"We are all the controllers of our own destiny, not the world. Those who believe in such a thing are fools, but those who attempt to do such a thing are monsters. That is why we shall kill anyone who attempts to control the world. It is our duty to protect the innocents from the madmen and tyrants of this world, for if we fail, none are safe. We are the Lone Wolves Society; the guardians of the world..."
―Madauro reflecting on his life as a Lone Wolf
Madauro William Senza
Biographical information

1965, England



Political information
  • Assassins (turned down, joining Templars)
  • Templars (turned down, not joining Assassins again)

Lone Wolf Society

Madauro William Senza was a British-Italian man who joined both the Assassins and the Templars who, after he abandoned them, killed his family and burned his house down. Devoted to killing the corrupt leaders of the Orders, Madauro created The Lone Wolf Society; a group devoted to hunting down and killing those they had trusted.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

"One day my son, you shall grow big and strong. But it will be up to you to decide your future and what you do with it!"
―Antonio Senza talking to young Madauro
Madauro was born and raised in England. His parents were Antonio and Mary Senza who were both ex-members of the Assassin Brotherhood and Templar Order; Antonio being an ex-Assassin and Mary being an ex-Templar. As a child, Madauro was trained in the ways of the Assassin and the Templar. Being home-schooled, he didn't socialize much, but he did make two friends of his age; Jonathon Blake, an Assassin Trainee, and Jessica Smith, a Templar Trainee.

At the age of 12, tragedy struck when Madauro's parents were tragically killed. Alone and scared, he fled to his Aunt's house where his Aunt, Sally Goodman, provided him with comfort and warmth. She explained to him that the Templar order was responsible for the death of his parents, and the man leading the organisation was Thomas Kingston. Seeking revenge, Madauro began to train as an Assassin.

Three years later, Samuel Miller, a Templar Agent, had been instructed to kill people that the Templars believed were in league with the Assassins. After killing snipers who watched the executions and stealing keys, Madauro snuck into a nearby building. When Samuel opened the door, Maduaro ran straight for Samuel and killed him with his Hidden Blade. He then experienced a vision in which he learned that Agnes Kingston, the daughter of Thomas Kingston, had sent her soldiers to kill Madauro's parents. Madauro fled, ready to tell Sally the news.

Assassin days Edit

"I have promised to follow the Creed forever, protect my brethren and fight the Templar menace, and for all of my troubles, you allow my home to be destroyed!? Yusuf Tazim would be ashamed of you! You have disgraced his memory with your horrible leadership! This isn't the true Creed! We are your slaves, not your brothers!"
―Madauro confronting Tazmar Tazim
Madauro expected to meet Sally, but was met by another person; Tazmar Tazim, the leader of the Assassin Brotherhood and a descendent of Yusuf Tazim. Madauro joined the Brotherhood and became an Advanced Veteran in seven months. Unfortunately, Sally died of old age and was buried outside her mansion. Madauro was given the mansion as part of her will and converted it into an Assassin hideout. He and the others trained there for a month, unaware of the oncoming Templar assault.

A month after the new hideout was built; Agnes Kingston launched an assault on the hideout, leading an army of Templars. In the midst of the chaos, Madauro assassinated Agnes with his new weapon, the Hidden Flamethrower. He then experienced another vision, learning that her Uncle, Edward Smith, had informed her of the location of the hideout. After the battle, Madauro pleaded for Tazmar to rebuild his home, but he refused. Enraged, Madauro left the Brotherhood and went to join the Templars.

Templar days Edit

"You killed her, didn't you? You killed cousin Agnes. You killed a member of the Templar Order! We should have never trusted you for a moment Madauro! I shouldn't have trusted you!"
―Jessica accusing Madauro of killing Agnes Kingston
Madauro met his childhood friend Jessica a week later and was inducted into the Templar Order, under the guidance of his new master, Thomas Kingston. Being able to agree to their beliefs and methods, Madauro became a valued member of the order, being able to accomplish his missions with ease and gain control over London. His master even compared him to Shay Patrick Cormac; a Templar who used to be an Assassin, but Madauro passed it off as a simple compliment.

