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Meir in his Hidden One-outfit
Biographical information

60 BCE


14 ACE

Political information

Hidden Ones\Assassins (42 - death)

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Origins

Voice actor

Paul Amos

Meir of Damascus was a Jewish traveler and a member of the Hidden Ones, who lived during the 1st century BC. During his life, Meir did many missions for the Hidden Ones throughout Egypt and the Middle East; the people who met him gave him the pseudonym the Traveler.


Early life[]

Born in Damascus in 60 BCE, within a small community of Jews, Meir grew up happily in the city spending much of his time playing with other Jewish children. His father taught him to read and write and at the age of 11, they moved to Jerusalem in Judea. Meir continued to live with his family, and began his apprenticeship as a merchant with his father and family friend. At the age of 17, Meir became his father's aide as a merchant and his outlook on life was at his best. Moreover, Meir was destined to marry a young woman of her own age.

In 42 BCE, Meir was about to get married when he had a difference with a man who wanted Meir's betrothed. When Meir heard of it he went to the man's house to confront him, Meir found the man while he had a carnal relationship with his woman. Meir full of anger, took a knife and stabbed the man's throat, and then stabbed his ex-woman with stabs. When the city authorities took Meir they decided to send him into exile as the conjugal betrayal was punished with stoning. Meir said goodbye to his family and set off for the desert, with no hope of life.

The Hidden Ones[]

Not having a family, money or a house, Meir went off on a regular basis to Judea without any specific purpose. Having repented of what he had done, Meir wanted nothing more than death but as weeks went by, death never came to him. One day, Meir was walking in a desert area to the north of Judea, and the sun had completely stunned him and he could no longer understand where he was. Meir walked in the sun but eventually tiredness took over, and fell to the ground. Meir felt the forces leaving and thought he was going to die when he saw a figure approaching him. Meir thought it was a hallucination but then he heard a voice, the boy could not understand what he was saying and lost his senses. Meir woke up and the first thing he saw was a burning fire, Meir looking around he discovered that he was in a cave and that a hooded figure was sitting by the fire. Meir looked at the figure and discovered she was a woman, the hooded woman looked at Meir and smiled at him.

Meir thanked the woman for help and asked him what his name was, the woman said to be called Ruia. Ruia asked Meir why he was in the desert and Meir, feeling he could trust her, told him his story. Ruia listened carefully to the story and then told him that she was a member of a secret organization, whose members were called Hidden Ones. Ruia briefly said the ideals of the Hidden Ones and that they fought the Order of the Ancients, who wanted to control the known world through power. Later, Meir spent an entire week with Ruia, continuing to talk about the Hidden Ones and eventually, Ruia asked Meir if he wanted to join the brotherhood. Meir accepted this offer after which the two traveled to a Hidden Ones bureau that was on Mount Lebanon. There, Meir saw the Hidden Ones way of life and discovered that Ruia was the refuge leader, so she told Meir that her training would soon begin. Meir unpacked his bags, and was excited about the future ahead of him.

After arriving at Mount Lebanon, Meir began his strenuous training at Ruia. His days passed in performing the acrobatic race, stealth, combat, pickpocketing, hunting, camouflage and other skills. Sometimes, Ruia and Meir traveled to Damascus or Jerusalem, as well as to the desert; Ruia told Meir about the struggle of the Hidden Ones against the Order of the Ancients, and about how the Hidden Ones had been killing members of the Order for 6 years; Ruia told how the Hidden Ones had been founded very recently by the last Medjay of Egypt, Bayek of Siwa. The training lasted a total of three years, and eventually Ruia helped Meir build his own hidden blade. One day in 39 BCE, Ruia went to Meir and told him that for the next day, Meir would carry out the mission that would officially start him in the Brotherhood. Meir asked Ruia what the mission was about and Ruia told him that he would know in due course, advising him to rest for the omentum. Meir went to sleep and waited the next day.