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Louis la Mort
La Mort
Louis in front of crowd in Paris
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4 June 1814, Elba

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

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Olivier Valldery

"Take a life is a vulgar action; spare a life is an honorable one. Yet, taking yours will spare other people their lives."
―Louis upon meeting Napoleon on the last one's exile to Elba, 1814
Louis la Mort was an unnamed French-Portuguese pirate/mercenary who traveled to France for a high paying job, which resulted in him being noticed by the Assassins after killing his target, of whom was a Templar. The Assassins sought him out and after hearing what they had to say, Louis decided to join them due to the fact that he wanted a job that had more of a justice theme to it.

During the French Revolution, la Mort crossed paths with Marie Anne and Pierre Étienne. At the deathbed of Louis-Dominique de Bullion, la Mort joined to kill him for his crimes. Later in the revolution, la Mort contacted Pierre in his quests to kill a Templar only known as the Turncoat, and this Templar's boss: an Englishman named sir Downcastle.

With the end of the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte rose to power. La Mort knew that a murder at Napoleon in broad daylight would be risky, so – at 24 December 1800 – a royalist attack was established to kill the soon-to-be emperor. La Mort made the plans along with the Swedish Assassin Arne Otsberg and a royalist: Carbon. The assassination was stopped by the French-Austrian Assassin Arno Dorian. After the failed assassination, it would be drastically more difficult to kill Napoleon.

At some point during the production of "Behind the Revolution" (a codename for Assassin's Creed: Changes), Louis la Mort's genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar. The purpose was to influence the general public via the different game consoles, under the pseudonym Louis la Mort.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Little is known by this French-Portuguese pirate/mercenary. In Portugal, this man was only known as Louis la Mort. He was a thief and mercenary from his early ages, and was dressed as a Frenchman. He stole medications for his family, mules for pedlar-men, money for food, and so on.

It was possibly as a young man Louis first earned his name as la Mort. The employer of Louis' contracts was a woman named Isabel Hellidoro. One day, he was tasked to kill a Frenchman who had come to Lisbon. The Frenchman carried the name Xaviér de Marigot, an offspring of Alphonse de Marigot. To make sure he was more difficult – almost impossible – to discover, Isabel gave Louis his own black costume.

The Banquet of Death Edit

Xaviér de Marigot Edit


Xaviér de Marigot

Louis did not know anything of Xaviér, nothing else that he was a man who worked for a company named The Turk. De Marigot owned sugar plantations all around in the New World, and had made his fortune on trading lives for a bit of coin. The slaver lived in Lisbon's more wealthy districts, and hold different banquets for honoring men and women who made his trading possible.

Louis was tasked to go to the estate through the backyard and take out the guards and delegates from The Turk. The guards from the company was brutes, and they would not appreciate that their delegates was harassed. At the banquet it would be not more than seven delegates from the slaving-company. Isabel would also be there to point the delegates for Louis as soon as he entered the yard.

The young man entered the backyard, and soon he was ready to meet his employer. Isabel sat at a bench alone when she heard rustles in the shrubs behind her. She noticed the black costume to Louis, and pointed out the delegates from The Turk:

  1. Luzia Neves
  2. Thérèse LeFranc
  3. François Dantès
  4. Octávio Jetordo
  5. Gérard de Villefort
  6. Josèphine de la Chapelle
  7. Xaviér de Marigot

After pointing out Louis' targets, he started to take down the guards and the delegates – one by one, suppressor by suppressor, slaver by slaver. At one point, the guests was supposed to gather along to see the fireworks at the outside of de Marigot's house. At this time, Louis had managed to take out François and Josèphine. The fireworks made a great distraction.

Mansion - hot environment

De Marigot's mansion

Octávio Jetordo was a brute, and had one lady under both of his arms. The ladies carried clothes to courtesans, so Louis understood that they would create chaos fast. He saw Thérèse and Édmound de' Medici in a chat. Soon Louis managed sighting the head of Thérèse LeFranc. She just laugh when a firework-rocket threw a white flicker over her – just enough to see a bullet sink into her skull and out her mouth. Édmound de' Medici yelled of murder, but was soon put down by another bullet. No one heard them over the firework. People heard saw the two people falling down to the ground, and men and women started screaming.

