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Marcelo Ceni
Biographical information

May 3, 1486


June 12, 1556[age 76 ]

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Real-world information

Early Life==

on May 3, 1486 Marcelo Ceni was born.his Parents Maria and Nicolo died in fire when he was three.his brother Marco who was 22 at the time left their home town, Florence with Marcelo and traveled to Venice.then when Macrelo was 10 his brother was away and he found a Hidden Blade. he then, by mistake cut his ring finger the finger fell to the floor Marco walked in and got Marcelo to the Doctor. the pain went away but Marcelo lost the finger. when the brothers got home Marcelo asked what the hidden blade was."Marcelo I have to tell you, you me are Assassin's"Marco said.for the next 10 years Marcelo day Marcelo and Marco traveled to Rome to join their Assassin's guild.

Marco's Death

One day Marcelo got news his brother was held hostage from his best friend Frediano Muchelli.Marcelo, Frediano and 2 other assassins helped in the effort of rescuing Marco.when they got to the Captors werehouse they searched the rooms.Frediano found Marco in one of the rooms dead.they buried Marco in Florence his home

' ' The Athen's Battle

3 years later Marcelo and his fellow Assassins found out that Frediano was a templar and he killed Marco then escaped to Greece with a whole Templar Army.Marcelo went on a lone wolf mission to assassinate Frediano for killing Marco.he went to an old battle site and fought the whole templar army.he didn't find find Frediano until after the fight.he used his hidden gun and shot Frediano and said"I won't execpt you for this, I will see you in Hell".

The Realationship with Margot

in 1524 Marcelo met a bueatiful women in Paris on an assassination mission.her name was Margot Mathielle, she was a french assassin. they were both assighned to kill the same person she tried to kill him for a number of times for interfering when the target escaped Mrcelo suduced her into kissing him and 2 years later they got married in florence.

Marcelo's Later years

In his twilight years he retired from The Creed and lived his life with his family.when he turned 69 he started seeing visions/ghostes. he never told anybody but his family. Margot his wife, Janielle his Daughter, and Cluadio his son. on Marcelo's 74 birthday at night he saw his brother saying"my biggest mistake was not protecting my family then dissapearing.

Marcelo's death

on june 12 Marcelo took a trip to his brother's grave.then an assassin came along and said"Marcelo take this, you need to see the future".it was the apple of eden.Marcelo looked into it and saw a man in strange clothes holding the apple.Marcelo then heard a name in his head"Edward Ceni" then Marcelo fell down.Margot ran to her husband finding him dead and the apple in his hand."the apple"Margot said.(Edward Ceni is Marcelo's relative in 2012)

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