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May 1721


October 1790 (69 aged)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes

Marie was a French-Egyptian Assassin active during 18th century.

Born an orphan from Franco-Egyptian origins, Marie grew up in the streets of Memphis. After being recruited by Olabode Trajan to Assassin Order, Marie was trained by her master to overcome her abilities. Impressed by his recruit, Olabode sent Marie to France where he was further trained by the best assassins of the time. Marie surpassed all her teachers, leaving the Council speechless and were given missions throughout Europe and Africa. She was responsible for freeing the city of Maputo from the Templars, alone.

In 1750 along with Konstantina Andile, Karl Schneider, Oliver James and Jeremiah Akunyili, the team was sent by the Assassin Council in Persia to search for a hidden temple of the First Civilization which, years before Lucy Belmont had discovered his existence after opening a temple in Acre. The team vigored a lot and eventually found the temple, and opened it with the object Belmont had found under Acre. Something mysterious happened in the temple, as the group heard a recording of a man or woman who was not referring to them but to those who would come later.

After this critical mission, the group reported to the Council and then broke up. Marie remained between Africa and Asia to carry out missions for the Brotherhood, and these missions always went well for her. Later, understanding that she was not as agile as she once was, she went to France where she stayed for the rest of her life. With the beginning of the revolution, Marie was willing to rejoin the brotherhood as a technical support through her great experience but was eliminated by some Templar assassins.

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