Louis slipped down the house's walls. Octávio Jetordo's courtesans did not flee however: they draw out pistols and daggers from their skirts. Xaviér made his way to a stage, and told everyone to feel calm and don't believe of the rumor until it was proven. As an answer to de Marigot's statement, Louis just had made his way to a tree and sat on a bough. The closest screamed when they saw the man in the tree from the light of the fireworks. Xaviér turned up and saw Louis come falling down to him. With a dagger he had gained many years before this event, Louis made a hole in the skull of de Marigot. The guests yelled and ran their way from the palace. Luzia Neves opened the door to her carriage, and Octávio joined along with his courtesans.

  • De Marigot: "Murderer!" 
  • Louis: "You're a slaver, and earn money on poor souls; how many of those slaves have been killed? Do you have any idea of how much blood you have on you hands?" 
  • De Marigot: "I'm only see my part in The Turk as a stop to glory. I sought glory; is that so bad? How many others seek the same? Far too many. If you want an advice from me, murderer: Never trust a person with coins in their back." 

De Marigot succumbed to his wound.

  • Louis: "I will take your advice, de Marigot – but I need money. Unlike you – who have been born to wealth – some of us normal people does anything to live their lives!" 

Louis grabbed the clothes of de Marigot and took them as his own new ones.

Luzia Neves Edit

The next day, the finances of The Turk went into a recession. All the men and women who had been at the party, took their money out of the company – afraid for losing them. They did not wanted that their moneys was supposed to be played by a man who not even could take care of his own employers.

Luzia Neves

Luzia Neves was a former Assassin, and did therefore possessed a hidden blade

The following week, Luzia got a letter from Calais – signed Shamar al-Djin. In the letter it was written that the news of bad economy in The Turk already had reached Calais, and now it was up to Luzia to restore the balance. If she did not fulfilled his wishes, he would make his secret agent in Portugal to "take care of her". Octávio was tasked to find the man/woman who was responsible for the delegates' demise.

In order to restore the influence and economy in The Turk, Luzia went to the marine underwrites in Lisbon. If someone knew a way to earn quick money, it was them. Luzia went from shop to shop in the city and bought herself ships or co-ownership at ships. These ships left Lisbon soon – with their course for Greece, Cyprus and Italy. But soon Luzia went to the shadows, and it was impossible to find her and her associate.

The messages from Luzia did not go unnoticed by Louis – of who now wore the French coat of his victim de Marigot. Isabel bought a brig named Belamente, and gave this to her employee. Louis la Mort served under his own colour – his own flag. With Belamente, Louis located the ships that sailed under the French and The Turk's flag. Belamente fought and sank ships far beyond what one would think was possible. When attacking a ship from The Turk sent by Luzia, the goods was looted and then brought to a warehouse in the city of Figueira da Foz – a warehouse owned by Isabel Hellidoro.

Belamente lived in the port of da Foz, and when it went out on missions, they always got their prey. One day, Louis got a letter that said Luzia was tired of the fuss created by the pirates in Portugal. She did now planned to travel to Caribbean to make The Turk great from there. The formalities had to be done before Luzia could leave Portugal, and on that time Isabel's mercenaries would arrive in da Foz.

Naval battle 2 ACIV

Belamente and Liberdade in a fight

A few days later, the mercenaries made their way to the city, and Louis started his journey after Luzia. After a few hours, Belamente could see the Riqueza in the distance. A storm had established itself at the coast of Portugal – it was really strange that Luzia would travel in this weather. Belamente started to fire her canons, and soon a battle was loose. Riqueza did not traveled alone, though. The schooner named Riqueza was accompanied by a frigate. The ship had painted Liberdade at her hull, and she made her way to Belamente.Louis did managed to get rid of Riqueza fast, however – and a lightning made sure that the ship would be eliminated for good.

Canons at both ships fired, and the battle started. Canon balls flew through the air and made holes in each other. Soon did other canon balls overthrew the mast at Liberdade, and she lied dead-in-the-water. The crew at Belemante made ready their cutlasses and grappling hooks, and Liberdade was boarded.

Belemante's crew drew their swords, daggers and cutlasses. Soon it was time to board, and the different crews prepared to die. Whilst the Belemante made her way to the Liberdade, they saw a French schooner making way to ship. The captain, Louis la Mort, thought the ship had come to their path by a coincidence. Soon it was discovered that the ship also boarded the Liberdade. The crew was dressed as pirates, and their captain was dressed in white and yellow robes, with a brown cape and hood. Louis thought the new crew only wanted the goods, and ordered his own crew to not attack or harassing them – their target was Luzia Neves.

