"Don't try to frame me as the villain here, my friend! We both know who the true criminal here is."
―The Master Templar to Eric Rackham, 1797
Master Templar of Great Inagua
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Great Inagua, Bahamas

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Caribbean Templars

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Assassin's Creed: Revenge

Master Templar of Great Inagua (d. 1797) was an unidentified Master Templar who lived in Caribbean in the late 18th century.

Biography Edit

Origins Edit

The Master Templar is of unknown origin and gender, but from Eric Rackham's memories, explored by Jennifer Croft, it is likely the Master Templar was a French male.

Templar-affaires Edit

At some point after the death of Mentor Concord, the Master Templar was stationed in Great Inagua likely by Madeleine de Bullion – because of his later loyalty to Augustin Rouen after Charlotte LeFay's death. Great Inagua was the base of operations of the Fleet of Bullion, whereas the Master Templar had to be entrusted by the Templars to protect their fleet, and able to carry out transactions in their name.

Death Edit

In 1797, the bay of Great Inagua was attacked by ships sailing under the Assassin Eric Rackham – a descendant of Jack Rackham, and the late lover of Mentor Concord. During the attack, the Master Templar sent away a Piece of Eden through the underground caves. When Eric had fought his way to the manor, he and his sons did not take long before killing the ones protecting the Master Templar. The man barricaded himself within the office, closing the door to the caves in a hurry. Just as Eric broke through the door, the Master Templar ran to fetch a flintlock pistol. Arriving at the table, he took the pistol and fired at the Assassin. Eric however, was fast and managed to doge the two shots. Approaching the man, Eric ejected his hidden blade and stabbed the Master Templar through the chest. The man yelled, but was soon stopped by Eric taking his head between his hands and slam it to his knees. The Templar wobbled for some moments before he fell to the ground. Eric placed himself over the Templar's stomach, placing the hidden blade inside his throat, ending his life.

Last words Edit

  • Templar: Villain! How dare you to come here and destroy everything my Order has created?
  • Eric: Created? Robbed is the right word! Me and my wi- lover lived here. Then, one day we were attacked by Grand Master Bullion and her puppet. This was our home, and the Templars took it from us. We created the society here – you have turned it into a military outpost.
  • Templar: Don't try to frame me as the villain here, my friend! We both know who the true criminal here is. I know that tattoo on you finger anywhere: a mark the Caribbean Templars give their followers. You were one of us – but you chose to abandon us. If I'm not mistaken, is you name Eric Rackham?
  • Eric: How do you know that?
  • Templar: Oh, your name is well-known among the Templar Order. The coward who was too weak to stay with his brothers and sisters of the Order in their hour of need – following a wise woman into her death. The Order adored her for her cunning and ways of manipulation. You were only a copy-cat trying to be better than her. I must admit that even after her abandonment, I admired her; you were just a cockroach trying to be a scorpion. And when you betrayed us, you became a huge joke – and you still are.

The Master Templar succumbed to his wounds, laughing.

  • Eric: I'm maybe a joke, but I am one to an organization of imposters and schemers – no better than cockroaches themselves.

Legacy Edit

With the Master Templar's death, the West Indies Rite's end had begun. However, he managed to accomplish that the Piece of Eden was given to the Order. It was found in the caves where Edward Kenway had found a treasure map, but was likely examined by the Master Templar upon it's discovery. What happened to the Piece of Eden afterwards is uncertain, but was likely brought to the Grand Master of the West Indies.

Trivia Edit

  • The Master Templar's comparison of Eric to a cockroach and scorpion – beings one doesn't see in Caribbean, one can assume the Master Templar was from Africa.
    • Because he speaks French, he must have been sent to the West Indies old enough to know of his origins and how it was there.
    • Eric did not knew what a cockroach were, but since the Master Templar had compared him to one, he guessed that it was not a word associated with goodness or grandness.
  • The last words were discovered when Jennifer Croft examined the memories of Eric Rackham.
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