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Mira Demeter Jade
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June 25, 1995,
New York City, United States

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Assassin's Creed: Subject 18 (fanon)

Mira Demeter Jane or Mira, is a member of the Assassin Order Modern day order alongside Desmond Miles, whom she apparently knew before his kidnapping. She is the only known descendant of Seraphina Gracia, thus making her a target for the Templars. She was found about a week or so after Desmond's kidnapping by Dr. Warren Vidic. Mira was taken to the same facility Desmond had once resided in and was locked into the memories of her ancestors, Sera's memories. The Modern day Assassin's order later rescued her and brought her to their HQ. Like most of the subjects of the Aniums, she gained a bleeding effect that allowed her to gain clairvoyant abilities. She can tell wither someone is of good intentions or bad, even their memories if she touches them.


She is a slender young girl of average height and fluid movements. She has a very similar appearance to Sera, though there are subtle differences between the two. Mira has thick, and unruly wavy back-length black hair streaked with bleached white with bangs covering her eyes slightly. She has tan skin usually seen as fair with a pale birthmark on her right wrist in the shape of a spiraling vine. She also has large, clear dark green eyes with amber accents to them.

Mira is usually seen wearing a dark red form fitting short-sleeved T-shirt, brownish jean vest, dark denim jeans torn at the knees and fringed at the hem, two red-and-dark gray belts, black well-worn converse sneakers, black-and-dark brown sling backpack. She carries a bow and quiver on her back as well as dual hidden blades after she becomes an assassin. She also carries throwing knives in a small pouch she keeps on a harness on her left thigh, very much like her ancestor. When on a mission, she wears a white long-sleeved, furlined hooded jacket and black gloves.


Birth and Time before Assassin order[]

Mira was born to Thomas Jade, a renowned archeologist, and Lily Jade, a nurse at a local hospital near Central Park. Lily died of Leukemia when Mira was five and left Thomas widowed. In his depression, he left Mira to Lily's mother and sister. He went off to explore ruins without a care in the world, when, in truth, his mind was deteriorating from his strong depression, he later died of it while in Paris, France. It was suggested that Mira's aunt, Alice McSmith was a former assassin since she suggested to her mother that a Templar could've gotten to him. She grew up in New York City under the care of her grandmother and aunt for a little over ten years. When she was fifteen, she met Desmond Miles. Desmond grew fond of her and began to treat her like his younger sister. He encouraged her to take up archery and promised to come to her competition. The day before, he was kidnapped by the Templars.

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