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"I spent half my life in prison for the Templars' fault but now there will be revenge and no pity for them."
―Matthew after the storming of Bastille.
Matthew Finnegan
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Matthew Finnegan during the French Revolution
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October 1750


May 1799 (48 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

French Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Assassin's Creed: Ashes

Matthew Finnegan was a American Assassin that operated in the Caribbean during the Purge of Assassins. He was arrested in 1774 by Templar Louis-Dominique François de Bullion for "inappropriate behavior in presence of other men and women, and for trafficking of poor souls". Having turned away from the Brotherhood – Matthew was transferred to the city of Kingston, Jamaica: here he was put in the Fort Charles – with no hope of escape.


Early life[]

Matthew Finnegan was born in New York City as the youngest son of a family of farmers related with Barry and Cassidy Finnegan. Matthew had five other siblings, two were killed during youth and another sister had died during an accident. Therefore they remained in only 2 including Matthew they had to help the family to move on. The young boy took this very serious task, since he had no other siblings himself.

The other brother died when Matthew was 10 years old fell into a well and died. Matthew could not stand the life of the other factor that you imagined what could have become instead of being a poor farmer. At age 18, he left his family which now mattered nothing left and went to work at a brothel in Kingston at mistress Lady Sussex.

Caribbean Assassins[]

In a very short time she brought to the attention of the Order of the Assassins. With his knowledge, Matthew could actually support them, in the period with Sussex he became very good at managing the brothels of Sussex and to help her a lot. He was recruited in the branch, promising his loyalty to Assassin Mentor Claude Dimanche. Establish a bit 'brothel, he has also used its employees to obtain information on people who might work against the Assassins.

In 1771, unfortunately Sussex lady was killed by Quentin Blaise during a costume party. The Templars wanted to take the control of brothels in Sussex, but Matthew promptly held possession of them for Assassins. In 1772, he learned of the Dimanche's death from a letter Delaware Dinsmore. The Assassins had not surrender but rather to keep fighting. In 1772 a Templar-turncoat called Concord entered the Brotherhood and became the mentor, in 1773 the Assassins put in place the battle at the Old Fort successful and a victory for the Order.

Moreover Matthew continued to serve faithfully the Brotherhood and came into contact with another Assassin's lieutenant named Condor Apito. Condor went to the brothel run by Matthew and the two had a brief dialogue in which Condor put him aware of the good condition of the Assassins. They had regained Havana, with Delaware and Songui that killed the Templars in the city contact.


Louis-Dominique François de Bullion

Matthew moved to Nassau in 1773 where he held control of the last brothel Sussex having lost the other two. With the presence of the Templars that grows in the years 1770-1776, Matthew and the workers at the brothel she needed to be more discreet. Matthew left the Brotherhood for fear of dying at the hands of Templars. Although they did as good as they could, Matthew and his colleagues needed money. This made the Templars soon be able to track them.

After joining forces with the Templars, one of his employees gave away the location for a bit 'of coins. In 1774 the Templar, Louis-Dominique François, marquis de Bullion, arrested everyone that lived at the brothel, Matthew was brought to Port Royal with the rest of the men and women who lived at the brothel. They were sent to Fort Charles, Kingston. Matthew, Nassau has seen for the last time they were all brought from the fort to the beach, where they were transferred to the frigate that was to take them to the island of Jamaica.

Approaching the city of Kingston in Jamaica, Matthew and his associates was taken to a local temple. The Templar realized that Matthew some of the prostitutes working for the Caribbean Assassins. The other was released with a warning by the Templars: "If any of you trying to free your master or your friends, your fate will be the same prison for life.". With these words, Matthew and six other Assassins was sent to Fort Charles.


Fort Charles

The next few years were spent for Matthew to live in the prison of Fort Charles, having occasionally a news although miserable. In 1776, Matthew learned from a conversation between two guards, the den of Great Inagua had been captured and the leader Eleonora Concord was dead. Matthew understood then that the Brotherhood was extinguished. The Grand Master had won the purge, and now lair of the Assassins on Great Inagua now belonged to the Templars.

