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The USS Morrigan II (Formerly the USS Tyrant) or simply the Morrigan was a U.S Navy Brig that was secretly apart of the Knights Fleet and was Captained under the son of Shay Cormac, and U.S Privateer Captain Liam "Monro" Cormac very prior to the War of 1812.

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Before becoming the Templar Ship the Morrigan, it was called the USS Tyrant and was captained under an unnamed U.S Navy Privateer who served as Captain of this vessel from 1803 though 1808. In 1808, the captain was hanged and the crew was arrested for multiply attacks on innocent American Merchant Ships. Leaving the ship out of service for 2 years.

The Templars[]

After Cormac served under fellow Templar Captain Samuel Wilson aboard his Ship the Abstergo for 4 years he was given the rank Captain in Late 1809 and was rewared with the Tryant which Cormac renamed the Morrigan in honor of his fallen father Shay Pratick Cormac in early 1810. Captain Liam Cormac served as a Privateer for the U.S Navy using the Morrigan II to attack enemy ships, esort allied merchants to their destinations, and secretly using the ship to do tasks for the Templar order and the Knights Fleet.

Revenge and Final Serves[]

In 1811 the Morrigan II was tasked with esorting a merchant protecting from the British Privateers. But Cormac while on his way to esort the ship knew that the Davenport Homestead was close by. Cormac wanting revenge on Connor and his son Achilles "Dyami" Kenway so he disobeyed orders and set out to the Homestead leaving the Merchant Ship defenseless with his crew behind him.

As soon as he screen the somewhat harbor of the Homestead he used motor fire and hit the harbor and the Altair. As soon as the attack Assassin Achilles Kenway and his crew engaged in battle. But unfortunately the Morrigan took severe damage Cormac blinded with rage won't would not retreat keep attack but the Morrigan was no match for the Assassin Frigate and was about to sink but at the last Cormac sailed the ship in the shallows to save himself and the crew. After they made it to the shallows Cormac and the surviving crew abandoned ship after the Templars retreated the Assassin Achilles used his ship the Altair to destroy the Brig in doing so put the ship out of service permanently.


Crew of the Tyrant[]

  • Unnamed U.S Privateer(Captain; 1803-1808)
  • Many unnamed U.S Sailors(1803-1808)

Crew of the Morrigan II[]