"The Luxembourg fighters are a gruop of fallen aristocrats and merchants who don't have much other to do then reclaiming their lost so-called "glory". Even though their actions may look Assassin-affiliated, they are Templars through and through. "
―Angélique Ingur telling about the Luxembourg fighters to Pierre Étienne
Luxembourg fighters
Luxembourg fighters
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Madeleine Montrez de Gambais

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Grand Master


Luxembourg Palace


Boroughs of Paris

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The Luxembourg fighters (French.: Le Luxembourg combattants), or simply The Fighters (also written as LF) was an extremist Templar-affiliated group that operated in the revolutionary Paris. The Fighters used the Luxembourg Palace as their headquarters, and ruled the trading and lives of every soul in the poor or middle-class of Paris. The Fighters' leader was a viscountess named Madeleine Montrez de Gambais, the sister of Jean-Jacques de Gambais. During the whole French Revolution, The Fighters was hired multiple times to execute the Templars' dirty-work.

History Edit

Recruit members Edit

Some years before the French Revolution broke out, de Gambais traveled to Paris in order to find worthy opponents. The idea to create a group of aristocrats that was supposed to rule the streets of Pars, was her own. Although, to establish it she needed money – and her parents would not giver her some, conservative as they wore.

Upon her arrival in Paris, de Gambais quickly asked around after a woman named Élisadora Robert, one of the poor boroughs' most tough and hard citizens. In order to recruit her, de Gambais had to locate her somewhere near La Seine . She found her on a tanneries, working her to the limit. She had learned some years ago that Élisadora was a close friend of Charlotte Corday, a known revolutionary. It was no point in recruiting Corday – she would get herself killed quickly. Élisadora however was a woman that had reputation of killing a target of high rank in the range of aprx. 50 meters with a pistol. It was odd she wasn't rich: there had to be a lot of people in power who wanted to get rid of their enemies on a way like Élisadora could manage.

Talking to Élisadora, de Gambais learned that she had used her money to start a campaign to get rid of powerful people like the tailor-turned-aristocrat François de la Serre. De Gambais told Élisadora that she could give her a job as an Assassin, even her bodyguard. Élisadora wanted to know what for, and de Gambais answered: "I seek to free the citizens of Paris from a corrupt despotism, and in order to that, I need to find people who can accompany me."

Women's March Edit

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September Massacres Edit

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Downfall of Jacobins Edit

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Members Edit

Inner Sanctum Edit

The Inner Sanctum of the Luxembourg fighters were Madeleine de Gambais and Élisadora Robert, and lead the operations in Paris from their headquarters: the Luxembourg Palace.

Lieutenants Edit

"Accept my contracts, and you will have the Brotherhood's blessing. The Lieutenants in Luxembourg Fighters have been chosen by their skills: approach them discreet. "
―Angélique Ingur to Marie Anne and Pierre, 1789
The Lieutenants of the Luxembourg fighters were all Frenchmen – which was a sort of unwritten rule to become a lieutenant.

Other members/allies Edit

In addition to the lieutenants, the Luxembourg fighters had other members – and allies – that was in no condition to fight, but supported them in other ways. Also, by using Robespierre, they had control of the Jacobins through François Hanriot, they had control of the sans-culottes too.

Luxembourg Fighters' soldiers Edit

The soldiers of the Luxembourg fighters carried the same colors as the Saint Vierge's extremists, but the LFs also carried more yellow instead of white.

Target-descriptions Edit

Madeleine de Gambais

  • A noble from birth, Madeleine de Gambais, brother of Jean-Jacques de Gambais, chose to establsih the group basically for have something to do. In 1786 she traveled to Paris, where she located a known murderer. She is the Grand Master of the Luxembourg Fighters, and would like to keep it that way. Take down her lieutenants in order to locate her.

Élisadora Robert

  • A woman born and raised in the gutter of Paris, Élisadora Robert was trained in the skills of martial arts. She used this to fight her way up in the society, and her ability of aiming helped her in this also. You can spot her on rooftops, so beware when you are chasing her. So long, during the Revolution, 5 kills are to be traced back to her – 142 others are pointed to her. Visit the crime-scenes and try to locate her kill-spot. Some clues there can maybe help you to locate her hiding spot.

