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Mason Stephano
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Mason Stephano at 19
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2nd of July, 1994


November 31st, 2013

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ACFanon: Operation Vengeance

"Stay your blade from the innocent, are you daft!? Do you not follow this creed, are you a traitor!?" -Mason yelling at Jesse Vernado.

Mason Stephano is an Italian born in Rome in 1994, he was born to a family consisting of himself, his father, his mother, and his sister. He enjoyed researching Ancient Romans and found out whatever he could about the era, but when he treaded into Abstergo's database to do research he was detected by Abstergo's security. He later was attacked at the age of 10 by Abstergo agents that massacred his family, but luckily he was saved by an Assassin named Giovanni. Giovanni returned Mason to a training camp located in Florence where he was taught how to fight for two years, but during this time the Assassins discovered that Mason was an expert in technology.

Mason was later sent to Victoria, where he stationed in the town of Kilmore. He became a technician for his team of Jesse Vernado, Eve Laurence, and a strange boy named James.

He later died during 'Operation Vengeance' when he was eliminated by a Animi Training Program subject.

Early Life[]

"Nulla è vero, tutto è permesso (Nothing is true, everything is permitted)" -a 10 year old Mason Stephano speaking to Giovanni.

Mason was born in Rome to a family consisting of his father, mother, and sister. They lived in an apartment near the heart of Rome and both his parents worked. Luckily for Mason though, he picked up a hobbie when his sister, Francesca, began to bring him to the Colosseum and Circus Maximus and other Ancient Roman sights in Rome. He was amazed by these and began at the age of 6, using his sister's old laptop, researching Ancient Rome and becoming a partial historian.

When he was 9 his sister was very happy with what she had made her little brother do, so she decided to teach him more. She said to him that if he wants learn just about everything possible, he should learn hacking, and at the age of 10 he was an expert hacker. Though this skill eventually lead his family into dark times when he hacked into the Abstergo database and was caught snooping around their ancient roman files and found out about Assassins.

Abstergo dispatched a group of Abstergo agents to "take care" of them. The agents massacred his family but fortunatley Mason managed to escape from a window where Abstergo agents then followed him outside into the night but were shot by Giovanni, who wielded an assault rifle.

Giovanni then took Mason to Florence, where he was trained to fight for 2 years, but during this time they discovered his true potential in the brotherhood were his technical skills and he was inducted into the brotherhood at the age of 12.

In the Brotherhood[]

"You don't know what these words even mean, do you!?" -Mason outbursting at Jesse for not following the tenets.

Meeting the Team[]

When Mason became an Assassin he was sent almost immediatley to Kilmore, Victoria, Australia when they discovered his technical skill. As it turned out the Kilmore Training Camp had been begging for a technician to aboard their camp since 2005. Once there he met a team of Eve Laurence and Jesse Vernado.

When he first met Eve he had an undeniable attraction to her, but held back his urges to ask her into a relationship so soon, plus he was also kind of shy seeing as he had not fully learned English. He then later met Jesse who had gotten into a fight with another Assassin, Jesse was being punched and kicked when Mason stepped into the picture and smacked the side of his palm into Jesse's opponents neck which made him fall unconcious as his windpipe was temporarily closed. Mason then heled up Jesse who gave his thanks before they were all punished by the camp director.

Jesse and Mason continued to build up a bond as Jesse taught Mason english, eventualy Mason could speak fluent english and Jesse was his best friend. Even when James was in the picture Jesse and Mason were good friends, even though Mason could be a bit strict and ruthless at times.

Templar Plot[]

Mason was a part of the team that defended the Australian Brotherhood from the Templar Plot known as 'Operation Vengeance'. Mason was the one who detected Jesse when Jesse was attacked and also was the one who killed the Animi Training Program subject (later dubbed 'Abstergo Assassins' by the team) at the Kilmore Training Camp.

When the Assassins were going to Greensborough Jesse made them stop before going into Greensborough as he 'needed to take a leak'. When going they were ambushed by another Abstergo Assassin and two Abstergo agents, Mason eliminated the Abstergo Assassin and an Abstergo agent where jesse took out an Abstergo agent and attacked an innocent that in the night he though was another Abstergo agent. Luckily, Mason restrained Jesse after Jesse had kicked the innocent and slashed at their arm before Mason bursted out at Jesse about the three tenets.

When they arrived at the Greensborough Training Camp Mason did the talking before Eve stepped in as Mason got hostile when told the director said he could not provid them with any support for their trip to the Mentor, William Miles, who could help them know just what was going on. They were later ambushed and James was captured, this leading into an arguement between Mason and Jesse. Mason argued that they should go straight to the mentor while Jesse said they need to rescue James, Mason then split from the group as Eve followed Jesse to rescue James.


"E-e-eve, I-i loved y-you. G-good b-b-bye" -Mason's last words.

On November 31st he was just outside Sydney where he then found himself in an ambush, this time it was outnumbered by 5 Abstergo Assassins. He killed 2 before Eve, James, and Jesse found him. The team began to fight them off but Mason was wounded and as Jesse fought the 4th one Mason was shot in the chest by the 5th who was quickly killed by James after. Eve then held Mason as he admitted his love for her, Eve cried as he died in her arms.

Personality and Characteristics[]

Mason was at first an innocent child who had a passion for technology and the such, he was also a very skilled and intelligent individual. During his time in 'Operation Vengeance' he was at times ruthless and strict and masked his true emotions, if only he had known his time on this world would be so little.