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August 1769

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Assassin's Creed: Inflection

Lucy Belmont was a French-born Greek Assassin who traveled the world in search of mysteries and artifacts to be brought back for the Assassin Order.

In 2018, a Lucy's ancestor was kidnapped by Abstergo Industries and forced him to relive Lucy's memories. With Lucy's memoirs, Abstergo added the subject as part of the Project Omega.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Lucy Belmont was born in France on the outskirts of Versailles from a peasant family of about six members in all. Although the family was not very rich, the Belmonts managed to send two of their children to school and Lucy was among them. Lucy was always little interested in school, aspiring to visions much higher while her parents imposed their will. In adolescence, Lucy developed a sense of love-hate towards her own family by blaming her for limiting her patterns and abilities in all possible ways. In addition, Lucy discovered she was only attracted to women and hid her feature for fear of being discriminated against by other people.

At the age of 16, his hatred took over and brought Lucy to run away from home. Lucy went out of her house at night while everyone was asleep and began to walk along a road that led to Calais. When she arrived in Calais, Lucy wanted to take a ship somewhere far away where she could have a new life. At the port, Lucy found a ship that would leave for Rhodes, and discovered this, bypassing a nobleman's conversation with a woman. While the man was talking to the woman, Lucy passed behind him and stole the little boy from him without being seen. Lucy got on the ship and waited for the future to come.

The Assassins Edit

Haris Irnerius

Haris Irnerius

Arrived in the city of Rhodes, all Lucy's hopes went totally into smoke. Lucy would almost be hooked up by a prostitute guild but the girl managed to sneak away in time. He found a job in a Greek merchant's palace, working in the bathrooms and doing the humblest things. Lucy fell in love with another servant but did not know if the woman reciprocated and probably did not. The woman's name was Sara Evgenia and two females become friends. In 1722, Lucy learned that the woman she loved had stolen from the merchant and that the man had discovered the theft, but only knew that it had been a servant to steal. Lucy surrendered to justice to save her beloved. April 29th was the day of execution. The day before while he was in his cell, Lucy heard the door open and saw a man with a hood come forward. The man held out his hand to Lucy telling him that he had come to free her. Lucy did not believe it for how beautiful it was and was a little suspicious about the hooded man. When they were out of jail, Lucy asked the man why he had freed her and the man said that a friend of hers had asked him about it. At that moment, Lucy heard someone behind her and saw Sara.

Lucy was very happy to see her and without thinking she threw herself in a hug. Sara returned the hug and then told him she could not allow her to be arrested in his place for something he had not done. Lucy asked what he had stolen and Sara looked into the man's eyes. "I think we can also tell him Paschalis," said Sara. "Yes, it's too much involved in it," replied Paschalis. Sara told Lucy that she and Paschalis were part of a group of men and women who defended the free will of mankind by men who wanted to impose control and peace through mystical artifacts that controlled people. Sara said that their master, Haris Irnerius, the rich merchant for whom they worked was one of these men. A Templar. What Sarah had stolen was an artifact known as the Box; an artifact capable of creating earthquakes and it was too dangerous for a templar to have such an artefact in his possession. Sara added that Lucy had been very brave trying to sacrifice herself for their friendship and Lucy thought that for her it was not friendship but something much higher. Paschalis took out a box with strange symbols on it, telling Lucy that this was the artifact that had recovered Sara.

Lucy asked the two to take her with them because now she had nowhere to go. Sara and Paschalis gladly welcomed Lucy and the three headed the streets of Rhodes. It was late at night and almost no person went by. The trio walked for about an hour and eventually arrived in front of a sort of warehouse. Paschalis opened a door and let the two women enter. Lucy looked around and saw that there were only shelves full of scrolls and boxes. Sara knelt in the center of the building and revealed a trapdoor, and opened it. Sara went down some stairs and Paschalis did the same, followed by an intrigued Lucy. After descending the stairs, the trio found himself in a large room full of Persian rugs and a desk with several papers on it, a library full of books and knives and scattered everywhere there were weapons of all kinds. On the wall, Lucy noticed the group symbol a kind of V turned upside down. Sara raised her arms. "Welcome to the Assassin Den," he said solemnly to Lucy. Sara put the box down on the table and asked Lucy if she wanted to become an Assassin. Lucy thought that she had always had broad prospects and that maybe it was her way. Lucy looked at the two assassins and made sure.

