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"Amat Victoria Curam; Victory Loves Preparation"
―Carvings on the side of Matthew's M1 Garand, 1945
Matthew James Travers
Matthew Travers Profile.png
Biographical information

13 September, 1913
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


15 December, 1964 (51)
Leningrad, Soviet Union

Political information

Office of Strategic Service
United States Army
Assassin Order

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Warmongers

Voice actor

Brad Pitt

Sgt. Matthew James Travers (1913 - 1956) was an American soldier during the events of the Second World War and a member of the Assassin Order.

Matthew Travers worked at a shipping yard at a young age, in Boston, Massachusetts. His father, who was killed in World War I, made him become more mature at a young age. In Autumn of 1942, his above average IQ and physical skills aquired him a job in Washington D.C. at the O.S.S.

In 1943, he encountered the Assassins Agapito Lorenzo and his granddaughter, Adelaide, in the bombed out ruins of Florence. It was here that he was revealed to the secrecy of the Assassins-Templar war and his training, done by Adelaide, to become an Assassin.

Matthew was the father of Elisa James Travers, and grandfather to Ethan Mason.

In 2013, an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst based the movie, "Man of War" while exploring Matthew's genetic memories in order to know what happened to Hitler's Apple of Eden after to the Second World War.


Early Life[]

Matthew was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Steven Travers and Norma Well; at the age of 4, he learned his father was killed in a gas attack during World War I. At the age of 15, he recieved his first job at a local shipping yard, in western Boston. However, the pay wasn't able to help his mother during the Great Depression and he took up boxing for additional funds.

At the age of 17, Matthew had to drop out of highschool to work fulltime at the dockyards where he was employed. During the Great Depression, Matthew became a troublemaker as funds struggled to pay for his family's food, housing and bills. In 1938, he was arrested for attempting to rob a jewelry store, assaulting a policeman, and attempting to escape arrest.

During his time in jail, his mother caught tuberculosis and never recovered; eventually dying in 1940, A grievance that Matthew would never forgive himself for. Matthew was released in 1941 on account of good behavior where he rejoined his job at the docks as a crane operator. In 1942, O.S.S. Agents looking for recruits discovered Matthew's records at his former highschool, impressed with his profile, they attempted to hunt him down. He joined the O.S.S on 25 October, 1942.

Office of Strategic Services and Invasion of Sicily[]

Determined to repent for his sins, Matthew pursued the proffession of sniper; In mid-1943, he boarded a ship chartered for Sicily with intentions to join forces attempting to break the Italian front lines. He reached North Africa and waited one month until Operation Husky began. On 9 July, 1943, his ship deployed on the southern coast but was struck by a large aircraft, causing lots of casualties to the OSS Operations Unit, and leaving him as the commanding officer.

In Mid-August, following the fall of Benito Mussolini to the combined power of Allied Forces and Sicilian mob and resistance forces, Matthew and his unit were redirected to assist in Operation Avalanche to take the city of Salerno.

Arrival to Florence, Italy[]


Introduction to the Assassins[]


Salerno Rebellion and Northward Advancements[]


Introduction to the Templars[]


Documentation of Travers, 1943


Crossing the Apennines and Taking Rome[]


Moving to France, Operation Dragoon[]


Liberation of Marseille and Toulon[]


Montelimar and Invasion of Germany[]


Airdrop and Capture[]


Joining the Assassins[]


Escape from Colditz Castle[]


Chasing Hans Kleinspet[]


Arriving in Berlin[]


Killing Hitler and Escaping the Red Army[]


Later Life[]


Personality and Characteristics[]


Skills and Equipment[]

During a majority of the Great Depression, Matthew spent his time climbing crates, ladders, freight rigging, which provided him with the deftness that equaled any previous Assassin . When not at work, he would often box, preferring Southpaw Style, for any form of profit. This skill would increase his dexterity and swiftness in close-range fights.

He was never known for wielding any form of weapon until after his induction to the Office of Strategic Services. Though, through intense training, Matthew is considered an avid marksman - considering the fact he is noted in all files as a "Sniper" or "Marksman". After finding the Archive, and locating the Hidden Blades . Matthew performs clumsily before gaining speed by training with Italian priest, Father Agapito.

One of Matthew's greatest treasures from the Second World War, appears to a red armband - claiming it was retrieved from Hitler's corpse after the fatal shot. Matthew also possesses, other than a hidden blade, a M1 Garand rifle, a M1911 Colt pistol, smoke bombs, and later, Hidden Gun.


  • Matthew Travers has a star on the CIA's Wall of Stars. He is number 15.