In a lightning-flash, Louis saw Luzia using her sword to kill one of his crew-members, and her pistol to kill one of the French pirates. Luzia then sighted her gun at Louis and fired. Louis was shot in his left should and fell to the ground. The French captain used a blade to kill a man from Luzia's crew that was about to kill the Portuguese captain, Louis. The French captain was a woman, but Louis did not felt it to be strange – it was not the time to think of that, after all. Louis and the woman ran to Luzia, who just killed one of the woman's crew-members. Louis used his sword to attack Luzia, and the woman used her blade. The two people cooperated to kill the Portuguese woman, and at the same time, the woman's life was taken.

  • Luzia: "Darling, darling, darling; what an amusing game of cat-and-mouse."
  • Assassin: "What are you talking about, you Templar-dog?"
  • Luzia: "I didn't talked to you, Assassin, but to this friend of yours!"
  • Assassin: "What?"
  • Luzia: "Oh, so this mercenary isn't an ally of your so-called "secret and discreet" irmandade (brotherhood). What does it matter, however: you and your associate have ruined Lisbon's trading-network all around in Europe and in America. And you can thank this friend – this murderer and monstrosity, from the darkest pits of hell – for the upcoming fall of Portugal."
  • Louis: "You was a part of The Turk, and the members have used slaves to make their fortunes. By killing you, I have stopped a suppressing woman to do her best work: robbing men and women for their freedom."
  • Luzia: "You talking like an Assassin – you should consider a role in your associate's irmandade."
  • Assassin: "If you don't have anything more to tell me, I will end your suffering."
  • Luzia: "I will not let you take my life, I'm the master of my own life, not an Assassin's blade!" 

Luzia ran to the railing and jumped of the ship, drowning in the waves – and her body eaten by sharks.

After the death, the storm became worse. Louis and the Assassin agreed that the French ship had no chance in the storm, and the French crew and the Assassin went to Belamente. As soon as all of the French crew was on Louis' ship, a cyclone made was on way to Belemante and Liberdade. Louis' ship released herself from Liberdade. The enemy ship's crew was locked up in Belemante's prison, and now it was time to leave the storm, and returning to the bay of Figueira da Foz.

Upon the arrival in Figueira da Foz, the Assassin and Louis la Mort discussed what all the talk of a secret brotherhood and a Templar was about. They talked Portuguese together – the Assassin knew Portuguese and French on the background of her heritage. The Assassin told la Mort that she had arrived in Portugal to find The Turk's delegates, but instead she found a handsome man of whom had already removed almost the entirely criminal network.

Octávio Jetordo Edit

Following the death of Luzia Neves, the Master Spy from The Turk in Lisbon contacted Octávio Jetordo in his shop in the eastern city borough of Lisbon. Octávio and the Master Spy was the last delegates from The Turk, and now it was time to show the criminals – the Assassin Order – who was the true masters of Portugal. The Assassin Order thought they could win the war by just free the people from the Templars' guidance, but it needed more than that: money, influence and power was the key to hold a nation together.

Octávio Jetordo

Octávio Jetordo

Octávio got his orders: establish a gang, kill Assassins and their allies; his gang was also tasked to guard the Templars in Lisbon – to make sure the Assassins did not turned Portugal's capital to an anarchist-city. The Master Spy executed different transactions on behalf of The Turk, while Octávio and his gang made sure that Templars got their way.

In order to serve his organization, Octávio and his gang robbed poor and rich families for their chattels and properties. They escorted these things all around in Lisbon to diverse Templars to ensure their allegiance between the Order and The Turk. Octávio had three other lieutenants alongside him: Vasco Locco, Anne and Marie. Vasco was a simple bookkeeper, while Anne and Marie was Octávio's bodyguards and leaders of the gang: Octávio had enough with controlling Lisbon alone.

Isabel wrote a letter to Louis la Mort, where she told that Octávio spread fear in the hearts of Lisbon's citizens. Louis had been on a trip to the Mediterranean sea, and did first received the message four months after it was sent from Lisbon. When Louis did return to Figueira da Foz, he got the letter, where it said that Octávio Jetordo grabbed the power in Lisbon, and no one was to be safe. Louis returned to Portugal's capital as soon as he had read this. The mercenaries Isabel had hired to him for so many months ago, traveled along with Louis.

