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Louis Couture was a French assassin and eldest son of Anne Couture (born Anne Brodeur) and Joseu Couture. His uncle, Andre Couture, was his mentor.


Early life[]

Louis grew up in Paris, France. He lived on the streets with his mother and brother, Russell, for the first eleven years of his life. Starved to the bone and poor, Louis tried to get a job anywhere he could. He found a job for his mother as a prostitute in a brothel, that she did take though she would have rather not. Still, Louis and Russell had nowhere to live. Then their uncle appeared out of nowhere when Louis turned twelve. He took them in and began to train the both of them in the ways of the Creed. Russell never payed attention to anything he was taught whilst Louis was extremely passionate to his studies. Russell left the two when Louis turned 14. Louis' father only came in touch with him when he was 17 and became part of the French Brotherhood.


As soon as Louis became part of the brotherhood, Andre gave him his first target; Andre Bernard. Louis excepted and killed the man, performing an air assassination. Then he ran back to the Brotherhood quarters, telling his mentor he succeeded in his mission. As he was given more mission, French Templars began to hear of a killer who only ever attacked from above. News went to the townspeople and they began to call him "L'aigle", the eagle. Louis began to attack houses of Templars, his victims not even seeing who their attacker was. As he kept his name, Louis began to stand up for commoner being bullied on the streets and tried to reduce the amount of violence in brothels. By this time, his mother was a brothel owner and was thankful towards her son. In 1885, Louis began to invest in carriages and recruits for a gang he called "Les gens de la paix" peace people. They were the protectors of the townspeople and fought the Templars on the street for freedom. This, however, failed when the Templars fought back in larger amounts and only three men survived. These three men were loyal towards Louis till his death though no one knows what there names were or their lives. The Les gens de la paix ended in 1886.

Russell returns[]

In 1886, news of a new Templar leader came to The Eagle's ears. But he wasn't happy. The leader was his brother, Russell. He killed prostitutes in brothels under disguises and killed Louis' mother. Andre tried to talk to him and tell him what he was doing was wrong but got extremely wounded from scars by Russell. Louis tried to get the police to arrest Russell but he always managed to get away. Louis had his men try to assassinate Russell but they too did not succeed. Louis realised he would have to kill his own brother and did so but grieved for three weeks straight.

Mysterious Madame[]

In 1892, news of a British assassin arriving in France appealed to Louis. It also gave him a lot less work to do; this assassin emptied Templar houses and bodies weren't found. Impressed by the assassin's skills, Louis asked his fellow brother if they knew the identity. No one did. When letters began to come to Louis, they were full of information about the Piece of Eden in France and Templar whereabouts. This helped Louis with his missions. The letters weren't signed but in extremely neat hand writing. When word got to the townspeople and began to name the new murderer "Femme Mystѐrieux", he realised the assassin was female. The letters began to be signed by the same name. The last letter told Louis that she had found the Piece of Eden but hiding the vault as it always and should always been. In 1893, Sylvia Green became part of the French Brotherhood and revealed that she was Femme Mystѐrieux. And so the two began to work alongside each other as partners.


Louis killed himself in 1899.


Louis was very headstrong and always did what was right. He wasn't the sort of person that went into too much details but always gave enough information when necessary. He had a gentle spirit but could easily have his temper raised. He was skillful in the ways of the Creed. Louis was always accurate with his kills and never made a mess.


Louis mostly used his Hidden blade and firearms. Not really a man of stealth and more brutal, this occasionally made him caught by nearby Templars but always managed to silence them off.

Romantic Life[]

Louis was one of the most romantic men in Paris. He had many relationships but only one became successful in marriage terms, this being his last relationship.

Agnès Bernard[]

Agnès was Louis' first girlfriend. Having being friends with him since the both of them were five, Agnès wanted things to change, this being in 1871. Louis excepted with the acknowledgement of his father. The two were only together for six months when he found Agnès cheating on him with another man. Louis ended the relationship but didn't take it to heart.

Charlotte Dubois[]

In 1875, Louis helped his mother find more women for her business. One of them included Charlotte. Being a gentlemen, Louis escorted her in a fine carriage and regularly came to the brothel just for Charlotte, to which his father found hideous and his mother wonderful. The relationship ended in 1878 when Charlotte was one of three women who was killed by a brothel violent man. Louis killed the man immediately afterwards. Louis also didn't exactly take this end to heart as well.

Juliette Moreau[]

In 1877, Louis helped a woman being bullied by some Templars. This happened on a very regular basis for the woman was a carer of her mother and had to go to the doctors for medicine. And every day, Templar guards made sure that people weren't wasting precious medicines. This annoyed Louis for he had to save a damsel in distress every, single day. He decided to move the two women to a house that Louis' mother owned for prostitutes who didn't own a home. Louis learnt that day that the younger woman was Juliette Moreau. Louis began to get the medicine for Juliette's mother so he could deal with the guards. He began regular trips to the beautiful woman but the relationship ended in 1879 when Juliette learnt she was betrothed to another man. Slightly upset by this, Louis stopped visiting her.

Giselle Lagace[]

In 1885, Louis began to fall for a female french assassin, Giselle Lagace. She told him her feelings and he did the same to her. They were together for four years until her father found out and forbid the two of them to see each other.

Sylvia Grace[]

In 1893, Louis found interest in the Femme Mytèrieux. She was stealthy, unlike Louis, and a nice fit for him. The two began to work as partners; Louis doing the killing from above and Sylvia, from below. They weren't seen apart. Most commoners would have easily mistaken them as siblings from their appearance and yet, they were two totally different people. In 1896, Louis proposed to Sylvia and she excepted with a teary face. They married five months later and continued their work as assassins. They had no children for Sylvia could not bear a child. In 1899, Sylvia died from influenza. A day later, Louis killed himself to be with her and was buried next to her in London, though he was a french citizen.