Training Edit

The training lasted about a year. Lucy spent it between training and learned how to fight, how to jump from roof to roof, how to spy on people without getting noticed, how to get confused in the crowd and use all her energy. During this time, Lucy learned that Assassins and Templars were everywhere in the world and that Greece was cleaning up Templars looking for pieces of Eden or temples left by the First Civilization. Lucy remained friends with Sara but never told him what she felt for her, afraid of ruining their relationship, even though Lucy had some hypothesis that Sara was attracted to Lucy. Templar Haris Irnerius Lucy's former master was looking for the Rhodes assassins to get the forerunner box back; Irnerius had mobilized all the Templars of the city to get the box back. Being the only assassins in the city, Paschalis sent a letter to the Athens Council asking for a reinforcement to eliminate Irnerius. In July 1723, a veteran Assassin arrived in town, his name was Basil Megalos; the uncle of Megalos-sisters. The four Assassins planned an attack to eliminate Irnerius, thus killing Irnerius would eliminate the man who wanted to find them. On August 1, 1723, Irnerius went to the port of Rhodes for a check of the goods that had come from Cyprus from Euthymios Telesphorus.

Irnerius passed the goods while his men stood guard to prevent anyone from coming. Lucy was standing behind a counter in the harbor, and a guard was within walking distance of her. His companions had put themselves in other places and were waiting for the right moment to attack together. Lucy eliminated the guard and then prepared his guns. Lucy came out and unloaded her weapons, killing two guards. Megalos and Paschalis threw smoke bombs and threw themselves on the guards, starting the massacre. Irnerius, seeing the assassins, began to run away from the area followed by his men, Lucy could not allow herself to be saved and threw herself into her pursuit with Sara running across the rooftops. Lucy threw some knives, knocking Irnerius's guards nearby, and then the templar stood behind him against the wall. Irnerius turned to the two assassins and pulled out his sword. he was aware that he had no chance against the two women. Lucy dodged Irnerius' blow and stabbed him in the shoulder with the knife. Irnerius screamed in pain as Sara planted his blade in his chest, killing him.

After exchanging a few words, Lucy and Sara left the body and came back. Megalos and Paschalis returned to Lucy and Sara, and the group went to the shelter. At the lair, Megalos and Paschalis revealed that after killing the guards, they gave a check-in to the coffers from Cyprus, being shocked by what was inside. The two had found a great quantity of weapons, destined for the templars of Athens; they were freed by throwing everything into the sea. Sara congratulated the two and said that after what he had done, Lucy was ready to join the Brotherhood. The quartet gathered at a table and Lucy was standing in front of everyone. Sara said the words of the ceremony and Lucy always answered with confidence. In the end, Sara welcomed Lucy to the Brotherhood together with Paschalis and Megalos.

Site in Greece Edit

Two years passed, like Paschalis, Sara and Lucy stayed in Rhodes overseeing the city by the Templars. In 1725, the trio received a letter from the Council. They had discovered the existence of a site of precursors that was located in the mountain range of Taygetus. Lucy wanted to leave to look for the site even if she had not been authorized by the Council and took all her stuff and left Rhodes. The night before he talked with his two companions and Sara decided to go with Lucy while Paschalis would remain there to guard the city. Lucy and Sara took horses and traveled for a long time to the Taygetos. Traveling, Lucy was amazed at how big the world was outside of Rhodes and excited about what would come later. In May 1725, the two camped at the foot of Mount Taygetus. Lucy's love of Sara had not been extinguished at all in four years, but she had never had the courage to do it. The next morning they set off for the mountain, I decided to look for the site. After several hours of continuous research, Lucy was walking on a rock when she was immediately thrown to the ground. Lucy looked at Sara, who was blocking her on the ground and motioned for him to make no noise. When she was free, Lucy asked him to think of it and Sara pointed over the rock. Templars. A group of about twenty Templar men were looking for the site just like Lucy and Sara. The men were talking to each other and Lucy listened to their speeches. The men were bragging about getting rid of the 'hooded men' and half of what they were, they had died in the fight but. Lucy realized that he had met the assassins sent by the Council and that the latter had the worst. Lucy told Sara that they had to kill them, but Sara warned her that they could follow them and that maybe they would take them to the site.

