Markos Demetris

Markos Demetris, The Supplier

Markos Demetris (1681 – 1734) was a Cypriote Templar ally and governor of Nicosia, going under the cryptonym The Supplier. He had been brought to attention through one of Templar leader Stavros' lieutenants: Iason Giannopoulos.

Born by in the noble Demetris-family to Cyril and Fabiola Demetris, Markos were the younger twin-brother of Eudemus Demetris – whom in his later years would parenting the Master Assassin Stylianos. Markos and his brother grew up in safe conditions; being the younger one, however, Markos lived in his brother's shadow. When Eudemus was revealed to be sexually involved with one of the Demetris' servants, Markos took action. In order to not bring disgrace on their family, Markos advised Eudemus to leave Cyprus to live on the mainland of Greece. Later he hired a group of mercenareis to track him down and kill him.

Becoming the governor of Nicosia at the age of 31, by poisoning his father, Markos now began planning his life. Nicosia was rich on metal, and he established mining enterprises in the Demetris' name. By doing so, Markos' son, Cato, would inherit great money. It were rumors, however, that told Markos had gained his fortune by also invest in ships that sailed from Cyprus that were doomed form the start – being paid back for the sunken ships by the Nicosian Consulate of Trading. People said Markos hired pirates to sink them, paying them with the money he put on the people of Nicosia.

Because of his criminal record, Markos were targeted by the Greek Brotherhood. Avoiding three assassination attempts, his son began searching for a body-guard. He found one: a Greek named Giannopoulos. Markos soon learned of Iason's allegiance to the Templar Order. Wishing to impress Giannopoulos to become a member, he let the Order take almost whatever they wanted of metal from the mines – supplying their gang. Giannopoulos wrote him a letter under the name of Hacer Stavros. Thinking he had become a true member, he used the cryptonym The Supplier.

After the fall of Stavros in 1734, the Greek Assassins Maria Nomiki and Sofia Sanna established an Assassin guild in the city of Kyrenia. Soon afterwards, the Greek Assassin Stylianos were sent to kill Giannopoulos. Learning of Giannopoulos' position as body-guard of Markos, the Assassin began looking into the governor's history – learning of his crimes. Stylianos also now knew that Markos was the one who had ordered the burning of his family's farm as a boy. Finding them both in Markos' office, Stylianos soon fought them off and killed them both.

By killing Markos and Giannopoulos, the Cypriote Templars' lost their control of the strategic city of Nicosia – shortening their seige of Cyprus. Without control of it, the Templars could no longer obtain metal for their armies.

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