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Subject 22 experienced severe trauma from the bleeding effect and he only managed to retrieved this little information before rejecting the Animus and needing sedation.

As previously reported we have arrived at China, Foshan, to find the descendants of the Assassin that met the Sage during their lifetime, we have gather a total of 40 few men, they all have loose connections to the Assassin, of course, they are not Assassins themselves since after the Purge in 1840s, it was quite easy for us to access their memories. There was a faint presence of a woman who might have been close with the sage, she, however, has no other significance to be noted in the history of the Chinese Assassin. She seem hardly important, but we kept finding the Sage appearing with this woman through the memories. We decided to to access more of theses memories for more information regarding her but to no avail. Surprisingly as well, there is no records of her anywhere. She wasn't included in the Brotherhood of Guang Dong nor any other provinces near here. She didn't had her name carved on the stones.

So we have to broaden our search by accessing even the civilian registry. We estimated her age to be around her 20s when she met the Sage so she have to be born in the 1780s, using this we narrow down our search, she was also seen in around Foshan and Guangzhou with the Sage in 1810, it was a very hard find with this little information. But alas, our efforts paid off. Her name is Lu Shui, she actually had a mother who was a rather famous Templar, there is actually records of Templar claiming that she killed her own mother. Her record disappear from the Chinese Assassin and Templar War immediately after the 1800s, she was married to a Chef and had a son, their surnname didn't changed and we finally managed to confirmed and track down the man who was her direct descendant.

Dong Luo: This is the division in charge of finding the Ring of Eden, we have finally managed to track down our target, there was little resistant and he was no Assassin. We paid him 30,000 USD and on the pretense of testing a virtual reality machine, he agreed to used the Animus without any hesitation.

Dong Luo: (inhales) Unfortunately this is where the problem arise. We cannot access the memory. No, we can access it, but we can't find anyone to actually......fully view it. I have used 5 of our men, each and everyone of them all needed to be sedated. They are not only suffering heavily from the Bleeding Effect, they have to be shot with taser after around 20 of the Abstergo guards were immediately knock down by a series of rapid punch and bone breaking kicks, this was unbelievable, they were all trained in CQC by the Templar's best.

Lu Shui
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Biographical information

1788 August 1st


1823 June 22

Political information

Assassins, Guilds, Templars

Real-world information

Dong Luo: Well, we thought of why the Bleeding Effect was so heavy and we even contacted customer service....No solution. One guy suggested that the prolonged exposure to the Ring of Eden might have amplify the effect of the Animus's bleeding ffect. Well, we did all that we can and as the Chinese saying goes 死马当活马医 we are at our wit's end and we are willing to try anything so.....I know, I know, this might sound outrageous. Buuuuuut, we think we need another shard of Eden on site to nullified the bleeding effect.

Abstergo: We have revived your request. Unfortunately, you will have to transfer your subject back to America. We cannot possibly risk the Shard in a completely foreign country, regardless of the fact that there is not even a leftover Assassin there, the Communist Government will suspect something with this amount of security surrounding it. Bring your subject back to HQ. Leave the rest of your squad there, they will evaluate the site immediately after we have find where the Sage is buried.

Dong Luo: Roger that.

The Apple did it's job. Well, we ask for a Shard and apparently they have an Apple. Well, it was successful anyways, we manage to stop the Subject from moving, and we were able to calm him down and finally we were able to access this mysterious woman's memory.

Early Life []

Born in 1788. Nothing significant was noted in her young life. Though there was a time when she had received an extreme spike in emotion, during 1795, which had implanted a strange idea in her head regarding the significance of life. She remembered what her mother had said about the Wolf, the reason why it was harmless

1798. Second event recorded of another extreme spike of emotions. Rightfully so. In 1798, at the height of the White Lotus Rebellion, Shen Zhong Lang, the mother of Lu Shui, a famous Templar in her time. Managed to burned down the main base of covert operation for the Assassin after infiltrating as a spy, she was escaping from the village successfully, blindfolding Lu Shui and covering her ear to prevent her from seeing the atrocity. Their horse was shot down, and 4 Assassin children confronted them, they were skilled enough,