The two assassins stalked the men for the rest of the day and did not finish anything. When the men encamped, the assassins hid themselves above them, on a large rock. The girls were constantly watching the Templars. At one point, they heard a strange noise and turned around. A figure fell on them like a raven. The figure kicked Sara in the face, putting her on the ground and Lucy tried to unsheathe the knife but the figure blocked her arm and threw her to the ground. Lucy tried to get up but a second later, someone blocked her on the ground, pointing a knife to her throat. The man laughed and called the Templars. A moment later, the two women were tied and surrounded by the Templars. The man who had captured them stood aside to eat an apple while the soldiers mocked the women. Lucy concentrated on looking at the man who could not have been more than thirty years old at most, and noticed that from what she was dressed she could be a notorious Black Cross. The man's name was Doukas Gevzevi.

Doukas told the Templars that whoever would touch the women would be killed. The next morning, Doukas and the Templars left the camp and three Templars stood guard over the assassins. The men spoke to each other without being heard by Lucy and Sara. Lucy asked Sara what she thought they would do to him, and Sara replied that as soon as they could get a chance to get free they would not hesitate. A man reached Lucy and brought her a tied rock behind her. Lucy immediately understood what the man wanted to do and looked for something useful. The man had a knife on his belt. The man grabbed Lucy and the girl, in spite of all the resistance she was doing, she could not let herself be put on the ground. Lucy kicked the man, kicking him away. Lucy got up quickly and hurled herself at the man, starting to strangle him with the rope that held his hands. When the man no longer stirred, Lucy let him go and grabbed the knife, and cut off the ropes. Lucy came out of the rock to face the other two Templars. When the two Templars saw Lucy grabbed their rifles but Lucy threw a knife that went to kill one of the two. The other aimed at Lucy, who dodged the bullet, grabbed the barrel of the rifle and pulled it away. Lucy kicked the man and then broke his neck. Lucy took up her hidden blades and then released Sara. Sara hugged Lucy, thanking her. The two girls recovered their weapons and objects and threw themselves once again to hunt the site.

After several hours of searching, the two women saw some Templars around a sort of hole in the ground. Lucy and Sara slowly approached the four guarding Templars, and waited to kill them. Lucy jumped out and stabbed two Templars with the hidden blades. When the other two turned, Sara stabbed them with her knives. The two women entered the hole that turned out to be very deep, and there were metal panels and stone stairs built by someone who was not human. At one point, they found two Templars in the corridor and killed them with short blades. The two women continued the road and found themselves in a larger room, with a very high ceiling and populated with Templars. Lucy saw Doukas holding a golden ball in his hand that sent continuous flashes to the hall, and Doukas shouted orders to the men. Lucy and Sara descended into the hall and began fighting the Templars. Lucy drew her short blades and stabbed a templar to her chest. Another Templar swung his sword over Lucy's head, the girl lowered and overtook him, stabbing him on the side. Lucy punched the shoulder of another Templar and then thrust a knife into his chest, killing him. A Templar aimed the gun at Lucy and fired, but Lucy dodged the blow and tripped the templar, knocking him down and stabbing him. A templar armed with a rifle points the weapon on Lucy. Lucy grabbed the barrel and aimed it up, deflecting the bullet, spreading the hidden blade, and planting it in her chest. Lucy dodged the body and grabbed a knife, seeing a brute walking in his direction. Lucy threw the knife but the brute dodged it, and kept walking towards her.