Luxoir LeClaire

  • He was born to a poor nobility, like many of the Luxembourg Fighters. He was the oldest of five siblings, and when their father died during the American Revolution, the responsibility of the family fell on Luxoir. Unable to accept this, he joined the Assassins, but too reckless to live by the Creed, was expelled. Soon he found recruits to track down other Assassins. Luxoir is a turncoat of the French Assassins, and kills enemies of the LF and Assassins. Kill his 5 acolytes around in Paris to know about his whereabouts.

Jacques Rossau

  • Born to a family of merchants, Jacques Rossau was always on the travel, and never got the chance to establish himself a real life: with friends nor family. When his parents died of a illness, Jacques sat alone with the fortune of the Rossau-family. He did however never got a life, as told. So, he used his money on women and wine – soon become bankrupt. When he was contacted by Élisadora, Jacques soon joined forces with the Luxembourg Fighters, as their bookkeeper. For the time being, Jacques Rossau are buying and selling houses of simple souls like it was a game: Kill his 3 associates, then he will have no choice but execute transactions himself.

Marie Brunet

  • Sister of the doctor François Brunet, and a woman fascinated by the lectures of medicine. She was the daughter of a noble family with their name all over Paris. Her mother was an Assassin, her father a Templar: to choose which path to take was up to the siblings. François chose the way of the Assassins; Marie chose the way of Templars. Working with her father, the family slowly grew apart. Marie now served the Templar Order. She was cast out by de la Serre however when showed more radical belifes. As the Regin of Terror went on, someone needed to take control, and take care of the families. Marie was recruited intro the LF in order to track down enemies of the poor. She located men of power and killed them, but she uses her powers of stealth to also kill people for the sake of sports. Question the last seven families in the southern Paris that got her help: they will maybe help to locate her somehow.

Robert Noir

  • Little is knwon of Noir, other than his family is coming from a district in the center of France. His noble roots are long, and it is therefore strange that it is written very little about him. But as far as the Brotherhood's archive is, it is possible had something to do with the House of Medici, and if we are supposed to believe the rumors, they also had something to do with the death of Grand Master de Molay and his associate Marie Anne François. However, Noir is skilled in dueling and disappear. He possesses an establishment in the Middle-Paris in the Île de la Cité. From here he controls the prize of everything from bread to necklaces, and then the lives to both poor and rich. Find his 4 informants that operates at the islands in La Seine.

Charles Benedetto

  • As the only son, and the youngest after six older sisters, Charles Benedetto was raised to rule the lands of a county long away from Paris. He left at the age of 16, when the family tried to marry him away to a woman that would favor the parents and sisters, but not him personally. He robbed the family for its money, and chose to travel to Paris. Here he used them on gambling and women: resulting that he soon went bankrupt. He did therefore chose to hunt for law-breakers. Master of dual swords, Charles was impossible to fight, and every person who was to be killed or arrested by him, needed to watch out for the blades. He was recruited into the Order of the Luxembourg Fighters in order to lead rebellions at the government in Paris. For the time being he passes the time to collect people to be soldiers for the LF, or just turn revolutionary. Fight his acolytes that leads six riots in the richer parts of Paris. He is surrounded by guards, so choose your approach him carefully before delivering the deathblow.

Anne Imbert

  • Born in one of the most wealthy families in France, Anne Imbert would never had turn to the life of crime, if it was not for the American Revolution. Her father had traveled to America to aid the Colonial Templar Rite, but never returned. One day, Anne's mother got a letter that said her husband had transferred all of the Imbert-money to his estate in America, and that her house would be sold to the highest bidder on a compulsory auction. Anne left for the nearby city, executing prostitution. When the day come for the auction, Anne had managed to collect enough money to buy back the estate. Some weeks later however, she was sent away to Paris – the city where people like her deserved to live: as whores of the society. Anne left, but not without leaving her mother dead in the bed: making her the only heir of the Imbert-money when her father died. As an angel had heard her, her father soon died by illness. Upon her arrival in Paris, Anne chose to establish several brothels – earning money. She took the most unfortunate souls under her wings. Today, she still does this – which also can be counted as slave-trading – but she now uses the army of LF to get new employers by force. Take her down by locate her lieutenants at the seven brothels in Paris. Anne would most likely flee from Paris, forcing her to show herself. Take her down when she is leaving the city.
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