In 1776 Matthew one day received a visit. A man dressed in red-pink clothes entered the cell, Matthew not distinguished himself, but he knew the man. Louis-Dominique François de Bullion. "What do you want from me, you bastard," Matthew said. "How rude. Do you think is is the way to talk to me?" said Bullion. Bullion gave Matthew a punch in the face, knocking him a nose-bleeding. "I'm leaving for France, my dear friend," said Bullion. "And you and I, will not see each other for a long time," Bullion went on. "Don't be so sure of that …" Matthew began, "I'll find you and kill you," he ended, looking with hatred at Bullion. "Oh no, you'll die here, mister Finnegan. Enjoy your lifetime," Bullion laughed. But before leaving, he took Matthew in a hard grip and kissed the man on the mouth. Matthew slapped Bullion. The marquis took himself to the cheek, statin: "You just lost your permission to the toilet." This meant that Matthew now had to do his necessity in the cell, for his life. "Goodbye" was the last word the marquis told before leaving the cell. 

Matthew spent more time in prison and this time he met another ally of the Assassins: Louis-Robert. The man was left alive after being arrested by Eric Johnson. They spent five long years in which the shareholders of Matthew every day were put to dangle from the gallows with Matthew that he could see everything from his cell. In 1781, Matthew was a 31-year-old now and had spent eight years of his life in prison and the same year he learned from the guards that Louis-Robert was found dead in his cell, holding a bloody razor and cut his throat. A suicide. Now Matthew was completely alone.

Relocation in France[]

A trip

In 1783 the American Revolution had ended with the victory of the patriots. After the British evacuation of 23 November 1783, the colonies were finally independent. In North America, the Templars had been completely wiped out and this was learned by Matthew always eavesdropping on a conversation. While in the Caribbean was always the Templar-presence, very strong. In 1785, Matthew learned that Bullion wanted him to transfer to the Bastille in France so he could better control instead of being in the Caribbean. So Matthew on April 4, 1785 was already loaded on La Grande Gazelle and brought to France with a 3 month trip in total. Matthew arrived in France on July 3, 1785. When Matthew was sent down from the boat dock alo saw that there was none other than the same Bullion waiting for him. "Welcome to France, Finnegan" he said laughing – but with broken English. He then ordered some of the brutes to pick him up and bring him to a cage wagon. As the cart passed through the city of Paris, Finnegan was able to observe the beauty of the city. The citizens passed as Matthew, gathered stones and threw them to him. In Paris in the poor live in filthy conditions in contrast to the noble. Matthew thought that perhaps between the years there would be an uprising or something. He arrived at the Bastille. Two guards Matthew grabbed by the arms and dragged him down a corridor. Finnegan could hear the screams and begging the other prisoners. "Where am I?" Finnegan said. He was thrown in a quite spacious cell. "Les enfers," said a guard.

Matthew in prison, 1787

Matthew spent another 5 long years in prison, and so made him a man who had spent over 15 years of his life in prison. Matthew full of anger and murderous madness towards Bullion and waited more than an opportunity to kill him. The second time he saw him was during a visit. July 14, 1785 shortly after Matthew had arrived in France, Bullion entered his cell to talk. "Matthew. My dear friend, how are you?" Bullion churches. Matthew picked up a rock in his hand out of sight of Bullion. "Screw you Bullion!" yelled Matthew, and spat in his face. Bullion wiped it away before trying to beat Matthew. But Matthew gave him the stone in the face before he could do much. But Matthew did not hit hard enough and had Bullion wounded at the front and had not killed him. Before Matthew to finish the work, a guard entered the cell, grabbed Matthew and slammed him against the wall to fill it with punches.

Bullion went from cell to be assisted by a doctor while Matthew was there. Matthew beating procured from a long cut on the cheek. But soon he would come the revenge for Matthew.

French Revolution[]

The storming of Bastille

One day July 14, 1789, Matthew was in his cell when he heard some noises outside. Finnegan went to the window of the cell and saw an angry mob besieged the Bastille. He heard a gunshot. Matthew understood that citizens were the Bastille, after a while 'taking attack the guards arrived and ordered all the prisoners to remain against the wall. Matthew refused and a guard entered in his cell. The guard swung the sword to the chest Matthew. He bent down and then shoved the guard into the wall. Finnegan picked up the sword and stabbed the soldier and then running out of the cell. Finnegan threw himself to sprint into the corridor and ran as fast as he could, ignoring the cries of other prisoners. At some point he found a closed door. Matthew began to kick and eventually threw it down and went on. Matthew came out of a window and used the free running to reach the top of the Bastille. He had learned the acrobatic running through an Assassin: Ruby Travers when he was in the Caribbean.