In early December, Madauro was tasked with killing the Assassin Joseph Blake, who had been spying on Templar meetings. However, upon killing him, he experienced a vision in which Joseph told his son Jonathon Blake, Madauro's old friend, to join the Templar Order in a month. Jonathon caught Madauro and attempted to kill him, but Madauro escaped and gave his report to Thomas.

Madauro felt incredibly guilty for what he had done to Jonathon and planned to leave the Templars. However, Jessica confronted him and accused him of killing Agnes who happened to be her cousin. Thomas ordered her to kill him but Madauro fled the Templar Hideout and made his way back to London. Unable to decide which side to join, Madauro decided to never return to the groups.

The tragedy Edit

"This is what happens when anyone betrays us Madauro! We burn them to the ground! Now you shall suffer!"
―Tazmar taunting Madauro during the attack
Five years later, Madauro had settled down with his wife and children. One night, the Assassin's and Templars made a joined attack on his house. The Templars killed his wife and children whilst the Assassin's burnt his house down. Homeless and alone, Madauro gathered his remaining belongings and wandered the streets of London. He began to fall into a deep depression, hoping that he would be laid to rest as soon as possible, but death did not come.

After a week of being homeless, Madauro was growing more agitated, angry at the injustice he had faced from the Assassins and Templars. As he watched the imprisonment of bloodthirsty criminals, he noticed an Assassin attempting to free the prisoners. Madauro, overcome with rage, attacked the Assassin and demanded to know what he was doing. He was told that Tazmar Tazim was planning to unleash those men onto London and many others. Madauro fled from the Authorities, eventually finding a new home in the sewers.

After thinking about what the man had said, Madauro realised that the Assassins were becoming more like the Templars; hungry for power and control. Knowing that both groups would never stop, he knew that he had to stop them. Combining his Assassin Robes and Templar suit, Madauro equipped his weaponry and set out with one goal in mind: kill the corrupt Assassins and Templars and stop their leaders from achieving their goals.

Lone Wolf Society Edit

"These aren't the people we used to know... They all want to control this world. They want to become God. We cannot let them. We will stop them in the name of Justice!"
―Madauro with Jack discussing the Assassins and Templar
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Madauro searched throughout all of England, searching for any Assassins and Templar. Along the way, he met other people who had been betrayed by the groups and encouraged them to join him. One man in particular was Jack Wickham, also known as Jack the Ripper. Jack had been betrayed by both groups and had murdered three people related to the Templar. Madauro recruited him to the group and together, Jack and Madauro would become the new leaders of the Lone Wolf Society; the group that would live on longer than Madauro believed it would.

Eventually, Madauro was informed that Jessica Smith was planning to kill Queen Elizabeth, having Princess Diana take her place. Princess Diana was in league with the Templar and would change England's rules to better fit the Templar ideals, but Madauro had other ideas. Setting a trap in her car by jamming one of her engine motors, Princess Diana was soon killed in a horrible car accident. Madauro did feel guilty, but he knew he had to press on. Jack and Madauro then set out to kill Jessica, but on the way, they found another problem.

Jonathon Blake, still angry at Madauro for killing his father, had hired a new Assassin: Harriet Fawkes, the Grand-Daughter of Guy Fawkes. She was planning to kill the Queen once again by using actual bombs instead of her father's gunpowder. The Queen was allowing certain people to be imprisoned; people who were assisting the Assassins. However, before Madauro could stop her, Jack took the lead and killed her. Impressed by Jack's skills, Madauro promised than when he died or retired, Jack would become the new leader.

Rest Edit

"It must be hard, I understand. But I'm afraid that this is for the best. To save the world, we have to make sacrifices. Even if it means killing your friends, it is all in the name of Justice. Come on Madauro, lets go..."
―Jack comforting Madauro after Jonathon's death

As the war between the Assassins and Templar waged on, The Lone Wolves Society continued to search for more clues to the whereabouts of Jonathon and Jessica. A week after Harriet Fawkes was killed, Jonathon and a group of Assassins attacked Madauro, but the Assassins were quickly killed by the Lone Wolves. Madauro planned to kill Jonathon by starting a forest fire, but Jonathon ambushed him and the two battled as the flames grew higher. Madauro used a falling tree branch to distract Jonathon and close in for the kill. As Jonathon was dying in Madauro's arms, he told him that he had forgiven him for killing his father. After laying Jonathon to rest, Madauro made a narrow escape from the forest fire and reunited with the other Lone Wolves. They then made their search for Jessica Smith.

