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The Master of Occultism (full title: Master of Occultism of the Danish Rite of the Templar Order, or simplified title: Danish Occultism-Master) was a position granted to the leader of the Danish Templar Conjurers – and later a title worn by a member of the Dane-Norwegian Templar Council.

Danish Templars

Danish Templars

When The Conjurers was first established around the 1270s, the Master of Occultism was chosen by a certain passion when it came to occult philosophy and supposedly magical objects. The rank garnered a large amount of respect from other members within the Order and indicated individuals who possessed uncommon knowledge of the Pieces of Eden. Throughout the ages, the position has not been really appreciated – since people have been accused of being superstitious. Although, from the 1700s it had become more representative.

Today, the seat of the Master of Occultism are being held by Harald Greverson. He has decided to solve the riddles of the Cubes of Eden. How it can be tamed to do the Templars' bidding, and how it can be used as a strong weapon in case of a massive warfare.

Recorded Masters Edit

  1. Katrina Bjerg (1300s)
  2. Fatima Jawdat (1700s)
  3. Harald Greverson (modern day)
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