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"You've no idea what the assassins can do. You and your ilk are too wrapped up in your plan for world domination to conceive a power higher than your own!"
―Molly Jenkins to Dutch Templar Grandmaster, Reuben De Groot moments before the latters' death.

Molly Jenkins (1936-2001) was a British assassin behind Operation Reef who masterminded the collapse of the Dutch Templars in the 60's and 70's.

Physical Description[]

A platinum blonde head of hair, her natural beauty remained unspoilt until her twilight years when the beautiful tone turned into a light white shade.

Around 5"6, Molly was rather tall for women of her family. She had a sleek and lithe shape allowing her to slip through small gaps and crevices.

She had deep blue eyes complementing her fair skin and natural complexion.

Early Life[]

Born in Essex, England to poor parents, Molly often played in the streets of Basildon with her siblings and close friends, most notably, Clarissa Gladstone, who also became an assassin once Molly herself had been fully inducted.

She attended St. Fiona's Primary School between 1941 and 1947, before transitioning to Burkwood High aged eleven years. It was during her school years she heard of secret societies being formed, with the power to control the school. This piqued the young girls interest with forbidden knowledge and triggered a yearning for wisdom.


At the age of fifteen, with hopes and aspirations of becoming a renowned starlet in the land of the rich and famous, Molly and lifelong friend Clarissa stowed away to the USA aboard a cargo ferry. They each worked in cafeterias in Los Angeles to support their income whilst auditioning for movie roles on weekends.

By 1952, the girls started to realise their dreams of being models and actresses may never come true. As reality set in, they were evicted from their small, rundown apartment and fired from their jobs that had only just funded their lifestyle for the past year.

Joining the Assassin Order[]

Just when all seemed lost, she met assassin recruiter, Joey van Derazzi, who was masquerading under the pretence of being a talent agent.

He invited Molly to an office building in Westwood, for an audition. In truth, it was to introduce her to the assassin beliefs. Molly was lured to the empty office block late on evening in July of 1952, where she spent the night learning of the assassin codex.

Although initially hesitant, Jenkins embraced the teachings of the order and immediately told her roommate upon returning to their temporary residence beneath a storage warehouse.

Over the course of the following months, Jenkins befriended senior assassins, eventually moving into an assassin safe-house in Beverly Hills. Despite finally achieving her goal of rubbing shoulders with the celebrities who brought her to America in the first place, Molly was reluctant to embark on the missions she was expected to complete and needed prompting by her assassin handlers at first.

Operation Eden[]

After finishing her training circa 1954 and killing a highly respected member of the Templar order, Molly was promoted to oversee the running of operation Eden, a highly planned mission devised by Abstergo turncoat strategists.

The aim of the plan was to retrieve a Piece of Eden from Abstergo scientists working on the creation of a computer prototype, the only one of its kind in existence at the time. She rounded up a team of assassin apprentices, including Clarissa Gladstone, and put them each through intense preparation procedures, even though most were at least ten years her senior.

On August 5th 1954, Molly and her band of assassins left L.A for Chicago. They reached their destination in the early hours of August 7th, where they broke into the compound containing the piece of Eden their mentor, who was situated in Tokyo at the time, required.

The operation went off without a hitch, and the apple was transported to the Japanese headquarters successfully. Now a fully-fledged assassin at the age of just eighteen, Molly made the wise choice to relocate, returning to her home country whilst Gladstone stayed behind in the States to complete the training process.

Family Reunion[]

Landing at London Airport in early 1955, Molly found her family home untouched, her parents and siblings largely unaffected by her four year absence. Her mother had since given birth to three more children, David (b.1952), Cathleen (b. 1953) and Jenny, (b. 1954).

Her father Bill remarked his daughter had returned a sophisticated and smart young woman, having left a naive and foolish teenager with deluded and misguided ambitions. Though she argued she didn't regret her motives for leaving England behind, she did, in hindsight, concede her aspirations were somewhat realistic.

This didn't deter her from ruthlessly idolising the Hollywood neighbours she made during her time in the US though and she would entertain her sisters with tales of Marilyn Monroe's wild partying antics.

In the summer of that year, she was invited to the film premiere of the Seven Year Itch by Tom Ewell, Monroe's co-star Molly bonded over a glass of gin with in a nightclub in '53, but politely declined to keep her low-profile.

Assassin Work in England[]

From 1956 to 1960, Jenkins was appointed to lead an expedition into the rural caves outside Yorkshire, when a prisoner being held by the Assassins claimed a precursor compass that pointed to all pieces of Eden was located.

An excavation into the catacombs beneath a small town got underway circa September 1956, lasting for over two years before being cancelled by the assassin council who had ordered the dig begin in the first place.

This impediment was short lived and digging resumed by Christmas of 1958, and Molly even took a group of her miners into the mass grave site to explore for the fabled compass. They searched for four weeks, to no avail.

By 1960, the excavation was halted and called off permanently, after it became clear the compass was a mere fantasy conjured up by the prisoner who directed the assassins to it.

Following the closure of the excavation, Molly was moved on to track a travelling contingent of Abstergo technicians moving through the midlands. This assignment concluded once Molly had reported the group's movements for the next six months and a brigade of assassins had been despatched to kill them.