Once at the top Finnegan found himself on the walls. Under him there was a ditch with a river of water. Finnegan threw himself performing a leap of faith. Finnegan successfully escaped from the Bastille area and found shelter. From that day on he would no longer be experienced as a prisoner and Bullion he would pay in one way or another. It was time for revenge and redemption. For the other months, Matthew lived by a certain Willy Salt. Willy Salt was an Englishman who had moved to France and was a craftsman, happy to give help to Matthew. Matthew had to get in touch with French Assassins. He had to take revenge of the Templars and Bullion for what they had done in the Caribbean. So in February 1790, Matthew greeted Willy Salt and went for his research. Matthew discovered through his research that the den was located and Matthew is presented directly to the Council. The Assassins heard what Matthew said to them and their lives. In the end they accepted Matthew as an agent and assassin of the Brotherhood because Matthew did just that. It was satisfied. The Assassins gave him a safe shelter, weapons and a cause to fight for. Matthew in the months after he worked with an Assassin, barely 18-years-old: Pierre Étienne d'Le Louroux.

Bullion's head

The July 22, 1790 entered into action of Pierre and Matthew floor. They both wanted him dead of Bullion. Louis and his sister Madeleine were that day at Palais du Luxembourg to ensure their friendship with politicians in the Jacobin Club. At one point, a big crowd loaded in the palace courtyard. They wanted food, and theroigne de mericourt and other revolutionaries - with the help of some Assassins - had identified the food, and now the revolutionary de Méricourt wanted revenge, wanted to eliminate the man who was often portrayed in the Journal de Paris as a food hoarder; no man had need much food. The crowd threw rocks inside the palace and killed Madeleine François de Bullion before; a rock hit her in the head and killed her instantly. Among the crowd there was just Matthew uccidette that the soldiers inside the building who tried to stop the crowd. The aristocrats fled quickly: no one told them that he had killed! The guards took their muskets and rifles to protect the Marquis. Four assassins entered the room - of which two of them was Pierre Étienne and Louis la Mort - and killed the guards before walking up to the Marquis. Pierre pulled out his sword and cut the noble chest, and then another of the assassins threw Bullion people who were waiting anxiously to see the man killed. Matthew knew all this because it was first in the crowd to kill himself Louis. When Louis fell between them, a boy gave him a punch in the face. Matthew reached, Bullion with a sword. The cut of his head net. Matthew took his head and stuck on a spear along with the heads of the other nobles, and then take them for a walk around the whole city. Revenge was accomplished.



The revolution had just started when a year or so. Matthew already knew all the members of the French Brotherhood. Also about some final months of 1791 he personally trained a young apprentice named Arno Dorian. The Grand Master François-Thomas Germain wanted absolute control of the people through the chaos unlike the Master Templar Louis Philippe II, duke of Orléans. Matthew hated both and could not wait to massacre Templars. He for the next two years he served as hunter and Parisian Templars also knew an Assassin of Persia: Adha Al-Fadi.

In 1792, Arno had already killed some Templars reducing their presena za as he had also done Pierre and his sister Marie Anne Étienne d’Le Louroux. In 1793 he took power some Maximilien de Robespierre a high-ranking Templar which began to be guillotined their political opponents and a large number of innocent people. Matthew thought him a fool and a madman. That same year, the Assassins eliminated Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orleans with great Matthew complacency.

Enok Jytte

In the final months of 1793 Matthew collided with a Templar. Enok Jytte. Matthew since he was released from captivity had caused a lot of damage to the Templars and they had decided to get rid of him and had instructed Jytte. Enok Jytte was a Danish Templar who in his youth had helped the Templars to take control of the capital of Norway as well as having killed Tanja Andersen and Stein Kalmar. Matthew was walking down a narrow, dark street of the city. A point, he saw a man emerge from the bottom of the road holding a gun. The man fired Matthew but he dodged the blow and ran against the man, extended his hidden blade.

The man drew his sword and swung the weapon for Matthew throat. Matthew parried the blow with his hidden blade and then punched him in the man's side. The man stepped back and Matthew recognized him as Enok Jytte. Jytte again swung the sword towards Matthew stomach. He dodged and then kicked the hand Jytte, causing him to lose his sword. Matthew charged to him the blade hidden but Jytte blocked his arm, Matthew extended the other hidden blade and stuck in the shoulder Jytte. Jytte screamed in pain. Matthew tried to finish Jytte but the Templar kicked in the face to Matthew. Matthew fell to the ground and Jytte filming the sword to pounce on the Assassin. Matthew pulled his sword and collided against that of Jytte.

The two men clashed their weapons for a while 'when Jytte swept the ground with his sword to the feet of Matthew. Matthew jumped dodging the blow and rolled to the side. As he got up, Jytte joined him and stabbed him in the leg with a sword. Matthew screamed in pain. Now he could not escape. Matthew struck the Jytte's head with his sword hilt, stunning him. The two stood for a while 'to face each other when they heard the police rush. Jytte looked into his eyes, Matthew and then ran down the street. When the police reached Matthew he said he had been attacked and that he had fought in self-defense. The police tratenne for a while 'and finally left him.

