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Marcos Aguilar
Marcos Aguilar.jpg
Aguilar in his twenties, wearing the national cockade
Biographical information

October 12th, 1790

Corrientes, Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata


August 19th, 1838 (47 Years Old)

Cordoba, Argentina

Political information
  • Assassins (1807-1838)
  • Voluntarios de Pueyrredón (1806)
  • Compañía de Cazadores Correntinos (1807)
  • Logia Lautaro (1812-1815)
  • Granaderos a Caballo (1813-1814)
Real-world information

Marcos Aguilar was an Argentinian Master Assassin active during the Independence war in Rio de la Plata and Peru. His prowress and skills in Combat, Freerunning and Stealth was renowned in his days. Achieving the rank of Master Assassin eventually, Aguilar was Instrumental in the Independence of Argentina process.


His father a Wealthy landlord originary from Jaén, Spain and his mother a Criolla from Buenos Aires, they were going south from Asuncion when she entered labor in Corrientes. Marcos while educated as a proper Landlord, was always of rebellious nature, very combative and stuborn. At the age of 8 he escaped from his mother and hid to avoid going to church, they found him climbed on a tall tree, ever since then he developed a habit of climbing tall places and hiding on many places to avoid doing his chores. it was around that period that Aguilar discovered he possessed a strange ability he could use only when concentrated, a "new sense" he called "Mi Intuicion" (Mi Intuition) which allowed him to see the real intentions of people and where they were.

While educated by private tutors, Marcos prefered to spend time with his maternal uncle Don Zoilo and his band of Gauchos, with whom he learned to ride, to fist-fight, to handle the Facón in a fight, to use the Lazo and the Boleadoras and overal to master the "escrima criolla" (Creole fencing using the Poncho as a defensive measure). By the age of 14, Aguilar was a renowned "Gaucho", respected for his skill in battle and bravery. at 16 years old, Aguilar's sense of Will and nationalism made him escape his home to join the milicias during the First English Invasion. The next year he enrolled in the "Cazadores Correntinos" militia to fight again against the British, learning the skill of Hunting and marksmanship in flintlock rifles (long range) and flintlock pistols (short range). Following the british retreat, Marcos (who stood out for his courage and skills in battle) was recruited by and specially mentored into the Argentinian Brotherhood by Master Assassin Lucas Alvarado, who saw him freeruning through the roofs to kill a British Officer and later escaped not without dispatching several soldiers. Aguilar was trained over the next years in advanced Stealth and Assassination techniques, while honing his already existing abilities.


Aguilar was since childhood, a rebel against the norms of society, known for his seriously intense personality. Aguilar was known for being loyal, supportive and even compassionate to the poorer, however, his personality was sometimes uneasy, he could easily become obsessive, possessive and vindictive if provoqued. Over the years, Marcos became more contemplative and less combative, becoming a great strategist.


In mids-2018 an Assassin Cell used the recently acquired Animus HR-8 to synchronize his genetic memories locked in Juan Sokol a modern descendant of Aguilar, and an Assassin Recruit. This gained valuable intel on an ancient Isu Temple hidden in Cordoba, and was later used to develop a "Training Program" (like the Templar's Animi Training Program) for new recruits of the Argentinian Brotherhood.


  • Marcos is a name stemed from "Marcus" a roman praenomen, or given name, that was probably derived from the name MARS, the roman god of war.
  • Aguilar is derived from Spanish águila meaning "eagle", ultimately from Latin aquila.
  • After joining the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers, Aguilar started the trend of using blue and red coloured cloths, a tradition that continued long after he left the unit, in sign of respect for them.