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Lyra Jones
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Art done by redangel_art on Twitter
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21 December (aged 19, currently)


12 May 20XX

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Lyra Jones (born c. 21 December), also known as The Davy Jones' Daughter, is a non-canonical member of Assassins and a Master Assassin during the North Korean invasion against countries that allied with the United States. She is the descendant of Edward Kenway, second after Desmond Miles (Non-canon). She recruits herself into the Brotherhood and trained as an Assassin during the days of the North Korean invasion. After years of training, she and other newly joined Assassins were taken by the North Korean after finding the whereabouts of their headquarters in a small island. She managed to flee from them, except her four friends, Shōta Ryu, Alexander Welsh, Gu Lee and Baahir Chafulumisa. She is born in the same birthplace as her ancestor Edward Kenway.

Early Life[]

Jones was born as a slave and an orphan by bandits, she had spent 12 years as a slave until she was saved by the Assassins. Afraid to go home, she was encouraged by a young rookie assassin to endure fear and escorted her home.

Becoming an Assassin[]

7 years later, Jones resided in Luxembourg, in search for the Assassins Brotherhood that liberated her from bandits. She soon met William Miles, the father of Desmond Miles and mentor of the Assassins Brotherhood. Jones pleaded her with his help to make her an Assassin, however, Desmond refused to as for the sake of not losing her own life like what had happened to Layla Hassan (Assassin's Creed: Valhalla) and his son (Assassin's Creed: 3).

3 days after her rejection from being an Assassin, there has been news that the North Korean army had invaded countries that allied with the United States, due to being far more superior than the United States. Learning that Luxembourg is the next country to be invaded, Jones immediately told William about the invasion and in desperate need to train her as an Assassin. Finally agreed to train her, William send Jones to an island where the Assassins Brotherhood can stay hidden from the North Korean army. She had spent 8 months being trained by several Master Assassins. On 14 January, when she is ready to fight back against the North Korean army, William introduced to her the blade that killed the tyrant Xerxes - the Hidden Blade. She soon meets Shōta Ryu, the same Assassin that saved her from bandits when she was young.

Right before they could talk more about each other, the North Korean army had found out the Assassins Brotherhood base, slaughtering half of the Assassins and taking others into custody. However, Jones manage to flee from them. Knowing that her fellow Assassin friends are in need of help, she returns to the Assassins Brotherhood Hideout and search for Ryu. However, she couldn't manage to find him, but Ryu had found her. Ryu told her that he and another fellow Assassin named Alexander Welsh managed to escape, as well as some other Assassins. He had also told her that they should get to the other side of the island where William Miles and other Assassins had assembled. Before they could proceed any further, they are pursued by the North Korean army. Ryu and Jones managed to escape from them, but Jones is heavily wounded from gunshot wounds. Ryu helped bring her to the group and manage to save her before she succumbs from her wounds.

The Defector[]

After two days of recovering, Jones talks with Ryu and thanked him for saving her from slavery with the bandits years ago. The two then became good friends to each other and teamed up with 3 other fellow Assassins along side Alexander Welsh. Despite that Ryu had spent so many years as an Assassin, he had never possessed or touch a hidden blade. His reason in refusing to use the Hidden Blade is that he wasn't ready to use it. Encouraging Ryu to take the Hidden Blade, Jones told him that he gave her a chance to live. In return, she gives Ryu a chance to use the Hidden Blade. Ryu thanked her for giving him hope. William informed the group that they will be travelling to South Korea, in search of a General Commander that leads part of the battalion during the invasion in South Korean.

While reaching South Korea, one of their fellow Assassins, Baahir, an Egyptian Assassin, informed them that a defector from North Korea wants to send them a message. Despite that the North Korean army had disabled all communication network. The group has to split up, Ryu and Gu Lee, a Chinese Assassin, will be going to locate the defector and take him in. Jones heads off with Alex to find the North Korean General Commander. After Ryu and Gu Lee had informed Jones and Alex they found their defector, she and Alex fought against the General.