The Templar and Assassins had both learned about the Lone Wolves Society and were trying to find a way to kill them. Thomas Kingston put Jessica in charge of killing Madauro, but he made the grave mistake of letting her go after him alone. Meanwhile, the Assassins had discovered a new Piece of Eden and were planning to take it for themselves. However, they were also aware of the Lone Wolves Society and were also planning to kill them. With no other choice, Tazmar decided to send out many Assassins to find and kill Madauro.

Love and war Edit

"Madauro... stop them... if not for the world, for me... I love you..."
―Jessica's final words to Madauro before death

After the battle with Jonathon, Madauro was gifted with a ship from Jack. He named it The Ripper; a reference to Jack's nickname. As the Lone Wolves sailed across the Atlantic, they found Jessica Smith, piloting her ship: The Father. After a brutal sea Battle, Madauro and the others invaded her ship and killed everyone. Madauro unfortunately had the job of killing Jessica, which he did by shooting a gunpowder barrel, causing the explosion to brutally damage her. As Jessica was dying beside Madauro, he had a sudden change of heart and carried her onto The Ripper.

The doctors healed her as best as they could, but to no avail. With her last minutes on Earth, Jessica revealed that she had gone rogue to find and join Madauro in an act of forgiveness. After confessing her love for him, Jessica passed away. Heartbroken, Madauro fell into a deep depression once again. Despite Jack's comfort, Madauro spent most of his days in his cabin, whilst Jack piloted The Ripper. Eventually, Madauro was able to pilot the ship once again, ready to find and kill Thomas Kingston and Tazmar Tazim.

Arriving in Haiti, the Lone Wolves set up a new home in a shop by the City Hall. Whilst there, Madauro learned about secret weapons that Shay Cormac left behind before his death. For two months, he searched for and found the secret weapons which he added to his weaponry. These were his original Air Rifle, his short blade and long blade, a belt of Poison, Smoke, Berserk, Smoke and Flame grenades and ammunition for the Air Rifle. However, not long after this, another tragedy struck.

Jack Wickham was found dead in his sleep. Upon further inspection of the body, Madauro discovered a note from Tazmar Tazim, telling him that he had "Ripped Jack the Ripper", and to give up. Enraged, Madauro went on a rampage, igniting riots in Haiti and destroying Templar and Assassin ships. Afterwards, he gathered his crew and sailed for a new location: Antarctica. After interrogating an Assassin and Templar, Madauro learned that Tazmar and Thomas were attempting to find a piece of Eden in Antarctica. Tired of losing those he cared for and loved, Madauro was determined to spill the blood of the two corrupt leaders.

A legend Edit

"I've watched them for so long, making stupid decision after stupid decision. They aren't like the men I used to work alongside. They are madmen in Templar suits..."
―Shay commenting on the current Templar Order

Halfway to Antarctica, Madauro decided to retire for the night and sleep in his cabin. In this dream, he saw the bodies of his parents, Jonathon Blake, Jessica Smith and Jack Wickham. He was constantly taunted by the voices of Tazmar and Thomas, telling him that he had failed and he could not stop them. Madauro began to delve into insanity, driving him further into madness, until one voice told him to stop: The voice of Shay Patrick Cormac.

Shay talked to Madauro, telling him about how he disagreed with the current Templar and that Thomas Kingston should be put down. Madauro awoke from the dream, but was astonished to find that the ghost of Shay was following him. Guided by the phantom Shay, he sailed to Antarctica and docked The Ripper in a small winter town. But Madauro wasn't finished.

The legend lives on Edit

" My pride and joy now belongs to you. Use it to stop them Madauro. You are worthy to sail The Morrigan. You are the successor I always wished to have. Now go and save us all!"
―Shay handing The Morrigan over to Madauro

Madauro left a Lieutenant of the Lone Wolves, Jeffrey Donovan, in charge and instructed him to lead the others to the Piece of Eden, located in a temple underneath the snow. Shay's ghost then told Madauro to follow him into a cave. Madauro travelled into the cave, finding murals of Shay's journey and what happened afterwards. Eventually, Madauro found the centre of the cave, but was not prepared for what he discovered: The Morrigan; Shay's old ship. Despite the age, it was in perfect condition and loaded with ammo. Shay's ghost then told him to use The Morrigan to reach the Assassins and Templar and restore the peace.