Upon his arrival in Lisbon, Louis and his army of lawless people visited Isabel at her's estate. She gave them the locations of the three people Octávio had in his service: Vasco was to be located at the docks, accounting transactions for Octávio and his gang; Anne and Suzanne was to be found in two different gang-clubs: one in the north, one in the south of Lisbon. After murdering those two, they would most likely have the information about where Octávio hidden himself.

As true as it was spoken, Vasco was to be located at the docks, where he just had used his knife to threaten one of the lumpers. When Louis arrived at the docks, he had got a rifle he could use to fire at long range. But before he did even managed to kill the bookman, a woman in white robes used her own rifle to kill Vasco. Louis saw that the woman was no one else than the Assassin from the night when he brought Luzia Neves to her knees. Louis left the scene, trying to make contact with the woman – but she managed to escape him.

Louis la Mort found the two female lieutenants at the fightclubs. Marie was to be killed while she held a speech. Louis used his pistol to fire in the crowd, and the following fuss created a good distraction. Louis managed to use his pistols to kill the courtesan. In the memory corridor, the courtesan told that it was amusing Louis took jobs for someone he did not even had been really known with – afterwards she passed away. The assassinator Louis la Mort escaped the crime scene, and made his way to the southern courtesan: Anne.

Marie and Anne

Anne and Suzanne, Octávio's lieutenants

At the local pub, Anne stood and flirted with a bundle of muscles. She was dressed as a courtesan, but had a sword at her one hip and a pistol on the other. The man carried nothing but a knife, but with his muscles, he would not have needed it either way. Louis blended into the crowd, and made his way to the courtesan. He did not saw the woman in white jumping from balk to balk. At close hold, the woman jumped. Louis saw her, and threw himself against the courtesan. The Assassin missed at both Louis and the courtesan, of whom drew her sword. The bundle of muscles took his dagger and jumped at the Assassin. Anne, the courtesan, ran on at Louis. The two blades hit each other like a X, the swords was led to the floor. Anne took her pistol and pointed at Louis. The man took out his own pistol and hit the courtesan in her head – she fired into the air. The confused Anne lost her sword, and Louis made ready to give her the deathblow; Anne rolled her way from the blade and grabbed a bottle – of who she threw into the face of Louis. Anne grabbed a small knife tied to her thigh and ran to Louis. The man opened his eyes, and did then used his gun to fire a bullet through Anne's throat. In the memory corridor, Anne told that her death would not mean anything: her master would destroy the Assassins, and the Templars would return to the shadows – be the secret masters they were meant to be.

The Assassin was in trouble, and soon Octávio made himself ready to kill. Louis stopped him by shooting the man in his knee. The Assassin grabbed the man's shoulders, and did then threw him to Louis, who used his sword to stab Octávio on his spine. The Assassin used her hidden blades to destroy the skull of Octávio.

  • Octávio: "Well, well, well; isn't this comfy: a man who tries to work with an assassin, who in her turn tries to make the man stay out of her way."
  • Louis: "Spare me your gibberish. I want to know what you are doing for The Turk." 
  • Octávio: "I'm merely an errand boy: doing favors for my company and my masters. Although she have killed all of my associates – with your help, La Mort!" 
  • Louis: "Whom?" 
  • Octávio: "Oh, so you mean that you haven't questioned you employer's motives? Your boss, the Portuguese Master Spy, have used you as her tool to remove her opponents – and for what? She only seek to be noticed by her fellowmen in The Turk. Shamar al-Djin ignores her, and with the deaths of me, Luzia, Xaviér and all the others, the Master Spy will lead the whole Portuguese operation by her own. I'm talking about our common boss, La Mort: Isabel Hellidoro." 

Octávio succumbed to his wound.

  • Assassin: "Even you cannot see that words can't save you, you only giving us information. Thank you for that."

The Master Spy Edit

The Turk

Emblem of The Turk

Louis and the Assassin both knew Isabel Hellidoro far too well: Louis from her contracts she had given him – the Assassin from when Isabel's father had killed the Assassin's mother and father. It was easy to kill Isabel. She let Louis into her house, he was expected to get his gold for what he had done for her. The logo of The Turk decorated the floor, and it was at this floor Louis drew his sword. Isabel noticed fast and pulled her gun out of her holster, and shot Louis in his chest.

