"Old Mr. Prudence … I will enjoy to see his name at the gravestone!"
―Lady Concord's journal, August 1770
Mr. Prudence
Mr Prudence
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December 1716


August 1770
(aged 53)

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Templars (formerly)

Caribbean Assassins (ally)

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Voice actor

Victor Burke

Rafferty Prudence (commonly known as Mr. Prudence or simply Prudence) was an Irish pedophile Templar-turned-smuggler and a later Assassin ally. He operated for the Caribbean Assassins in the events at the start of the Purge, and was killed by the hands of his former slave: lady Concord.

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Rafferty Prudence was born as the third child of a middle-class family in Dublin, Ireland. While his mother was a normal housewife, his father worked as a blacksmith. His two older brothers was also to become this, but Prudence wanted something else. He wanted to become someone great.

At the age of 12, Prudence had already been caught several times by the city-guards for the reason of robbery. Therefore, his father sent Prudence on a boarding school for being taught discipline and order. While living at the school, he became known with another teenager named Comgan Keefe. Through Keefe, Prudence learned about the Templar Order.

When Prudence reached the age of 21, he and Keefe swore their allegiance to the Irish Templars' banner.

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An Amulet Edit

Three years later, Prudence and Keefe were to be sent to the West Indies. Here they would to be stationed on the island of Saba. Their task here was to locate an amulet that was told to see the future.

When the two Templar approached the island, they established themselves in some ruins of the island. They had got with them two other Templars: Gráinne Killough and Doran Fitzsimmons. They were all accompanied by Imamu – a local voodoo-priest. Imamu told the Templars that he knew where the item they wanted was to be located: in the rival tribe, the Táravano-tribe. A woman named Afia Dufort was the one who held it. The following weeks, Prudence and his fellow-Templars created plans for attacking the Táravano: they could not just simply go straight to the point. In order to find the Amulet, they needed to do exact calculations and strategic planning. Imamu was also a part of this, because he wanted to be a part of the ones who killed Afia.

Sometime in May 1740, Prudence and his fellow Templars attacked the Táravano-tribe. Imamu's tribe was armed to the teeth with daggers, cutlasses and British guns (the guns had to either be bought or stolen from the Royal Navy). The Táravano was however in far greater numbers than Imamu's soldiers. The rival tribe was even armed with a cannon. Prudence and his fellow Templars had not counted on that, but the plan did not involve to confront it.


The Táravano girl

The Templars – and Imamu – was to go in the jungle and up to the tent of the leader. Comgan was in the fight with the tribe, so he was not in the tent with the Templars when they found a child inside it. What was strange was that the leader of the tribe, Afia, was holding the Amulet over the little girl. When Afia heard the drape being pulled away, however, she turned immediately. She first saw on Imamu, then on the Templars. She rose from the floor and ran towards them. Prudence saw she carried hidden blades, and managed to doge them. Gráinne was not just as lucky. Her right eye was being cut in two. She dropped her weapons, screaming over the pain, and fell to the ground. It was not lethal, because Imamu could fix it – Prudence thought that, at least. Afia turned over to the three two remaining Templars and their ally. They all three ran on her at the same time. Doran was armed with a gun and tried to stab the Assassin with the bayonet; she managed to use her hidden blade to point the gun away from her. Thereafter she grabbed the bayonet and used all of her power to pull the gun out of the hands of Doran. She then turned the gun in the air and pointed it on Prudence and fired. The Templar fell to the ground, but only wounded. She had aimed for the heart, but missed. He tried to rise from the ground, but his body refused him to. Doran ran towards Afia, trying to regain his weapon. The woman turned the gun to him however, and the bayonet sunk into the stomach of the man. She pulled out the weapon before slicing his throat with the sharp blade. Moments before Imaum was to place his dagger in Aifa's neck, she doged and grabbed the man's wrist and twisted it around. The voodoo-priest fell to the ground, screaming. The Assassin then walked up to Prudence. She sharpened the blades, placed her charm in her pocket, and then sat on Prudence's chest. She placed her hands at his cheeks, with her wrists pointing at his throat. She talked in French, so Prudence did not understood what she said. But now she was distracted. He carefully lifted his arm to her pocket. The charm's golden chain was hanging out of it. He was fast about it and took it out before grabbing a stone on his other side and swung it to Aifa's temple. It was just in time, because when Aifa lifted her arms to grab to her head, the blades was ejected …

Prudence rose from the ground and watched over the battlefield. He lay the Amulet in his pocket. Imaum rose with him and walked up to Gráinne. The voodoo-priest took the woman with him, leaving the area. Gráinne could walk, but was asked to lean on Imaum. Meanwhile walked Prudence back into the tent. The girl was turning with her eyes glowing. "Was this the Amulet?" The girl answered: "Yield, demon! Yield, demon! Yield, demon!" She continued to shout this until Prudence lifted the Amulet from his pocket and took it near her. Now she did not even move, except her mouth. A deep voice of a man was to be heard from the little girl's mouth. "I am Odin; I know everything: after, when, before an incident happen." The girl then lost contact. Who was she, and who were Odin? Prudence decided to take the girl with him.

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  1. Rafferty comes from an Irish surname which was an Anglicized form of Ó Rabhartaigh meaning "descendant of Rabhartach". The given name Rabhartach means "flood tide".
  2. Prudence is a medieval English form of Prudentia, the feminine form of Prudentius – which means prudence, good judgement.
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