After sailing to the temple, Madauro found the lieutenant and told him to bring The Morrigan back to the town. Madauro slaughtered hundreds of Assassin's and Templars with his weapons and made his way to The Temple whilst the others continued the war. As he found the door, he was ambushed by Tazmar Tazim and Thomas Kingston. He lost the fight despite his new weaponry and was bought to his knees by the Assassin and Templar leaders. They then proceeded to kick him into a pit where he fell unconscious. In his unconscious state, he heard one more voice: The voice of Arno Victor Dorian.

Arno's ghost told Madauro of the Assassin's Creed and how it was a warning. He told Madauro that he was right to leave the Assassins and that he was worthy to wield a weapon that he had secreted in the cave Madauro had fallen into. Madauro found the legendary weapon Arno's ghost had described, but was surprised to see that it was the legendary Sword of Eden. Replacing Shay's long blade with the Sword of Eden, Madauro made his long and treacherous climb out of the pit.

A Wolf and his Prey Edit

" Peace is to never change what is already perfect and not corrupt everything to create your own personal paradise. Leadership is to lead others to a better place and not force them to do your dirty work. Righteousness is to know what is right and what is wrong and not ignore those facts whilst you destroy the world around you. These three things are what truly makes a hero..."
―Madauro's final words to Tazmar and Thomas

Madauro eventually made it out of the pit and went to find Tazmar Tazim and Thomas Kingston. He found them in combat; fighting over the Piece of Eden. Filled with rage and vengefulness, Madauro launched a Poison Grenade at the two leaders, providing a distraction for the two of them. He then proceeded to light the gas on fire with his Hidden Flamethrower, shoot Thomas with Shay's Air Rifle and stab Tazmar with his Sword of Eden; killing them both.

As the two men were dying on the floor, Madauro lectured them on the true meanings of peace, leadership and righteousness. As the two men died, Madauro turned his attention to the Piece of Eden. The two ghosts returned, explaining that it was called the Goblet of Eden and whoever drunk from it would live for 30 more years at their current age. Instead of drinking it all, Madauro took a sip from the Goblet and took it with him. He exited the Temple to find his fellow Lone Wolves.

The true Master Order Edit

" Protect those suffering injustice. Kill those who wish to become rulers of the world. Defend the weak to make them strong. Never leave another brother to die. These are the tenants of The Lone Wolf Society; a group that I shall lead to victory. We watch over the Assassins and Templars; people who we used to call our allies. If they ever make the same mistake as last time, I shall hunt them down and kill them all. I am Madauro William Senza, and I am a Lone Wolf..."
―Madauro's final speech

Each of the Lone Wolves took a sip from the goblet, gaining them 30 more years of youth. Madauro found one member of the Assassins and Templars he trusted and made them Grand Master. Jeffrey Donovan was made First Mate of The Ripper and would become Leader if Madauro left, died or went Rouge. The Ripper was upgraded with parts of The Morrigan and Madauro was then given the location of the Armour left behind by Arno and Shay. Guided by the two phantoms, Madauro found the suits and used parts of them to upgrade his armour.

The Assassin Brotherhood and Templar Order were perfect, unlike the old corrupt groups. Madauro had warned them that if they dared to repeat the mistakes of their old masters, he would hunt them down and kill them all. In five years, he once again settled down with a wife and three children. He had taught his children of the Lone Wolf Society and they had promised to continue his legacy. Madauro had finally completed his goal. He was finally free…

Ghosts of the past Edit

" If you think we have returned to haunt you, then you've been reading too many lies. We've simply come to deliver a message"
―Arno talking to Madauro

In 2016, Madauro was at the age of 42, thanks to the Goblet of Eden. His wife had died and his three children, Federico, Maria and Claudia had all grown up to become Lone Wolves. Madauro was still grieving over his Wife's death, but with the help of his children, Madauro began to feel better. One night, Madauro was unexpectedly visited by the ghosts of Arno and Shay. They explained to him that he needed to go to the ruins of Masyaf Castle, where important people would meet him. Madauro left Jeffrey Donovan in charge of the Lone Wolves Society and set a course for Masyaf. Reluctantly leaving his children behind, Madauro boarded The Ripper once again and sailed for Masyaf.

