Lucas Adonis Brackwell, 2nd Viscount Brackwell (1757-1825), also known as Victor Langbourne (cover identity during the American Revolutionary War) and Edmond Bossuet (cover identity during the French Revolution) was a British-Swiss mercenary, spy, privateer, watchmaker, and Assassin active during the American Revolutionary War, the French Revolution, and the War of 1812. During the American Revolution, he often worked alongside Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Marquis de Lafayette. 
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Biography Edit

Early Life (1757-1775) Edit

Born to British nobleman Lord Brackwell and a Swiss debutante, Lucas was raised in a comfortable environment and was given lessons by the best tutors. However, Brackwell felt that his ambitions were elsewhere. Determined to pursuit a career as a soldier-for-hire, Pierre set foot upon the Americas in 1774, during his time in New York, he met Alexander Hamilton, who he would later assist in the Revolutionary War. Brackwell is also the founder of the Oculus Enforcement Network, an organisation providing security forces, guns-for-hire, and bounty hunting services. 

Career as a Mercenary and Induction into the Assassins (1776-1778) Edit

After the foundation of the Oculus in 1774, Brackwell unknowingly began to take various bounty hunting and assassination contracts for the Templars. Simultaneously, the Oculus provided security forces for notable revolutionary organisations like Sons of Liberty.

In 1775, Reynard joined Alexander Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan, and other volunteers from King's College in the New York Artillery and stole British cannons from New York Harbour. In the Battle of New York, he killed Frederick Huntington, a Templar-Assassin double agent who possessed Assassin equipments, the Templar was about to kill Hamilton. However, Lucas noticed him and stabbed Huntington with his sword, took his hidden blades and robes.


Memory Corridor:

Lucas: What do you plan to do to New York, speak!

Frederick: The Loyalists know nothing of OUR operations in this city, WE operate on a different motivation.

Lucas: "We" being whom?

Frederick: Those who are smart enough to stay hidden in the shadows, both of them.

Lucas: You make no sense at all.

Frederick: Neither does any part of this, the secret war and the revolution.

Frederick succumbed to his wounds.

Lucas took Frederick's robes and hidden blades and discovered a Templar Ring in his hand. He wore it on his finger despite not knowing its purpose, later on, while he was taking a stroll around New York City, the Assassin Connor mistook him for being a Templar and attempted to air assassinate him. However, Brackwell fended Connor off and claimed that he took the ring from a person who allegedly "stayed hidden in the shadows and claimed allegiance to organisations unknown". Upon hearing this, Connor told the mercenary that once he became involved in the Assassin-Templar war, there is no way out. Deciding to join the Assassins, Lucas eventually became a devoted member of the Colonial Brotherhood.

It was around this time that Lucas began to expand the Oculus' services beyond mercenary work, merging the resources of the Oculus with those of the Assassins, Brackwell organised small strike teams to raid British convoys and fortresses; thereby winning the Patriots munitions and time to advance their lines. With Brackwell's support Alexander Hamilton prospered in his position as Washington's aide, the two remained faithful friends, often collaborating in organising spy networks for the Patriots.

Exploits During the American Revolutionary War (1778-1782) Edit

Return to Europe and Exploits During the French Revolution (1789-1799) Edit

Temporary Retirement (1800-1804) Edit

Napoleonic Wars and Second Visit to the Americas (1804-1815) Edit

Later Life and Death (1816-1825) Edit

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