"I am free."
―Ludwig Schmitz
Ludwig Schmitz
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29 April 1913


30 April 1945

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Nazi Party

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Ludwig Schmitz (1913 - 1945) was a young German who served in the Nazi party during WWII. Ludwig was easily persuaded when he was young and he decided to join the Nazi party. He was forced to participate in executing in the Holocaust, many battles including the D-Day invasions, Battle of the Buldge, Stalingrad and the final assualt in Berlin. He was a high ranking Templar who gained Hitler's trust and was sent to find the Apple of Eden that was once wielded by an important Assassin leader known as "The Teacher" and bring it back to Hitler. Ludwig was a descendant of a hated general during the 16th centry known as Hans Schmitz.

Biography Edit

Ludwig was born before the start of the first World War. His parents were Templars who had been searching their whole lives for the Apple of Eden. When Ludwig was a child during WWI and after the war, Germany suffered hugely from the Treaty of Versailles' rather harsh conditions. Ludwig's father who was in WWI at the time died from a gunshot wound that became infected. After that nothing else is known about him.

The Discovery of Mein Kampf Edit

One morning, Schmitz was looking at a bookstore for a something entertaining to read and being back to his sick mother. He stumbled across a book that was written by Adolph Hitler. Ludwig thought that Hitler was crazy for trying to overthrow the government and decided to read what "the crazy man in prison wrote this about" then began reading it. After a while of reading he dropped the book. What was said in their broke his heart but showed him that Hitler was right. He did fear that his friend who was Jewish would be killed however so he had to make a choice. Follow what he thought was the resolution to Germany's problems or defend his friend. Ludwig was torn between these two options.

Joining the Nazi party Edit

Ludwig was peacefully sleeping in his bed when he heard very abrupt knocking at his front door. He woke up to find himself surrounded by soldiers baring the Nazi swattizca symbol. Ludwig was confused by this until one of the soldiers yelled at him to get dressed and follow him. Ludwig followed the soldier's orders and then followed the soldiers outside. As the walked out the door, one soldier put a bag over Lodwig's head and he could see nothing.

Eventually they stopped and removed the bag from Ludwig's head and he saw Hitler facing him. Ludwig instantly did bowed towards Hitler saying praiseing him until he was kicked in the face. Ludwig looked up at Hitler then he was grabbed and held upwards by Hitler's men. Hitler ordered the men to remove Ludwig's shirt and get a hot iron ready. After following his orders, Hitler grabbed the hot iron which was in the shape of the Templar cross. Ludwig started to panic as he saw the hot iron move towards his chest. Hitler pushed it into Ludwig's chest and he felt a everything on his chest instantly burn. After Hitler removed the hot iron he muttered the words of the Templar order initiation and told Ludwig he had to do one task to become a Templar and a Nazi, exterminate the Jewish family who owned a shop by Ludwig's home. Ludwig knew the Jewish family were good friend. Hitler saw hesitance in Ludwig's face and kicked him again saying if he didn't do it, he would slowly kill Ludwig's mother. Ludwig begged for his life and told him he would do it. Hitler then gave Ludwig a Luger P08 9 millimeter pistole and repeated the task to him. Ludwig was let go and sent home. He had only two hours to complete his task or he would die.

Ludwig's brutality Edit

Ludwig knocked his friends door and patiently waited. The door opened up and he saw his friend's son. Ludwig turned the gun to the young boy and pulled the trigger. The boy fell to the ground dead with blood leaking from his chest wound. A women screaming loudly erupted while she ran to the entrance of the house. She screamed when she saw her dead son and tried to attack Ludwig with a pan but Ludwig shot the women three times then shot her again in her head while she laid on the floor. Ludwig saw saw his friend walk out from a bedroom then turned the gun to him. The man gasped at the sight of his dead wife and Ludwig holding the gun. Blood pooled around the dead wife. Ludwig moved closer to his friend but he reacted by grabbing a knife on the counter next to him and nearly stabbed Ludwig. Ludwig evaded the attack and disarmed the knife from him and stabbed his friend with it in his chest six times. The man dropped to the floor crawling to the entrance of the house. Ludwig put his foot on the man's back which prevented him from moving. The man looked up at Ludwig to see it was his friend. The man started crying and cursed at Ludwig. Ludwig closed his eyes, aimed his gun for the man's head and fired. Ludwig emptied the rest of the gun's magazine into his former friends head. Ludwig finally opened his eyes to see a bloody mess. He had just killed a family.

Ludwig returned to the forest which he was brought to and saw Hitler with a sword that had the Templar cross on the hilt. Ludwig bowed to Hitler and quietly muttered "Heil Hitler" to himself over and over. Hitler rested the sword on the ground next to Ludwig. Hitler told Ludwig he has an important task for Ludwig, retrieve a legendary relic known as the Apple of Eden. Hitler gave a brief history of it. He said it was wielded by a legendary assassin known only as "The Teacher" and was carried one to one of his best apprentices who deposited it to one of The Teacher's former students in Russia. It was retrieved by a Serbian inventor then somehow ended up by an American who founded a car company. Ludwig's mission is to retrieve that apple from the American and bring it back to him. Ludwig accepted the mission and Hitler smiled saying that he feels Ludwig would become a valuable ally to his cause.

