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Milomir Zvetzda

Milomir Zvetzda (1330-1395) was a Serbian Assassin who helped end the massive Templar influence over the Balkans that came with the expansion of the Serbian Empire.


Zvetzda was born to Jiamir and Oviora Zvetzda on January 21, 1330. In 1337, his father died of pneumonia, and he and his brother Ofor were raised in a small village. After the establishment of Dusan's Code in 1349, Ofor was executed for thievery, and Milomir grew a hatred for the emperor. The massive military expansion of the Serbian Empire resulted of Emperor Dusan's posession of a Staff of Eden.

In 1350, Zvetzda assisted an Assassin who was under attack by a Serbian guard patrol. The Assassin thanked Zvetzda and, after hearing of Ofor Zvetzda's execution, invited Milomir to come to the Assassin hideout in Uzice. Zvetzda's repeated actions in assisting the order resulted in his joining the Assassins on August 12, 1350 (ironically, he died exactly 45 years later).

Zvetzda worked his way through the emperor's Templar allies, and in the process learned that they planned to kill Dusan and take the staff for themselves. Their plots were put to an end when the Serbian leader of the Templars, Ujinek Lmid, was kileld by Milomir. Zvedzda then pursued the emperor to Devoll, infiltrated his encampement and assassinated him, taking the Staff of Eden and prompting the Fall of the Serbian Empire.

Zvetzda died in 1395, and was remembered through his three sons, who wrote, painted, and crafted his adventures into art. Most of this art was destroyed during the Ottoman invasion years later.

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