Operation Reef[]

Arguably the most defining part of Jenkins' career, Operation Reef was orchestrated by Molly herself designed to flush out the remaining Templar diehards in Europe. Now at the age of twenty-five, Molly was at the pinnacle of her life with the assassin order and more than capable of enacting Reef on her own.

Starting with the Spanish knights, Molly rented a small house on the waterfront of Benidorm, where she plotted the removal of the Templar stronghold throughout Spain. At the end of 1962, she had prevented the Abstergo acquisition of the Shroud of Eden and wiped out the entire Spanish branch of Templars, leaving the henchmen in their employment to scatter across the country. Her next target was France, a hotspot for Abstergo researchers and templar puppeteers. Assassinating Templar-allied aristocrats in Marseilles, she worked her way further north up to Normandy where she rubbed out the final remnants of Templar influence before causing the destruction of a rocket being made by engineers in the pocket of Abstergo. The ensuing explosion destroyed most of the pro-Templar town of Lesîgnonnes.

Writing regularly to her family back in England, she left France on 8th March 1965, flying to the Netherlands straight after where she spent most of the 70's famously outdoing the Templars. This was the longest leg of her journey in the quest to root out the European Templars once and for all. Living in Amsterdam, she closely monitored the unusual patterns of known agents who frequented the famous brothels, whose staff she worked closely with to ensure a flow of information.

As her thirtieth birthday loomed, the order began to doubt her ability to complete the mission on her own, and deployed a squadron of assassins to finish her work in the province of Utrecht for her, where she planned a raid on Templar dens throughout the city of Amersfoot.

Furious at the order's interference, Molly sent them the decapitated head of Templar Dutchman Albrecht Voraniche, as a message to back off or they may too incur her wrath. Her unique tactics worked and the assassins pulled out of the Utrechtenaar region.

Gladstone's Abduction[]

Just as she began to make some thoroughly productive progress, in 1968, she received a call from a frantic Clarissa Gladstone who informed her she had been captured by experimental scientists who planned to drill her for information.

Gladstone, who was stuck in Texas at the time scouting the local area for apprentices missing in action begged for Molly to rescue her before she faced torture. In a rush, Jenkins booked a flight to Dallas Love Field airport. Landing on October 4th 1968, she met with local assassins who joined her on a night ride through the city to find Clarissa.

Hidden between an abandoned public house and a disused apartment block was the large family home where Clarissa's unconscious body was discovered. The Templars, who had since fled to Houston, left a note explaining that Gladstone may well soon die if not treated properly.

Jenkins stayed with her friend for two weeks after she had been admitted to a ward in a private hospital where assassins only were cared for. Molly did not see Clarissa for another three years following her departure from the US and returned to the Netherlands to resume her project on Abstergo.

Return to Europe[]

She was welcomed back to the continent by her friends she had made throughout the city of Amsterdam's complex hierarchy of prostitutes who arranged a party to celebrate her return. By the start of November, she had began tracking the Dutch Templar grandmaster, a man named Reuben De Groot.

Coming into contact with De Groot frequently, Jenkins chose not to kill him until she had ascertained enough information to take down his entire branch of Templars and knew the exact nature of his relationship with Abstergo.

Garnering details of De Groot's privileged background, she slowly built up a picture of his complicated connection with the Abstergo corporation and his ties with the Templars. With the arrival of the 1970's she revised her approach to the operation and launched an entirely different sect of the plan.

Through manipulating De Groot's secretaries and allies with her feminine charm, she got closer than she ever had been to a target and even converted some members of Abstergo to the assassin philosophy. She soon ended her romantic links with these men though, as it reminded her she hadn't found love. But all that changed as the year turned 1972 when she met American assassin, Sean Day, who she married and who fathered her two children, Darren (b. 1973) and Stacey the following year.

Pregnancy meant that Jenkins had to pause her part in the operation while her husband continued the fight in Poland and Latvia. The traditional motherhood option of the time was one she as an assassin could not afford to take and so the children were cared for by Clarissa Gladstone during daylight hours.

After almost three years absent from action, Jenkins reclaimed her title as the best assassin in Europe circa 1975 when she took out the Abstergo influence from all of North Holland. Using methods like violence and persuasion to turn the tide on the Templars to rid Leiden of their kind.

Assassination of Reuben De Groot[]

In the planning stages since 1971, her ultimate aim of killing the Templar Grandmaster in the Netherlands was finally coming together. Jenkins had been monitoring him since the late 60's, becoming familiar with his routine and gathering enough knowledge to know he was a slippery target who could manoeuvre his way out of anything if there was even the slightest speck of danger. So it took meticulous planning to ensure nothing slipped up.

Scheduled to arrive at the Cathedral of Saint Anthony of Padua in Breda, North Brabant for a meeting with Templar officials, Reuben was shadowed by assassins who followed on the rooftops above. Jenkins, who was in place above the cathedral, gave the signal for two assassins to swoop in and kill all officials at 8:34 PM, 6th September 1978.

