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"Given the circumstances, I forsee your death approaches, mon cher ami (my dear friend)."
―Murat, somewhere between 1785–1789
Marguerite Murat
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The Daredevil
Biographical information

January 1760


May 1789 (aged 29)

Political information

Templars (1785–1789)

French Army (1780–1785)

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Voice actor

Évinore Gavroche

Marguerite Murat was born in Calais, and was the only child and daughter of two merchants. Today we would say that Murat was a LGBT individual, who liked to dress more of a man's clothes than a woman's.

Murat was promised to countless men, but she terrfied them with her radical thoughts and her "out-of-time"-thinking. She ment that the woman was not supposed to follow her mate, but to live her life. When she one day was brought before the court of law, she was found guilty in harassing a merchant who had lost his one ear after a meeting with her. Instead of being hanged, her father managed to convince the court to sending her to the Army – to which the court agreed.

When Murat returned to Calais, she met another LGBT: Joséph Iscariotte. He was a feminine man, and they found love in each other, and married at the age of 25 – the priests did not thought that they were LGBTs, so Marguerite and Joséph was married – but they did, unfortunately, did not had a child.

Murat did however not forgive her parents. She constructed a plan with her husband, and soon they came to the house of her parents (and Joseph's parents-in-law). At the house, the parents did not want to let them inside. Joséph raised an axe and put it into the skull of his father-in-law. Murat's mother came to see what all the noise was, and Murat lifted a knife and sliced the woman's throat. They leaved the house and burned it.

In 1785, Murat was recruited into the Templar Order by François-Thomas Germain – he did not care of their sexual orientation. As a Templar, Murat controlled the streets of the poor in Calais. She was a master in duels, and owned a fightclub: Hist Taverne. She got money to hire brutes. These brutes controlled Calais, and made trouble for the law; they did however served as bodyguards for her husband Joséph Iscariotte.

In 1789, Murat was killed in a duel; this was rather strange. It was said that not one could kill her, but she did fell for Pierre Étienne's blade. The club was closed, and the brutes did now served Joséph continuos.

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