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Motokiyo Arazu
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Assassin's Creed: Bushido

"Their captain, Motokiyo Arazu, is as dangerous as they come. No one can beat him in battle, not one."
―An Assassin talking about Motokiyo Arazu.

Motokiyo Arazu was the Captain of The Azuchi Guardians, an elite unit. A Master of Combat, He had never lost a battle in his 39-year career as a Retainer under Nobuhide and Nobunaga Oda. Until he was bested by Assassin Katsumasa Yamamoto and killed during an attempted robbery of The Sword Of Eden, which was inside at the time.


Early Life[]

Little is known about the Legendary Samurai. All that is known is that He hails from Tosa Province and that he came to serve Nobuhide around 1541. In his first battle, He managed to slay the enemy general, Which was enough to impress Nobuhide himself. He would continue to serve Nobuhide until the year 1551, in which Nobuhide died. He went into exile after that, thus he was not present at his lord's funeral. After a few years, Motokiyo came back to serve Nobunaga in 1559, after he was convinced by Nobunaga himself to come back. Motokiyo rose through the ranks, fighting in numerous battles. until 1579 when he became the Captain Of The Azuchi Guardians, Guarding the Sword Of Eden against trespassers.

Encountering Katsumasa[]

Motokiyo is first seen watching from a distance Assassins Katsumasa Yamamoto and Sadatada Hebari, who have infiltrated Azuchi Castle. By the time Katsumasa looks up at where Motokiyo is, he has vanished.

As soon as the Assassin's Enters the Citadel of the Castle, they are quickly ambushed by Motokiyo, who managed to quickly knock out, but not wound Sadatada. Leaving Katsumasa to fight the veteran all by himself. But he luckily managed to fend off Motokiyo who somehow manages to disappear into thin air.


Later, as Katsumasa reaches the final floor, he is ambushed again by Motokiyo. Halfway through the fight, Yanami, who was told by Sadatada not to enter the castle, joins the fight. But is quickly defeated and almost killed by Motokiyo. Enraged, Katsumasa attacks him in a blind fury. Eventually, Katsumasa gets the upper hand and impales the Veteran in the throat with his Katana, finally putting an end to the longtime Oda Retainer.


In all his appearances, Motokiyo never spoke once, tending to stay silent rather than talk. He was not ruthless, nor cold, But was rather honorable and noble. He was also quick to sense potential within talented people, such as Katsumasa. And that's why he got rid of Sadamasa very quickly.

Equipment and Abilities[]

Having fought in countless battles throughout the years, Motokiyo had become proficient in combat. He was also a good strategist, able to analyze his opponents from even a distance. He usually wields a Yari [Japanese for the spear.] in combat but was also good with Katanas as well.


As a 39-year veteran, Motokiyo was most likely in his late 60s or 70s. He had a grey beard as well. And wore the Typical Oda commander gear, but his helmet was extremely unique, being a gold-bronze kabuto.


  • There are theories that Motokiyo is actually a ghost, who has been long dead before the events of the game. Here are some examples:
  1. Sometimes, before The Sequence 3 Memory "Heist Of The Century", you can hear Two Oda Foot Soldiers talking about Azuchi Castle and The Azuchi Guardians. Here is the conversation:

Oda Footsoldier 1: So, why is Azuchi Castle so well guarded again?

Oda Footsoldier 2: Don't be an idiot, you know why.

Oda Footsoldier 1: Is it because of the Azuchi Guardians?

Oda Footsoldier 2: Shut up, you're going to get us in trouble.

Oda Footsoldier 1: Why not?

Oda Footsoldier 2: Because, you know...

Oda Footsoldier 1: Tell me the secret.

Oda Footsoldier 2: The captain, Motokiyo could be an Oni.

Oda Footsoldier 1: A what?!

Oda Footsoldier 2: Don't shout! If anyone heard that, we'd be dead. now get back to your post.

2. When you fight Motokiyo twice, before he attacks, he will point to the sky, indicating that he is up in heaven.

3. He somehow disappears into thin air when you fight him for the first time.

  • When Motokiyo is watching from a distance, the player may be able to fire an arrow at him, only for Motokiyo to quickly block it.