Upon arrival at Masyaf, Madauro made his long journey to the castle. It was in ruins when he arrived; the windows were smashed and the buildings had collapsed. Shay and Arno returned to him, but with more phantom Assassins. Altair, Ezio, Connor, Edward and Adewale greeted him along with the phantom Templar; Al Mualim, Rodrigo Borgia, Cesare Borgia, Haytham Kenway and Francois-Thomas Germain. They then explained to him that Abstergo Industries had used Shay's memories to threaten the Assassins, which they believed was disrespectful. They also revealed that Otso Berg, the leader of Abstergo, was planning to create terrorism in order to re-ignite the war between the two groups. Madauro, once again fueled with rage, promised the phantoms that he would kill every last member of Abstergo Industries.

Wolves Edit

"You're a leader, you have hunting skills, you lead a good pack and you can survive these freezing cold conditions. I think I shall call you Snowy..."
―Madauro adopting Snowy

Upon exiting Masyaf, Madauro discovered a pack of Wolves, living in Al Mualim's old chambers. The leader of the pack took a liking to Madauro, so he adopted her and named her Snowy. Taking her with him, Madauro boarded The Ripper once again and planned to travel to America. However, Madauro received an urgent message from Federico. The Lone Wolves were under attack from The Templar Order and required assistance. Worried about his children, Madauro plotted his course for England and traveled back as fast as he could, giving instructions to Federico over the phone on how to deal with the attack.

On the way to England, Madauro began making clothes for Snowy, including an Iron Mask; he was inspired by the famous mask of Louis XIV. Finally arriving in England, Madauro made his way back to the Lone Wolves Base where, to his horror, the battle was still going on with Abstergo winning. However, before he could make any move, Snowy ran straight for the leader of the attack and ravenously tore him apart, giving the other Lone Wolves a chance to win. The Abstergo invaders fled with many casualties and deaths, thanks to Snowy. Madauro immediately found Federico and was given the details of the battle.

None of the Lone Wolves had died, but many sustained Major Injuries. Claudia had been poisoned and was in drastic need of medical attention. Madauro was enraged and determined to destroy Abstergo Industries once and for all. Leaving Maria in charge of Claudia, Madauro, Federico and Snowy boarded The Ripper with a crew of Lone Wolves and sailed to America, ready to destroy Abstergo.

Reunion with the Wolves Edit

"Claudia, Maria, meet our guests! Altair, Ezio, Connor, Edward, Adewale, Arno, Shay, Al Mualim, Rodrigo, Cesare, Haytham and Germain. Please, make yourselves at home!"
―Madauro introducing Claudia and Maria to the ghosts

Upon arrival in America, Madauro and Federico rented a countryside house and used it as their temporary base of operations. The phantom Assassins and Templar gave Madauro advice on strategy, whilst Federico trained Snowy in combat. Back in England, Claudia was healing fast and was already planning to join her father in America. Despite Maria's attempts to make her stay, Claudia knew she had to find her father and join him. Eventually, Claudia was better and, after convincing Maria to go with her, the two of them got on a plane to America to find their father.

Madauro and the phantoms constantly planned their attack on Abstergo Industries. Madauro discovered that Federico had the ability to see the phantoms as well. The ability had been passed down through Madauro's genes, so it didn't come as a surprise when Madauro found Federico and Connor's ghost identifying the layers to the building. Soon after, Madauro received a message from Claudia, telling him that they had arrived in America and wanted to find him. Overjoyed, Madauro gave them the location of the house and they were soon on their way.

Upon arrival, Claudia and Maria were greeted with warm welcomes from not only Madauro, Federico and Snowy, but the phantom Assassins and Templar as well. Together, the family continued to plan out their attack on Abstergo Industries, but yet another surprise was in store. Two months in planning, Snowy gave birth to five young Wolf Puppies. Knowing that it wouldn't be fair to take away their mother, Madauro let Snowy stop training and allowed her to spend time with her children.

