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"It is not a question of what I want anymore; my needs do not enter into it. I am an assassin, just like my dad. I have a duty to my brother. To my sister. Even to my aunt. She lied to me, I know, but she did so out of love. The Templars took everything from us and drove her into paranoia. For those crimes, and many others... there needs to be justice."
―Manuel, 2014.
Manuel Admeto
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29 September, 1993

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Manuel Carlos Pereira Admeto is a Brazilian member of the Assassin Order. Coming from a very diverse lineage of both Assassins and Templars, Manuel travelled around the world to learn the secrets of their conflict before embracing his father's ideals of freedom and joining the Assassin Brotherhood.


Early Life[]

Manuel was born in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil on 29 September 1993, as the second son and third child of Henrique and Raquel Admeto. Manuel lived with them and his older siblings, Pedro and Beatriz Admeto, on a secure assassin outpost.

While his father was a very respectable Master Assassin, his mother was a high-ranking Templar agent sent to uncover the secrets of the Sao Paulo's assassin cell. However, due to the lack of proper communication, Abstergo decided to keep Raquel as a sleeper agent for indefinite time.

During his 6th birthday, the cell's hideout was visited by Daniel Cross, during his search for the Mentor. Manuel and his siblings personally met Daniel and even convinced the man to play some games with them during his stay.

The following year, Raquel was summoned back to Abstergo, leaving him and his family. Once Henrique discovered Raquel's true alligiance, it was already too late: Using Cross' knowledge about the Assassins around the world, an Abstergo strike team attacked their hideout during the Great Purge.

While Beatriz led the remaining assassins to a safe haven, Manuel watched in horror as Henrique, Pedro and several others stayed behind to fight the Abstergo forces. His brother was the only one to return, while Henrique disappeared and was declared dead.

After Pedro returned, Beatriz asked him to send Manuel to live with their aunt, Elisa Admeto, in the city of Recife. Although reluctant to send his brother away, Pedro agreed with Beatriz when she convinced him that Manuel would be trained when he came of age. Pedro and Beatriz escorted him to Elisa's house personally, and promised they would come back.

Living Off-The-Grid[]

Repressing memories[]

Elisa: "Don't worry, my dear. Nothing will happen to you while I'm here."
Manuel: "Dad is gone. Pedro and Bia, too. I won't see my friends again. What else could happen to me?"
Elisa: "If you only knew, baby... If you only knew..."
—Manuel and Elisa, during his time in her house.

Elisa didn't accept her family's heritage as Assassins, and decided to stop Manuel's training and to give him a normal childhood, which was against Pedro's intentions. Elisa severed communications with her nephew and niece and used her minimal training as an Assassin to dispose of their spies and informants, eventually using her own connections to loose the Brotherhood's grip on Recife. To keep Manuel from questioning their absence or search for them, she told him they died in an accident after returning to Sao Paulo.

Elisa taught Manuel to follow his own passions, such as drawing and music. 9 years later, at the age of 16, Manuel became an outgoing, charismatic teenager. His memories about the Assassins and the Great Purge were repressed, and Elisa didn't see any reason to reveal them.

Recovering memories[]

On October 2009, Manuel asked for Elisa's permission to go on a field trip to a local Abstergo facility along with other students, to understand more about their recent use of genetic memories on their projects. Elisa, who was aware of Abstergo's true function as the Templar Order's front on society, denied the request, and warned him to stay away from them. Confused, but no less angry at his aunt, Manuel used his art skills to falsify her signature and went to the facility anyway.

During his visit to the facility, Manuel got separated from the rest of his class. While exploring the building, he met Luiza Cavalcanti, a young intern charged with calibrating a prototype of the Animus, which was being examined before being sent to Abstergo's Rome facility some weeks later.

After being convinced by Manuel, Luiza decided to show him the rest of the facility. During their tour, she explained the concept behind genetic memories and how someone could access these memories through the Animus. Excited by this, Manuel asked Luiza if he could use the Animus to relive his own memories, in the hopes of seeing his brother and sister once again. Luiza, although reluctant at first, agreed to run a small session in the Animus she was calibrating.

During his session, Luiza accidently selected a different memory; she accessed the memories of one of Manuel's ancestors: Benjamin Agema, a dutch member of the Assassin Order and a sea captain serving in Hendrick Lonck's fleet during the Dutch-Portuguese War.

Manuel's reaction to one of Benjamin's traumatic memories somehow forced the Animus to open Manuel's own memories and made him relieve the Great Purge once again. Due to the shock of these memories, the Animus ejected Manuel and sent an emergency lockdown to the entire building. Extremely confused by this, Luiza told Manuel to get out of the facility before the security found them both tempering with the machine.

Manuel was able to evade the security teams through the facility, eventually making his way back to his class. Relieving the memories left Manuel in a state of shock and confusion.

The Failed Kidnapping[]

The Research[]

Along with his siblings, Manuel decided to travel the world and search for the secrets behind Abstergo Industries, as well as the Templar Order, the Initiates, the Isu Juno and her followers, known as the Instruments of the First Will. Utilizing a mobile version of the Animus, the Admeto siblings relieved many memories from their ancestors, recording all they learn in their journals.

In their adventures, they made contact with Erudito, who warned the siblings that if they try to seek that kind of information, they should "probably start digging each other's graves". Taking the mysterious figure's warning seriously, the siblings returned to Brazil, where things started to get out of control.

Subject 18[]

In December 2012, Manuel was captured by an Abstergo agent, who was disguised as an Assassin Recruit. He was brought to Abstergo's Rome Facility and was put in the Animus to relive the memories of Marcos Corval, a Portuguese member of the Templar Order and Manuel's ancestor through his maternal line. Marcos was sent to Brazil in his search for an Isu Temple, which was being used as a vault to a Sword of Eden.

The Brazilian assassins tried to save Manuel, but that wasn't much they could do without alerting the Templars about their location. During Desmond's mission to rescue William Miles, Daniel Cross (under the influence of the Bleeding Effect) shot several times in the Animi Training Room, where Manuel was about to relieve Marcos' last memory and discover the temple's location. A bullet hit Manuel's Animus, and Marcos' memories were blocked and deleted from the Abstergo Data system.

In the chaos, Manuel was able to eject himself out of the Animus and escape.


  • Manuel is a name derived from Hebrew Immanu'el, meaning "God is with us." Admeto is derived from Greek Ἄδμητος, meaning "untamed".