Extremist Soldier

Lucien Caderousse

Lucien Caderousse (Unknown – 19th November, 1790) was an extremist operating on behalf of Saint Vierge. He was the older brother of Gaspard Caderousse, and a close ally of Jacques Croix.

Lucien spent his entire life as a criminal, and joined the Saint Vierge at the outbreak of the French Revolution. Before this however, he gathered a dangerous group of brutes and bodyguards around him, who aided in his crimes. The National Guard took an interest in Lucien for many different crimes, including theft, jailbreak, vandalism, trafficking, and possession of illegal goods. One of these men, Commandant Chauvelin, placed a prize on his head. A guardsman named Thibault d'Avrigny was to find and bring Lucien to justice.

One day, when Lucien was to sell a prostitute to a customer, Lucien was ambushed by d'Avrigny and some of his followers. Lucien used the prostitute as a shield to avoid the bullets before escaping. After meeting d'Avrigny countless times, Lucien decided at one point to confront him. So, he delivered a letter to him privately – though under false name – where it said that Lucien was to be at the Pont Saint-Michel whilst meeting his brother, Gaspard. D'Avrigny went to the bridge alone. Lucien saw him, and decided to attack – his brother was with him. Together, the brothers almost killed d'Avrigny. They let him live enoguh to drown. They pushed him over the bridge and down in the Seine. Chauvelin decided to let Lucien go.

As a member of the Saint Vierge, Lucien worked as a foot soldier for the Templar Order. Because of this, Lucien was brought to the attention of Jacques Croix. He hired him as his personal body guard – along with his brother. Lucien's main task were however to locate a vault of sorts. Jacques explained that Lucien would understand when he found the entrance to the vault.

One day, after Gaspard had delivered a strange key to Jacques – and he had told to give it to Constance Dufour – and Gaspard had left for doing so, Lucien and the Templar Croix was attacked by Assassins. Lucien fought a woman with dueling swords. She stabbed him through his stomach, leaving him to bleed. After killing Croix and the other extremists, the woman found Lucien bleeding. She asked where her father was – a merchant the Templars had kept in the Bastille for transferring his money to Master Templar Bourienne. The woman pulled out her sword, pointing to his chest. "Where is my father, bâtard?" Lucien laughed, but Paulette then threatened him. The extremist then answered that he only knew that his brother had been sent to the Arsenal with a key. There he would meet with mademoiselle Dufour. The man then took his last breath.

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