Sivert: "I'm finding Mathias very loyal to our cause"
Alfons: "And very attractive …?"
Sivert: "Let's say I don't find him uninteresting"
—Sivert Bjerg and Alfons Köln discussing Mathias
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Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Mathias was an errand boy – later colonel – in the Danish Templar Army, the lover of Knight Commander Sivert Bjerg, and a Sage.

Little is known of Mathias' past, not other than he at some point must have become a prostitute. He lived in Copenahgen, at a brothel – it was here he became known with Sivert. Mathias had already been a part of the Danish Rite, but served as an errand boy – and spy – for the leaders in the Rite's Army. Therefore, he could work as a prostitute in order to obtain information.

When Mathias became known with Sivert Bjerg, he also became the latter's permanent lover. And when Sivert later became known with the fact of Mathias was a part of the Templar Army, he chose to rise the ranks of the man. In this way, Mathias could always be with Sivert when the Army was sent out on missions.

In the Army, it was a sort of known fact that Mathias was the lover of Sivert. Because of this, many did not approve for his orders. Instead, they followed the second-in-command: Alfons Köln. Because of this, Alfons spent his time on harassing Mathias in every way.

With the death of his lover in 1375, Mathias fell into a depression. After trying to get back on his feet for two years, he killed himself: he did not want to live longer with the life he had. Why not join his love?

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