The Meeting Edit

"Thank you mister Ford. Unfortantly, *gunshot* I have strict orders to not allow you to live. *gunshot* Rutherford *gunshot* Nehmen Sie dieses Körpers und senden es zurück an die Amerikaner als Zeichen. (Take this body and send it back to the Americans as a sign.) es tun, jetzt! (Do it, now!)"
―Ludwig Schmitz with very forced English

November 23rd 1933. Ludwig had traveled for two months to the meeting sight in Rome Italy. They stopped at the colosuume to meet Henry Ford. The two exchanged greetings then Ludwig started acting hostile towards the car inventor. Henry then asked Ludwig to calm down. Ludwig let his sense of brutality get the best of him and pull out his Luger and raised it to Henry's neck. The inventor handed Ludwig the Apple who took it then executed the inventor. Ludwig ordered his assistant to send the body back to America. Ludwig's lacky followed his orders. While Ludwig studied the apple.

When Henry Ford's body finally returned to the states, the government was shocked but didn't want America to realize his death and stated that he was still alive. They finally reported Henry dead a couple of years later as a cover up.

Encounter Part IEdit

Henryk Czamanski: "Surrender the Apple German or I will be forced to take it from you."
Lidwig Schmitz: "*Laughter* Ja Ja,(Yeah yeah.) I don't have time for Narren wie Sie und, (Fools like you and,) *Gunshot* you won't survive! *Laughter*"
―Henryk Czamanski and Ludwig Schmitz's first encounter.

Ludwig finally stopped at a nearby town with three bodyguards armed with MP-40 submachine guns. Ludwig entered an abandoned house the took the Apple out of his trench coat. He studied it carefully then locked it in a briefcase telling his men to guard the warehouse while he cleaned his Luger. The men followed his orders. Hours later, Ludwig was asleep until he heard the sound of a gun being cocked. Ludwig stood up with his Luger clutched in his arm and the briefcase in the other. He noticed that the two guards he sent outside left their post and the last one was no where to be found. Ludwig lite a candle which revealed one of the guards was stabbed through the neck on the ground. Ludwig didn't take much notice in this then proceeded to walk outside. Suddenly a man dressed in a trench coat with a beaked shaped hood landed perfectly in fornt of Ludwig. The man spoke to Ludwig telling him to surrender the briefcase. Ludwig aimed his pistol at the side of the man's head and fired purposely missing him then ran. The man chased after him and with speed on his side, he almost caught up with Ludwig until he shot the man in his lower shin. The man quickly pulled out a knife and threw it at Ludwig hitting him in the shoulder carrying the briefcase. Ludwig stumbled backwards and attempted to pull the knife from his shoulder but it was lodged in too deep. The man called out to Ludwig insulting him and saying he will find him and end his life. Ludwig ignored him and ran to his escort truck then drove away. He had heard about someone like this going around but couldn't remember his name, then it came to him. It was a new killer going around by the name of Henryk Czamanski, a former Jewish store owner. Ludwig drove with his unwounded arm and thought about reporting this potential problem to Hitler.

Hitler's control over Germany.Edit

Ludwig returned to Germany to find that Hitler had became Chancellor of Germany but many people still rebelled under his rule. Ludwig was greeted to Germany as a war hero by many Nazis then made his way to Hitler. When he gave the Apple to Hitler, he praised Ludwig and gave him the prized Templar sword he used to initiate Ludwig into the order and gave him a significantly high rank in the Templar order. Ludwig was at Hitler's side when he used the Apple to sway the resistance to his favor. Hitler had became the Fürher or Germany and Ludwig, a important general.

World War II beginsEdit

Hitler commanded that Ludwig lead the invasion on Poland and he accepted his command. When Hitler spoke with his Templar generals, they were clueless on how to successfully invade Poland until Ludwig came up with a military tactic that is now known as Blitzkrieg. Hitler liked the idea and told Ludwig to carry it out so he did causing another World War. After the successful invasion of Poland in 1939, Britian declared war on Germany. Soviet Union made agreement with German to not attack each other in this war, Hitler asked Ludwig to return to Germany to discuss more ideas for the war effort. Hitler revealed to Ludwig the true intentions of the was which was to unite the world under the Templar banner then he told Ludwig to ready up for his next assignment because he was going to personally lead an invasion of Russia.


Ludwig Schmitz: "Russian dog, we will take this frozen wasteland and control you all!"
Russian P.O.W.: "*Spits* Rot in hell you fucking ublyudok! (bastard) My comrades will tear you apart and sent to yo he- *gunshot*"
Ludwig Schmitz: "Ja Ja, (yeah yeah) *gunshot* I don't have time for your threats"
—Ludwig Schmitz.