Pandemic fear in Abstergo Industries Edit

"Sweet God above! They're alive!? Quickly, put up our defenses! We cannot let them get in!"
―Otso Berg upon discovering The Lone Wolves had survived the attack

Meanwhile, the members of Abstergo Industries had recently begun to research the memories of previous Lone Wolves and had discovered that they were still alive. Otso Berg originally sent in his men to kill them off, but when he discovered that they were still alive, he began to panic. Abstergo Industries had closed itself to the public and had begun to barricade the building as much as possible. Everyone in Abstergo was terrified.

Otso Berg stopped any further research on Assassin and Templar memories and called a meeting with the highest members of the Templar Order. Melanie Lemay, the Chief Executive of Abstergo, suggested that they searched through the memories of Jack Whickham in order to find out more about Madauro, but the idea was turned down. Violet de Costa suggested that they sent in more men to find them, but because of the previous attack, that idea was turned down as well. Eventually they were out of ideas.

Otso Berg knew that there was nothing they could do. In an act of desperation, he armed every single member of Abstergo with weapons and began training them to fight. Melanie Lemay sent out Abstergo spies to try and find the Lone Wolves whilst Violet de Costa tried contacting her associates. Otso Berg continued to sit in his office, preparing for the onslaught that he knew would kill him.

Attack on Abstergo Edit

"This is for the lives of those you have shamefully disrespected! You will all die!"
―Madauro before the attack

After two months of planning, Madauro, Federico, Claudia and Maria were ready. Approaching the building, Federico made his way to the back of the building, where the power was supplied. Cutting off the electricity inside, Federico climbed up the building whilst Madauro, Claudia and Maria entered the building. On the ground floor, Claudia and Maria found the elevators where they proceeded to climb up via the cables. Madauro then entered the main elevator and hacked into its systems, bringing its power back.

Upon arrival at the first floor, Madauro was greeted with armed guards aiming pistols at him. Using smoke bombs, Madauro executed everyone with his throwing knives undetected and proceeded to travel to the second floor. More armed guards were waiting for him, but this time they were wearing Body Armour. Madauro then used Flame Bombs to light them on fire and kill them with his Air Rifle. On the third floor, Soldiers wielding machine guns attacked him, but Madauro found cover behind upturned tables. Using his Poison Bombs, Madauro slowly killed them in large quantities before reaching the final floor.

Madauro was then attacked and nearly overwhelmed by two Juggernauts, but was quickly assisted by Claudia and Maria who had climbed up the elevators and had reached Madauro. Using his Chain Blade, Madauro strangled the two of them to death, killing off every member of Abstergo except Melanie, Violet and Osto Berg. Suddenly, the roof above them exploded and Federico fell through it; hitting the floor hard. Shocked and confused, Madauro comforted his son and inspected his wounds. Federico was riddled with bullet wounds and was bleeding out fast. Madauro, consumed with rage, left Claudia and Maria to tend to Federico's wounds whilst he confronted Otso Berg.

Fall of Abstergo Edit

"This is what happens when you cross us! Hurt my son, I kill you and blow up your building! This is the end, Otso Berg! Nobody can save you now!"
―Madauro confronting Otso Berg

After climbing up the broken debris to Otso Berg's office, they immediately entered combat. Otso Berg, wielding a machine gun, opened fire on Madauro but he quickly found cover. As soon as Otso Berg ran out of ammunition, Madauro attacked him with his Sword of Eden; slicing across his chest. Madauro was then shot in the gut by Otso Berg with a pistol; sending him sprawling to the floor. As Madauro attempted to get up, Otso Berg mockingly offered him a hand up, but this turned out to be a mistake as he was soon mercilessly burned by the flames ignited by The Hidden Flamethrower.

Madauro then jumped to his feet and headbutted Otso Berg, stunning him momentarily before pinning him to a wall. Madauro then stabbed him in the neck, instantly killing him. As Otso Berg fell to the floor, a Piece of Eden fell out of his pocket. Madauro instantly recognized it as an Apple of Eden. Taking the item with him, Madauro placed a bomb by Otso Berg's corpse and escaped with Maria, Claudia and Federico; whom had been healed by his sisters. The building then proceeded to explode, killing any survivors of the attack.

