Marie Anne François
Marie Anne François
The Occulist
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6 June 1270


18 March, 1314 (aged 43)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

Marie Anne: "We seek equality, but with the King watching over us, it is difficult to actually achieve it. When I recruited myself into the Order, I sought to liberate the world from sinners. "
Jacques de Molay: "Our goal is to enlighten the mankind, and this have to be done in secret – specially in these times: King Philip is owing us money, and I fear he will send some soldiers to deal with us – in order to avoid this unfortuante incident. "
―Jacques de Molay warning Marie Anne to be careful with King Philip, 13 October 1307
Marie Anne François (née Serd-Croix) was a Master Templar from Paris that was the second-in-command of Jacques de Molay's Templars – and his lover. As a Master Templar, and de Molay's second-in-command, Marie Anne was a Templar-Preceptor, along with Geoffroi de Charney. She was the ancestor of Madeleine and Louis-Dominique de Bullion through the maternal line.

In 2020 an Abstergo Entertainment employee discovered that he was connected to Marie Anne through the parental line. The employee investigated her story, and when he became known to location of a Piece of Eden, Abstergo did quickly sent a team of Sigma-agents to locate the Piece.

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Travel to Paris in 1296

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  1. Marie Anne is adopted from Jeanne d'Arc

Execution of Jacques de Molay and Marie Anne

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The execution being fulfilled

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