ready to jump. Louis engaged in a duel Agnes but he was wounded in the thigh and was about to be killed by Agnes. Edward Agnes promptly attacked and managed to throw it on the ground. When it passed the Lady Jay, the two assassins jumped on the deck of the ship. Louis said to hurt Edward navigate in his place because the Templars had unleashed against 3 ships in pursuit. Edward sailed very well and managed to sink all ships except one. Louis took the binoculars and saw who was driving the ship: Jean de Orpheus. He had to be expected. Louis told him to throw explosive barrels and so it was done. The barrels exploded on the front of the ship and then Edward turned the Lady Jay so he could attack the ship of Orpheus. "I will do to pieces bastard" Louis said, turning to Edward unsheathing his sword. Louis jumped on the enemy ship stabbing the throat a sailor-Templar and stabbing another in the stomach with his own sword. Louis had a fight with three sailors-Templars, Louis cut in the chest one, the other threw it off the ship while the last impaled him with his sword.

Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus

Orpheus Louis knocked at the back causing him to fall to the ground, Orpheus raised his sword to finish Louis but Louis parried the shot just in time and then kicked him in the stomach. Louis quickly got up and continued to bombard the shots Orpheus. Eventually Louis kicked the chest of Orpheus throwing him from the ship. Louis went to see Jean still afloat and then saw a ship that was coming there. Louis knew he was Quentin. Louis and Edward quickly went back to Lady Jay and sailed for New York. After a 6-day trip finally came to Boston. Throughout the journey the ship had followed them secretly, Louis had noticed but had ignored it because he wanted to kill Quentin and Orpheus there in North America. So Louis and Edward landed in the city and we walked around, Louis was astonished by the beauty of the city. On a Baby carriage they went to the Estate of Davenport. There they met Achilles Davenport. For about a week Louis and Edward remained at Davenport and his young student Connor. In his spare time Louis and Edward spent time with Connor giving him some lessons and we made friends. In the period Louis and Achilles carefully studied the apple. On the morning of December 1, 1770, Edward woke up early in the morning and walked around. Nearby noticed some British soldiers led by Orpheus and Quentin Blaise, Edward had immediately returned to the estate warning his companions. Louis immediately came down from his room dressed and ready for the clash. Connor took his tomahawk and his knife like Achilles (despite 50 years) took a dagger to defend himself. The assassins came out and ran for the group of soldiers. Connor did acrobatic rides on the trees and killed two guards by surprise as did Edward, Louis and Achilles. Edward cut 5 guards while Achilles slew 3. Connor killed seven guards while Louis slew 6. But in all this Louis dueled with the two Templars. Louis managed well to keep up with Quentin as Connor stood up to Orpheus. Louis kicked the leg causing him to fall to the ground but could not finish it because of a soldier who attacked him. Louis swept the soldier on the ground and then hit him in the stomach with his sword. Orpheus for some reason had unfairly taken hostage Achilles. "Stop or I'll kill him," said Orpheus. Connor took a step toward him with a tomahawk raised but Louis stopped him with his hand. Edward about 7 meters from them was fighting alone against approximately 6 soldiers. Orpheus holding her sword on the Achilles neck. Achilles grabbed his forearm and we cried inside his hidden blade. Orpheus screamed in pain and the sword fell to the ground. Achilles side ran as Louis threw himself on Orpheus. Connor fought Quentin while Achilles went to give a hand to Edward. At one point an agile threw a smoke bomb, with this cover the Templars fled the area with Quentin and Orpheus wounded and without the Apple of Eden. Louis and Edward continued to stay there for another two weeks but had to leave on December 15 with the Lady Jay waiting for them at the port. Louis hoped Connor to rebuild Colonial Brotherhood and stop the Templars and then saluted Achilles embracing them both and going to Lady Jay. Edward did the same thing and then finally went for their return to the Caribbean. Louis entrusted the Apple of Eden to his brother Condor Apito as in 1772 after the death of Dimanche was a new mentor Lady Concord and a Templar-turncoat Eric Rackham.


The last battle of Louis

In 1776, already several assassins of New Mentor Lady Concord were removed or silenced, and Louis knew that sooner or later the Templars would have done the same to him and he did everything to avoid being caught and cause damage to the Templars with his ship the Lady Jay. The Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion saw Louis as a threat and sent his apprentice and agent, Callum Kerr to kill Louis at sea. Louis in April 1776 was aboard the Lady Jay off the coast of Cuba when the lookout spotted a ship going towards them. Louis quickly realized that this was the Templar ship known as, La Grande Gazelle and immediately he made ready his men for battle. When The Big Gazelle was in sight, Louis did shoot many shots against it but The Big Gazelle largely avoided them and then fight back. After a fierce naval battle the Lady Jay was defeated and then boarded, the sailors of La Grande Gazelle attacked toward Louis. Louis took his four guns and killed all of them with them. Others arrived and Louis killed with his sword as he saw his men being killed by the Templars. Around Louis saw Callum Kerr who had just killed his quartermaster. Louis ran over to Callum with his sword. Callum saw Louis and buried his sword to the stomach. Louis parried and then the dagger Callum went for his throat, but Louis extended his hidden blade and parried. Louis thumped in the stomach Callm who went back and then delivered another blow, Callum ducked in time but Louis launched his knee in the face of Callum. Louis jumped to give the final blow to Callum but Callum shot him in the shoulder causing it to go back. Louis screamed in pain and dropped his sword. Callum resumed his weapons, Callum drove the sword and dagger at the same time for the Louis chest. Louis rolled sideways extended his hidden blade and stabbed Callum shoulder. Callum yelled in pain. The two clashed their weapons for a while 'as eventually Callum stopped Louis on the railing of the ship. Louis extended its blade hidden Callum and stabbed in the leg. Louis freed you barricaded in his cabin. Callum broke down the door and followed Louis to his office, Louis was about to close the door as Callum kicked him that shattered the door. Louis for the force of the blow left on the ground. Callum sat on him, extended your hidden blades and pitched in the Louis throat ending his life.