Marx Hersvald

Marx Hersvald

Marx Hersvald (1231 - 1292) was a german noble and became a member of the Templar order after an ordeal with the Assassins that left him with nothing but hatred for the Order.

Marx spent his life fighting the Assassins and climbing the Templar ladder, becomeing the de facto leader of the order by 1265, using the masters of the knightly order as public puppets to continiue his war until his death in 1292, at the age of 62.

Marx' descendants remained within the german nobility and the templar order, with his last known descendant in modern times being Max von Hersvald-Storm.


Early lifeEdit

Marx was born to Wilhelm Harsvald and his wife Elise, and grew up hapily on the family lands in central Germany. His father Wilhelm was one of the most influential men in the Holy Roman Empire, eventually becoming the second in command to the empreor and his chief of affairs within the empire, making the house of Harsveld one of the most powerful in the world. Life was easy on Marx, he had everything he needed and could ever want, and was never unhappy. Little did he know of the dangers his family lived in. As one of the few mighty men in the world not to side with either the templar cause or the assassins, Wilhelm put a lot of time in keeping his independance, as he saw no need to share his power with others. Since threatening the family had mostly lead to the deaths of those responsible, both templars and assassins sent someone over to try to persuade Wilhelm in joining their ranks, always to no avail. Marx would often be there, listening to the pleas and promises, and he knew the routine by heart; The plea would be made, his father would pretend to listen, and after a while when the stories had ended his father would sit in silence and ponder them, exchangeing glares with Marx before thanking his guests and rejecting their offer. Marx enjoyed his life, and he imagined it would be so forever.

A decisionEdit

One day, when Marx was eleven, a group of Templars came to the Hersvald castle to parly with Wilhelm once more, and again the same routine was followed. In the end the men were rejected as always, but left saying that this would be their last attempt to convert Wilhelm. They had put to much effort with to little result in their tries and were fed up with him. As the men left Wilhelm and Marx let them out the door, and for the first time Wilhelm smiled after such a visit.

The following night the family was having dinner in the great hall when Marx' life would change forever. He sat at his father's left hand, next to his two brothers while they listened to his fathers war stories. As his father held up his cup for a refill, the servant carrying the whine dropped the decanter and hit his father in the neck with the flat of his hand. As the man pulled his hand away a pool of blood spred in Wilhelm's neck. As the rest of the family looked in awe, the man darted fot the door, but he was stopped by the guards posted there. as his mother and brothers cried Marx rose and walked towards the man. As the guards held the man up Marx, in a fit of pure anger, punched the man in the face, leaving his nose in a bloody pulp. He screamed in the man's face, demanding to know who he was en what he had done, and mostly why. As the man looked up his face turned harsh and he told the young Marx he had done nothing but his task. Max sapped the man across the face. Marx screamed again for a name, and the man answerd his name was Eduard Drumann, and that he was an assassin. Marx, now crying and shaking wildly commanded his guards to emprison the man, but not before they copped of his murderous hands. The man look at the eleven-year old in horror, but did not scream once when the guards took his hands.

The next day Marx dressed in his finest clothes and mail en sought out the Templars at their local headquarters. Marx demanded to see the templar leader, a man named Helmut von Drelen, to discuss business. At first, the templars laughed at him, saying that a boy could never be of any importance to their leader and sent him away. Marx refused to leave, threatening to take the templar bace by force if he had to. This time the guards rolled over in laughter, and when they finally got up they asked who he thaught he was. Marx told the men his name and purpose, and without further ado the guards let him pass.

Guard: "And who might you be, child?"

Marx: "'I am Marx Hersvald, son of Wilhelm and as of yesterday the Lord Hersvald, and I seek to bring justice to those who made me so. I wish to stain the land with Assassin blood, and to do that I need templar blades and knowledge."

Marx was met inside by an elderly man, who smiled at him with a smile that did not meet his eyes. The man slowly walked towards Marx, and every step made Marx feel less comfortable. The man layed his hand on Marx' shoulder and introduced himself as Ivar von Frett, and gave his condolences to Marx on the loss of his father.

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