Ming Wong

Ming Wong

Ming Wong (Unknown – 60 BCE) was a Chinese Master Templar operating in Lianyungang during the Han dynasty, under the supervision of Chinese Grand Master Na Lin.

Ming's origin is unknown, but she most likely came from a fishing family – being born in the outskirts of Lianyungang. At some point, she became the wife of Jia Wong, a fisher who also lived in the outskirts of Lianyungang. Ming and Jia later had two children: Wei Yan and Bai.

She became at some point a member of the Chinese Templar Order, where she quickly rose in the ranks and obtained the title of Master Templar. In this position, Ming were from time to time contacted by Na Lin and travel to different locations and investigate news of supernatural events – trying to locate artifacts left by an ancient civilization.

However, in her position as a fisherman's wife, she served under the leader of her land: Yijun Tang. His rights gave him permission to comming to her estate, which he did around 60 BCE. He had intentions of raping her, but when he discovered her ties to the Templars, he began fighting with her – since he was an Assassin. Ming were difficult to fight however, and Yijun were scarred by her scratching him over his chin. He grabbed a knife however and sliced her throat soon however. After her death, Yijun attacked her husband – killing him too by smashing his head into the wall of the house several times.

Ming Wong's legacy became that her children followed in her footsteps and became Templars.

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