Ludwig was personally escorted to the city of Stalingrad which was under siege. Impressed with the work the German army was doing, he decided to be cruel to these men then ordered them to keep working and if one soldier didn't kill more then twenty Russians that they would be shot. Many of the soldiers found this unfair them Ludwig shot one of them with an MP-40 submachine gun. Ludwig gave a short speech about war efforts and to always listen to the commanding officer. A general walked up behind him and told him to calm down. Ludwig punched the general telling him he what a higher position then him. The general stumbled to his feet then tried regain his strength. Ludwig singled for the general to follow him into a nearby building in ruins. Bombers started their bombing run then Ludwig thought he could hear the sound of a sniper firing but was unsure. He and the general split up. Eventually he was alerted by a guard of a surviving Russian soldier. Ludwig followed the soldier to the survivor. He had a short conversation with the Russian before executing him.

Some Russian soldiers attempted to Assualt Ludwig and the general. The two escaped and Ludwig escorted the general to a car however just as they reached the car, a sniper shot down the general killing him. Before Ludwig can get shot he retreated to a nearby destroyed tank then ran into another ruined building avoiding a speeding bullet that was going to hit his head.

Encounter Part IIEdit

The cold weather caused Ludwig to shiver harshly. He was surprised of the unexpected attack on the general. He decided to wait for a squad to pick him up and he would retreat. Despite knowing the conquences, he would go back to Germany. Ludwig heard metal clinging against the brick wall and turned to see the familiar figure of Henryk, the Assassin who tried to kill him. Ludwig saw he had a sword in his hands then decided to draw his sword. The two exchanged insults and threats when Henryk decided to attack. Ludwig played defense for the fight then caused Henryk to miss giving him the opertunity to finish the Assassin. Ludwig pushed the sword forward, barely missing Henryk but cutting up a piece of his clothing. Henryk got back on his feet then pulled out a TT33 Russian semi-automatic handgun and aimed it for Ludwig. The Assassin offered Ludwig a chance to surrender but not before a large patrol of Nazi soldiers arrived. Being distracted, Ludwig disarmed Henryk and kicked him to the ground stating that they have unfinished business and plan on taking care of it in the near future. Ludwig fled as Henryk stood up and tried to escape.

1942-1944 Edit

Ludwig led a vicious campaign against the allies, often capturing them, torturing them and executing them with slow, painful, agonizing ways. Ludwig's often delivered commands that would deprive his enemies of moral. To anyone who did not comply with his demands, he would strap a satchel charge on them, throw them first into battle and detonate the explosives when his enemies least expected it. He earned the nickname "The Devil" simply for his cold orders.

Ludwig was the commanding officer of the Nazis during the Normandy invasion on D-Day which ended up a total failure. Ludwig was brought before Hitler and stripped of his military rank due to this failure. He was then assigned to patrol the Auschwitz work camp. Reluctantly, Ludwig followed his orders.

The Cold Truth Edit

Ludwig arrived at the work thinking that this was going to be another day of standing around and doing nothing like he use to during his many war meetings. A Nazi soldier marched toward Ludwig, smiled and patted him on his shoulder stating in German that he knows who he was. The Nazi was named Niklas and he was in charge of the cremation of the bodies. This confused Ludwig and he asked what he meant. Niklas showed him the cremation chambers where they burned the gases bodies of Jewish prisoners. Niklas then led him to the gas chambers and let Ludwig watch the gassing of many prisoners. Ludwig then came to the sudden realization that he was working for the wrong side and that while he thought he was doing good, he was actually causing this suffering. Ludwig told Niklas that he had to go and left him.

Encounter III Edit

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Arrival In Berlin Edit

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Final Stand Edit

"I am your puppet no more. I am free."
―Ludwig's dying words

Ludwig entered the bunker where he saw Hitler and his wife with a Luger handgun. Hitler looked over at Ludwig who pointed a loaded MP-44 at him. Ludwig shared the revelation he learned at the camp. Hitler stood up surprised about one of his highest ranking officers just learning about the death camps. As Ludwig rambled on about how Hitler's cause was wrong, Hitler grinned with as an idea popped in his mind. Hitler said that Ludwig was nothing but a puppet causing him to drop the rifle. Hitler took advantage of this and shot Ludwig in the upper right area of his torso causing him to drop to the ground. Hitler's wife panicked and grabbed his arm. Hitler shot his wife in her head killing her instantly. Ludwig's eyes met Hitler's. Ludwig knew he was dying and finally told Hitler that he was no longer his puppet. Hitler smirked while aiming the gun at Ludwig. Ludwig heard the gunfire and his vision turned black.

Legacy Edit

When the allies found the bodies at the bunker, the one who they thought was Hitler was actually Ludwig. The real Hitler was assassinated not to long after Ludwig's execution. The Assassin who killed him was Henryk Cazmanski who took the apple from Hitler and hid it away from the Templars. Ludwig's brutality has caused the deaths of many people throughout the second World War. He finally redeemed himself forgive the Assassins the information that led to Hitler's death thus indirectly killing Hitler.

The end...

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