Having murdered every Templar, they took their uniforms and masqueraded as the men Reuben arranged to meet. De Groot arrived at the cathedral at 20:42 PM, and greeted the officers-in-disguise as usual. Pleasantries exchanged, the five men began to discuss the worsening state of the Abstergo name throughout Europe.

Sean Day, who was perched on a ledge high above the congregation, indicated to his wife that it was time to strike. Leaping from forty feet above the cathedral, Jenkins immediately shattered the spine of De Groot, causing him to yelp in agony, almost alerting the nearby reinforcements.

As De Groot died of wounds to his stomach and gut, Jenkins and he exchanged intense words of the twos conflicting ideologies. During their grandmaster's death, the reinforcements who had hid behind the pillars in the cathedral jumped out and fled in fear of their lives.

With her work finished in the Netherlands, assassins followed her example and completed operation reef for her, while Jenkins largely retired from the assassins to take on a more relaxed position in the order and to spend quality time with her family.

Project Asterix and the Utopia Program[]

Living in New York by the 80's with her husband and children, Jenkins took on the less risky post of Senior Strategist, using her innately tactile mindset to advantage the assassins on the frontline. She even stood as Acting Mentor for a short time while the assassin council decided on a new mentor.

The brains behind Operation Eden and Operation Reef, Molly formed a complex training course for assassins to undergo named Project Asterix, used by the order until the late nineties.

Her sense for combat led to her being asked to devise a plan to push the Templars in Bolivia out. So in 1994, Molly began to build her masterpiece. The resulting hybrid, Jenkins' brainchild was the Utopia Program, a ten-step procedure that successfully destroyed the Abstergo stronghold that had been allowed to form in South America.

Later Life and Death[]

By the time she had done with the utopia program in 1998, the Templars had gradually regained a grasp on Europe, and Molly was top of their hit-list. Her children had grown up into capable assassins with children of their own. Jenkins' husband, Sean Day passed on in 1999, leaving a mournful but dignified yet widow.

Childhood friend and somewhat coworker Clarissa had decided her encounter with the Deep South Templars was too close for comfort and got out of the order shortly after leaving America. Gladstone outlived Jenkins but kept her memory alive nonetheless.

In 2001, with plenty of prior warning in the form of several death-threatening letters, the Templars set upon Jenkins' New York home and two men entered her five-bedroom house. After a dialogue regarding the changing faces of Templars, she used her long-forgotten hidden blade to stab one of the assaulters to death. Despite her age, she was still agile at 65 and moved quicker than her assailants. Happy with the life she had lived, and not ready to let an understudy Templar claim her life, she committed suicide with her hidden blade.


Molly is believed to have had at least ten siblings of varying ages, some older than her but it is unknown how many children her parents had after her departure from England.

She worked closely in collaboration with her husband, Sean Day during their time in the Netherlands and was welcomed warmly by his assassin mother and father. Their own children were raised in Amsterdam until 1979 when the entire family relocated to Day's hometown.

From the early age of five, both Darren and Stacey each knew of their impending heritage in the assassin order, but Darren left the assassins when he pursued a family of his own and Stacey was killed on a mission aged 45 leaving behind four children, Jack (b. 1995), Chloe (b. 1997), Rose (b. 2003) and Tyler (b. 2006), none of whom ever knew of their strange family business. Meanwhile, Darren's sons Alex (b. 1993) and Lewis (b. 1996) were told of their father's line of work, yet were never officially inducted and kept the information secret from their cousins.

Love Interests[]

During her travels, Molly had a multitude of lovers, yet none could ever adapt to her complicated life. Some romantic suitors include:

Matthew Bridge (c. 1950) a student at her senior school, Bridge was adored by every girl in the school and idolised by his male friends. Their dalliance ended when Jenkins went to L.A. A brief romance with Frank Sinatra in September 1951 while he was performing in Las Vegas.

An affair with welshman (1951) Richard Burton during one of his fallouts with then-wife Sybil Williams.

Several casting directors and producers, probably to heighten her chances of allocating film roles.

Relations with Jimmy Dean in 1952 shortly before his big break with Bummin' Around.

Claude Merinoux, a French doctor who treated Jenkins after an injury in 1963.

Felipe van de Ram, a Dutch Templar Molly seduced for information sometime around 1966.

Nöel Feldon, another Abstergo agent who had a short lived relationship with Jenkins during her time in the Netherlands in the late 60's.

Klaus Gurheim, head of research at an Abstergo pharmaceutical plant, engaged in an affair with Molly and supplied her with information for over two years.

Sean Day, (b. 1934, Husband 1972-1999) an American assassin raised in New York, gave Jenkins two children.

Personality and Traits[]

Able to remain cool-headed and handle pressure, Molly ensured she never panicked and, until her partying days in the US, was quite introverted, though soon after she returned home to England her quiet and shy nature resumed.

Despite this solitary behaviour, She still managed to act seductively fairly successfully when she needed to and her kindness to others was often rewarded, fuelling her determination to continue her work with improvement.

But when she was mean-spirited, she could behave truly evil, reputedly removing an entire foot from one of her Templar victims once and proceeding to force his friend to eat it.