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Mathieu Bertrand
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Mathieu ready for the revolution
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1760 Écorches, France


1812 Borodino, Russia

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Jacobin Club

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"Repose en paix les uns erronée."
―Mathieu Bertrand after Robespierre's execution.


Born in Écorches, a commune of north-western France. Mathieu grow up in the same town as Charlotte Corday, quickly becoming close childhood friends. After the death of her mother and sister Charlotte's father sent her to the Abbaye-aux-Dames in Caen causing him to follow her. While there Charlotte began to read the works of Plutarch, Rousseau and Voltaire. Through her the ideals of the enlightenment took hold in Mathieu and he soon set out for Paris to apply them.

The streets of Paris had almost been the death of him, lack of bread had nearly starved the city and caused the denizens to become very hostile to outsiders. Maximilien Robespierre had been his savior, offering food and shelter to the future assassin and entrance into the Jacobin Club.

Over the next few months Robespierre seemed to devote all his time to teaching Mathieu about the political situation of France and informing him of the crimes of Louis XVI. During these teachings, Robespierre was attacked by a group of thugs lead by an unknown nobleman. After fending off the ambush, Robespierre addressed the nobleman as a Templar. What followed was dramatic revelation on the inner workings of society, the Templar's role in it, and most importantly; the assassin's role in it.

The Assassin Order[]

"Rien n'est vrai. Tout est permis."
―Mathieu Bertrand joining the order.

Sustaining a broken arm during a free running exercises had created some free time for the young novice. Robespierre took advantage of this, deciding to reveal the other members of the order. Most of the Jacobin Club are of the order, it had numerous spies in the first and second estate, and the order was widespread across the world from northern Europe to southeast Asia. He also told him about two theories he had been working on. The first was making a country with the Assassins in charge of the nation's army and public works, this way they could combat nations taken by the Templars. The second is the Declaration of the Rights of Man; a document that would guarantee equality in rights, protect citizens from power hunger politician, and secure the right to speak, write, and print with freedom.

Mathieu quickly healed and worked his way through the ranks to become a full fledged assassin and during his initiation ceremony had an image of a ring tattooed on his left ring finger. One month later king Louis XVI dismissed Jacques Necker, an informant placed there by the assassins to watch the Templars and report their movements. He was popular with the common masses due to his reforming policies. Within days the people of Paris had formed an army to take the Bastille. Robespierre saw this as the best chance to take the nation and despatched his new assassin to the Bastille.

The Revolution[]

"Je n'ai jamais vu tant de gens en colère, ils déchirer la Bastille à part avec rien d'autre que leurs mains nues!"
―Mathieu Bertrand reporting to Robespierre.


"Je n'ai pas vu une maison d'un dirigeant, j'ai vu un monument à la cupidité humaine. Le mieux est de le brûler et faire avec elle."
―Mathieu's opinion of Versailles


"Apple Le roi est dans les mains de Robespierre maintenant. Je suis l'homme responsable de toute la terreur qu'il a causé."
―Mathieu on reflection


"À Varennes, j'ai vu comment les hommes pourraient devenir des dieux, de telles choses se brisera l'âme."
―Mathieu on reflection

Riots & Alliances[]

"Il semble que les Templiers sont omnipotents, un grand nombre de notre ordre ont commencé à coucher avec leurs armes."
―Mathieu's journal

September Massacres[]

"Deux d'entre eux a tenté de prendre la pomme de moi, que le désespoir dans leurs yeux. On peut seulement deviner ce qui se passait à travers les esprits des Templiers comme la prunelle saisit."
―Mathieu's journal

The Execution of Louis[]

"Je ne m'attendais pas à être Louis ainsi composé, les Templiers ont été tués J'ai toujours en panne avant la mort."
―Mathieu attending the execution

Return to Versailles[]

"J'ai trouvé le caveau sous Versailles, j'ai vu des choses. Le doute de plus en plus dans mon esprit a été déclenché dans une cascade de haine. C'est un mensonge!"
―Mathieu's revelation

Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat[]

"J'ai des raisons d'être curieux. Je n'ai jamais vu une auparavant."
―Charlotte Corday asking about the guillotine

The Reign of Terror[]

"Mes frères marcher dans les rues portant sur ​​la «justice» à des gens pour ne pas être assez enthousiaste au sujet des actions des Jacobins."
―Mathieu noting the fall of the Assassins


"La date cible uniquement la gauche a le plus de sang sur les mains, le plus de puissance, et il sera le plus satisfaisant pour tuer."
―Mathieu walking to the Hôtel de Ville


"Ils disent que je dois mourir pour ce que j'ai fait, assez juste. Permettez-moi de mourir en combattant votre nouveau problème."
―Mathieu talking to Rosalind Schmitt.

The Apple[]

"La pomme ne peut pas être défendu à jamais. L'homme peut ne pas être prêt pour cela, mais ils doivent prendre. Ghosts, comme moi, ne peut pas s'y attarder."
―Wōden talking to Mathieu



Invasion of Russia[]


Justice & Death[]