Isabel called on the guards, and fled through a door. The Assassin jumped into the hall from a window, and killed the guards with her hidden blades. She helped Louis on his feet, and the destroyed the door Isabel had fled though. Inside the room it was not one stripe of light. Isabel sneaked on the Assassin and used her pistol to shoot into her head. Isabel disappeared, and the Assassin fell to the ground. Louis fell to the ground, and the Assassin managed to say: "Go … Paris … Île de la Cité." Afterwards she gave Louis a ring with a strange symbol.
Assassin's Order

The ring with the Assassin symbol

Louis chased Isabel to the garden, where he trapped her to a palm. He had used his skills to make Isabel loose her sword, and now Louis pulled his sword out of the sheath. He used it to slice the chest of Isabel. He was angry and made it clear by doing this that he was not happy of her tricking him like that. The body of the delegate from The Turk fell to the ground, and soon Louis could talk to her in her memory corridor.
Isabel Hellidoro

Isabel Hellidoro, The Master Spy

  • Isabel: "What a shame; good partnerships are hard to come by." 
  • Louis: "Ours is most certainly dissolved." 
  • Isabel: "It's business, La Mort. One does what one must to come out on top." 
  • Louis: "Why did you do it, all of it?" 
  • Isabel: "What? Killing 'innocent' people; take down those who stead in my way; slaughtering you girlfriend; eliminate my acolytes? The answer is one simple thing: Power. I get power by killing those who stands in my way. With the death of my acolytes, I would have been the most representative for The Turk. I would have brought the company to great destinations. Do you know how difficult it is for a woman to get where I am today? I have achieved what no woman could do, and I'm proud of it, too." 

Isabel succumbed to her wound.

  • Louis: "May you get the respect you want – down among your friends." 

With the death of his boss, Louis traveled to France: it was time to find out what his old friend, the Assassin meant. He used Belemante to travel to Calais – and from there he used a horse to get to Paris.

French business Edit

The Parisian Brotherhood Edit

Upon the arrival in Paris, La Mort sought a lady named Charlotte Gouze – a wealthy woman who lived at Île de la Cité. She owned a building named Le Café Théâtre. He showed Gouze the ring La Mort was given by the Assassin in Portugal. Gouze did immediately drew her parasol gun and pointed it at La Mort and asked where he had got the ring. He told Gouze, and she told La Mort to follow her. Down a stair of stone and then to a door of metal, Gouze led La Mort. "Do not comment on anything you see, just follow the stones to a great hall – there will a man bring you to the Council."

La Mort entered the caves, and did just as Gouze had told him to do. He was brought in front of a band of people in cloaks and hoods. On his way, the man that had escorted him said that La Mort had been chosen by the Assassin that gave him the ring, to continue the Assassins' legacy: Serving something far more greater than the simple matter of coins. La Mort was asked he was ready to travel the Eagle's path. La Mort did not understood, but drank gratifying. Suddenly all became dark. When he returned to himself, La Mort sat on knees in front of the Council.
"Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent. Hide in plain sight, be one with the crowd. Never compromise the Brotherhood."
―Count de Mirabeau to La Mort

Four targets Edit

During the French Revolution, La Mort crossed paths with Marie Anne and Pierre Étienne. At the deathbed of Louis-Dominique de Bullion, La Mort joined to kill him for his crimes. Later in the revolution, La Mort contacted Pierre in quests to kill a Templar only known as the Turncoat, and this Templar's boss: an Englishman named sir Downcastle. La Mort worked alongside Angélique Ingur and Charles Dawkins to find and locate the different men and women who worked for the Templars. When the Templars was dealt with, La Mort, Angélique and Charles operated with the siblings and Master Assassin Laurent Mouzay, just like the American Brotherhood did for Connor.

Chasing Bonaparte Edit

Working with Arne Edit

Assassination attempt on Bonaparte Edit

With the end of Napoleon, the general was given to Elba. On the voyage to the island, La Mort tried to kill Napoleon. The soldiers did managed to find him however. La Mort did not travel alone, though. At the execution-day, La Mort and Charles Dawkins was killed.

Trivia Edit

  1. La Mort is French for "the death"
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