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"Conquest is all they wanted! We are all on separate sides here! Four armies! three enemies! We, the Assassins, have allied with you Americans, while the Templars are not on the Russian side of trying to make crisis here in Cuba! So let's not get into an argument and win the goddamn war!"
―Michael Miles.
Michael Miles
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Biographical information

July 10, 1922
Seattle, Washington


November 1, 2004
Pineville, West Virginia

Political information

Assassin Order
American Army

Real-world information

Michael Harold Miles (born: July 10, 1922) is an American Assassin and is the father of William Miles and the grandfather of Desmond Miles. During the rivalry between the Americans and the Soviets, they wanted war in Cuba. It wasn't the Soviets that were the only enemies, it was also the Templars. Half of the Templars were soldiers and the other half were Abstero soldiers. Michael is a very skilled Assassin from the training in the American Brotherhood. He is also connected with the Round of Eden, a piece inside the Apple of Eden. Michael's target in the Templar Army is the Second in Command, Arnold Helmsley, who has taken over the Templars as Grand Master after Michael assassinated the former Grand Master, Omar Kingsley, an African American Templar who devoted his life to the Order itself.

Early Life[]

Michael Miles was born on July 10, 1922 to a wealthy businessman Glen Miles and artist Miriam Miles. He had one brother named Judah (named after the patriarch of the Tribe of Judah). Michael's father was an Assassin and trained him to become and Assassin. Soon, Michael got his first pair of Hidden blades and his own robes. Michael is a Catholic and has never denied God. One day when Michael was 14 years old (in the year 1936), he was walking with his friends and when they were walking, they saw the newly built Abstergo Industries. They went inside when it first opened. Michael and his friends split up to see Abstergo. Michael then found the Animus when he went to the high floor. Then the CEO of Abstergo, Lucas Abstergo, an Italian American Templar, asked if the boy was interested in the Animus. Michael then nodded but left the room immediately. He told his friends about the Animus, but they didn't seem interested. At school, when he saw a Grade 6 being bullied by a Grade 7, Michael said to break it up, but then the boy punched Michael and kept beating up the Grade 6 boy, then Michael, in rage, took the Grade 7 boy down, choked him and took out one of his hidden blades. The Grade 7 boy started to get scared and started to slowly cry. Michael warned the kid to never bully another person again. Then he let go of the Grade 7 boy and he ran off. His parents, brother, or principal did not know of this. But the boy's parents did. They told the principal and Michael, the boy and the parents had a talk. But the father of the boy turned out to be Mr. Abstergo himself. The boy's father did not recognize him at all from the last meeting. Michael then apologized and went off.

When Michael turns 38 years old, he moves to Long Island, New York and recruits some Assassins there. Then he meets one skilled Assassin named Sharlene Evanderson. They get married and have a son named William. When Michael is 39, he hears about the Vietnam War. Michael signs up in the American Army and trains in the Vietnam War. Sharlene and the other Assassins take place in the War also.


  • Hidden Blades
  • AK-47
  • Glock
  • Sniper Rifle