Saint Vierge[]

In 1794, however, it was over the Revolution with Arno who had killed the Grand Master but he was kicked out of the Brotherhood. Matthew had opposed the decision to expel Arno but it was not heeded and Arno was exiled. Matthew continued to serve the French Brotherhood with the Master Assassin Laurent Mouzay. In January 1794, Matthew knew that Enok Jytte was dead, killed. In 1796, however, Matthew was commissioned to investigate the suspicious transactions of a group known as the Saint Vierge. Investigating, he found that Matthew was run by the Templars and the successor to Germain: Edward Walmart.

Belle Dau-Crème

Finnegan was discovered that on May 5, 1796, Walmart would have had a meeting to get hold of a piece of Eden known as Hourglass of Eden. In 1796, Walmart was on his way to the Abbey of Saint-Denis, accompanied by his associate: the young Belle Dau-Crème. They discussed their work for the Hourglass, but was soon attacked by a group of mercenaries and Assassins. The attack was directed by Marie Étienne, Angélique Ingur and Matthew Finnegan. Belle and soldiers fought off the attackers, and they managed to get close to the Abbey. The old saying Belle and his troops to spread throughout the entire abbey: Assassin was surly on the road. Walmart entered the building, grabbing a rifle and hide in a place where he could see everything in the yard. Outside-mercenary assassins and Templars soldiers fought like mad. Matthew said Francoise and Marie going to kill Walmart while he thought Belle. Belle spotted Matthew. The woman ran to him with sword in hand. Belle collided sword against that of Matthew and then begin to duel. Some point Belle kicked the Matthew stomach and sent him against a barrel. Matthew was not as young as I once. He immediately got up to parry a shot of Belle. Belle urged Matthew up to a wall of the cathedral.

When she thought of killing Matthew, Matthew took his gun and unloaded on the woman. Belle fell to the ground. Matthew joined her and saw that she was dead. He closed his eyes. He regretted having to kill women and then much younger than him. After half an hour of fighting and hunting the courtyard, Walmart was killed by the Assassins Marie Anne Étienne and Françoise Hait-Ingur. The two Assassins took a key that was in the belongings of Walmart. The key was to open the vault where the Hourglass was to be located: Françoise had managed to locate other piece in a gang stronghold, guarded by raiders that worked for a former Jacobin. Upon his deathbed, Walmart cursed the Brotherhood and that someday the Assassins would pay.


Vendela Magdalene

After 1796, Matthew went from France and traveled to Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. During his stay in Denmark-Norway, he collided with the Grand Master of the Dane-Norwegian Templars: Vendela Magdalene. Matthew was able to re-establish a guild of Assassins in the city of Christiania after 20 years that Norwegian Assassins had been wiped out. Matthew in 1799 he received a letter from the son of the deceased Tanja Andersen and Halvard Peterson: Robert Andersen. Robert said in the letter that he would come around in June with Adha Al-Fadi and an apprentice to free the city from the Templars. Matthew took the news well and waited for the arrival of Robert.

In May 1799, Matthew was in his chair at his home and was reading a book about Ezio Auditore da Firenze. At some point towards evening, he heard her door open abruptly at the entrance and he ran. Presumably Matthew saw a group of mercenaries who were there for him. They were sent by Vendela Magdalene to kill Finnegan. Matthew took his sword ready to fight. A mercenary swung an ax to the head of Matthew. Matthew took a stool and used it as a shield, but the ax destroyed. Matthew, however, pierced the chest of the mercenary with a sword and then stabbed him in the throat behind the mercenary your hidden blades. The other 6 mercenaries had seen it but they were not frightened by Matthew.

The mercenaries attacked with Matthew. Matthew dodged and parried their blows as best he could but it was not enough. Matthew killed three of them but received some minor injuries. A mercenary stabbed to spalla Matthew. Matthew screamed in pain and dropped his sword. Finnegan extended the hidden blade and stabbed in the chest mercenary. The second mercenary who was the head fired at Matthew stomach, but she threw herself against Matthew and I could accoltallare to him by the throat. Matthew fell to the ground almost dead and the last mercenary loaded his rifle to finish it. With its latest Matthew forces he took his gun and fired at the mercenary head. Matthew exhaled shortly after the last breath and died bravely.



Assassins that stood close to Matthew Finnegan.


Templars that was close enemies of Matthew Finnegan. 

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