The Lone Wolves celebrated their victory and proceeded to return to England. Snowy's puppies had begun to grow and had become very attached to Federico. On the travel home, Madauro remembered that he had not killed Melanie and Violet, but he didn't go back. He knew that without their power and HQ, they would never seek revenge.

Rest in peace Edit

"I leave this world, knowing that it will be safe in Federico's protection. I will watch over my children in Heaven. I am Madauro William Senza...And I... am a... Lone...Wolf..."
― Madauro's final words

Madauro had returned to The Lone Wolves Society, but not as Leader. Federico had been elected Leader by his father, with Claudia and Maria as fellow Masters. Madauro then retired to London where he lived with Snowy and would occasionally receive visits from his children. In 2035, Madauro died of old age. His body was discovered by the Assassin, Jaida de Familierez, who had been accidentally sent to the future via an Apple of Eden. Jaida claimed the Apple of Eden and promised Madauro that he would take care of it. Madauro would be remembered as The Ultimate Lone Wolf...

Armory Edit

Weaponry Edit

"Some people would call these artifacts and put them in a museum. I think these are gifts from Shay to use against our enemies."
―Madauro commenting on Shay's weapons

Madauro's signature weapon is his Hidden Flamethrower. It is essentially a Hidden Blade with a large vial of flammable liquid placed inside. It also has two switches; one that expels flammable gases from the vial, and one that ignites the oil. This has proven to be one of his most powerful weapons; being able to pull off triple assassinations and kill large amounts of enemies at once.

His original Rapier was replaced by Shay's long and short blade. However, Madauro replaced the long blade

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with Arno's Sword of Eden, but kept the short blade. He also wields six pistols which can fire up to six rounds before reloading. These are kept in his iron holsters attached to his belt; two at the back and two on each side. He keeps throwing knives in his belly pouch which can be heated by the Hidden Flamethrower for maximum damage. The ammunition for the pistols is kept in pouches next to each pair of pistols.

Madauro also wields Shay's original Air Rifle, which is able to launch Sleep and Berserk darts, regular ammunition and Poison, Berserk, Sleep, Smoke and Flame Grenades, which are all kept in his five pouches on the front of his belt.

Madauro's final weapon is his Chain Whip which is kept next to the Air Rifle on his back. Like the Throwing

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Knives, it can be heated for maximum damage, but its uniqueness is that essentially, it is a chain with two blades at both ends. It is the only weapon that Madauro hasn't been trained to use by the Assassins or Templar, making it exclusive to the Lone Wolves Society.

Armor Edit

"Unless you are a Templar Berserker, there is no such thing as wearing too much Armour. Seriously, those guys must be cowards, or they really like wearing Armour..."
―Jack commenting on Madauro's Armour

Madauro has many suits of Armour, but his trademark suit is his Master Lone Wolf Armour. His first layer consists of a black shirt with extended arms and a stab-vest over the top. His second layer is a large white coat with five coat tails. The coat tails not only represent his rank in the Lone Wolves Society as Leader, but they are also meant to represent Wolf Tails. The upper parts of his coat cover the sides of his chest, covered with black leather and rise upwards to the sides of his head, and on his shoulders are thick leather shoulder guards which he took from Shay's old Armour.

Madauro also wears a black scarf across his mouth. The scarf is very long, having the free ends lie down his back. The scarf also acts as a gas mask, making it a sign of which Creed he follows and as a piece of his Armour.Madauro's final layer of Armour are Arno's belts and holsters from his Master Assassin Armour. The only belts that he kept from his old suit were his Rear Pistol Belt and his Metal Whip Holster.

Appearance Edit

"One must look good for the ladies... Or men, if you swing that way. Of course, I don't. I had a Wife and Children, but enough about me, let's kill you!"
―Madauro talking to Tazmar and Thomas on his appearance

Madauro has a muscular body build, mainly shown in his Upper Torso, Biceps and Triceps. He has a white beard, mustache and eyebrows. A large scar covers his right eye, damaging his appearance but not hindering his vision.

Madauro has a huge amount of white hair that runs from the top of his skull to the middle of his spine. It is very bushy so in order to make it look appeasing, Madauro uses two rubber bands to create a large ponytail, one at the front and one at the back, but occasionally removes them when trimming his hair. Madauro never cuts his hair short because he believes his long hair makes him look like a wolf.

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