The Templar brute swung his ax across Lucy's chest, Lucy swerved to the side and kicked the brute's side to the side, and then thrust the blade concealed in his neck. Lucy looked at Sara, she only had a wound on her arm but she was fine. The two women ran to Doukas's position, and Doukas turned to the two women, raising the golden globe to the top. A beam of light sprang from the globe and hit Sara, sending her to legs in the air. Doukas pointed to the globe to Lucy and Lucy jumped to the side, dodging a beam of light. Doukas began to speak sentences that meant nothing to Lucy. "I am Consus, the Erudite God," said Doukas. "Listen to me, you must find those the keys" said Doukas. "Search for the keys in Acre" said Doukas - "Altair had made contact". "Find the keys and you will find the final message, under the city" Doukas continued. Lucy grabbed Doukas and stabbed him. Immediately the light in Doukas's eyes went out and he fell to the ground. The globe rolled to the ground and Sara grabbed it. Sara looked at the globe as Lucy sifted the body of Doukas. Lucy got up from the corpse of Doukas and approached Sara. "Doukas worked for someone," he said to Sara. "A certain Nikos Glykos," Lucy said. "Nikos is a Master Templar" said Sara. "In this letter he says that Apple was used by Nikos to kill the Grand Master and take his place," Lucy said. "The Apple serves us what Consus said," said Sara. "Will we do as Consus says?" Lucy asked. "Whenever the Isu gave us directions it was for fundamental objectives for this we will do as Consus says, we will go to Israel and we will look for this keys, and we will find what Consus wants us to find" concluded Sara. The two women came out of the temple and returned to the light. Sara and Lucy put some stones in the hole, closing the entrance to the temple, then descended from the mountain. On an evening on the journey back to Rhodes, Sara and Lucy spoke. Sara asked why Lucy had gone to jail for her. Lucy replied that it was out of friendship and Sara said it was not friendship but something more and that she felt the same about Lucy. The two women kissed.

Arrival to Acre Edit

Once again in Rhodes, the two women got ready to go to Acre, the city that had previously come into contact with the legendary Assassin Mentor. The Council informed the couple that in Acre, the confraternity had nothing and a few men inside as the city was entirely under the yoke of the Templars. The city was controlled by the Templars who used other groups to enslave the city and that everything was watched by an ally-known assassin, 'The Owl'. The couple took a ship and set sail for Acre arriving there in February 1726. The two women went down to the harbor and walked through the streets of the city. As they walked, Lucy saw that the city was divided into many different districts, ranging from very rich districts to very poor districts. The Owl operated in the district known as Agannidis district. The couple entered the district and saw people asking for something to eat that was starving. Lucy asked Sara how a city had come to that point of despair. Sara blamed the Templars by painting them like a noose that tightens more and more around the neck until it dies. The couple entered a bar and went to the counter to get something to drink. Lucy asked the bartender if he had any information to give and the bartender said the information was priced. Sara said she was willing to pay and the bartender asked that they wanted to know. Sara asked if she knew the so-called The Owl. The bartender asked what they wanted from The Owl and the two women said they were his work colleagues or how to say associates. The bartender eyed Sara and Lucy from top to bottom. He told him to follow him. The bartender opened a back door and entered, followed by Sara and Lucy. The bartender let her enter a large room where a man was wrapped in a cloak, seated on cushions. Lucy heard a 'click' and saw a gun barrel pointing to the temple. Lucy looked at Sara and saw that the barman was pointing a cleaver on his throat. The seated man asked who they were, and Sara called out 'Assassins'. The man beckoned to the bartender and the other man, and they lowered their weapons. The man took off his cloak and revealed a man in his thirties. 'It was time for the council to do something with this city,' the man exclaimed, smiling. 'My name is Amos Shapira and I am The Owl,' said the man and shook hands with the two women. The couple showed up and then Lucy asked Amos to explain the situation in the city.

Amos nodded and removed a cloak from a wall, uncovering a series of interlinked sheets, placed on a complete map of the city of Acre. 'The situation is not the best of my sisters,' Amos said. The Templars in the city were very powerful, they moved every pillar of Israeli society from Acre, manipulated industry, the elections and even the people themselves, even the ants that were going around the streets. The Grand Master was a Tunisian priest named Rami Khaldun who had six other people under him, who had a definite role in controlling the city and in turn had clerks. Trade and industry were controlled by a merchant society known as the Director of Acre, led by a Syrian Jew named Mohammed al-Masri. The local people were terrorized by a local group of men and women who kidnapped people, as well as attacking the authorities and manipulating the local church. The name of the group was Cult of the Cross. The close members of the circle of Rami were all in possession of a special object but that Amos could not explain. Sara asked how he had gathered all that information. Amos said that in seven years there was something he could do.

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