The Merchant (harvested from: Thérèse Bruxelles) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Entertainment for their video game Assassin's Creed: Changes. Her specialty weapon were her dual pistols.

Merchant (Multiplayer Character)
Thérèse Bruxelles at the docks of Paris
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Political information
  • Assassins (formerly)

Character background Edit

Thérèse was born to a upper-class-merchant-family in Calias. Her parents soon noticed Thérèse's propensity for violence and foul language, but attempted to raise their daughter as a proper woman nonetheless. Thérèse, however, had ideas of her own.

After the death of her parents, Thérèse earned a reputation as a fearsome criminal, as well as a skilled pistol-champion. During the French Revolution, Thérèse smuggled weapons and resources for the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order.

Unique moves Edit

These are the moves performed by Merchant when controlled by the player.

(Low Profile, Front)

The Merchant grabbing her victim by putting the pistol into her victim's stomach, putting the other one to their neck – then pulling the trigger. The victim falling to the ground with their head up to the woman – of who pointing her gun at them. She pulls the trigger and walks away – leaving her victim's brain mass all around.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Merchant cracks the neck of her victim, making the target turn around to her. With one blow, the Merchant uses her pistols to fire in her victim's stomach and their chest. The victim falling to the ground, and the Merchant giving a taunt, before disappearing into the crowd.

(High Profile, Front)

The Merchant run towards her target. The targets makes ready to stop the killer, but is not ready for the shot preformed by the woman: a shot that send the bullet to the crotch. The victim is surprised and bowing, before the Merchant shoots her victim in the head. The victim does afterwards falling backwards; the woman use this opportunity to kick her victim in the stomach. The target falls to the ground, and the Merchant uses her pistol-ends to crush their skull.

(High Profile, Back)

Behind his target, the Merchant grabs her pistols and uses one to sweep out the legs from under her victim, who lands harshly on the ground. Wasting no time, she fires a round into their heart, killing them instantly, subsequently stashing away his weapons.

Taunts Edit

  • "You? A challenge? Ha!"
  • "Bow to my weapons!"
  • "Bâtard! (Bastard!)"
  • "Die, coward!"

Customization Edit

Along with her armory of different guns, the Merchant did also carried three other weapons. On a given level of prestige, more decorated weapons are to be unlocked.

Normal weapons Edit

  1. À la Révolution (like the revolution): unlocked at level 20
  2. Hidden death: unlocked at level 35
  3. Sweet death: unlocked at level 50

Prestige weapons Edit

  1. Golden Sword: unlocked at prestige 1, level 27
  2. Swinging death: unlocked at prestige 1, level 42Gold and blood: unlocked at prestige 2, level 1

Coats Edit

  1. Merchant: unlocked at level 0
  2. Fraternité: unlocked at level 15
  3. Highway-lady: unlocked at level 28
  4. Merchant the Second: unlocked at prestige 1, level 40
Smuggler of the river: unlocked at prestige 2, level 30
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