"I am a spy like my father before me, I serve the Assassin Brotherhood."
―Thomas François de Bullion to Eric Rackham, 1771
Mr. Thomas
Mr Thomas
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April 1731


May 1771 (40 aged)

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Templars (formally)

Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

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Hugh Jackman

Thomas François de Bullion, aka Mr. Thomas was a French spy in the Templar Order for the Brotherhood Caribbean during the Seven Years War and the Caribbean Purge. He was the first son of Philippe François de Bullion and he is an ancestor of Mr. Jameson.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Thomas François de Bullion was born in April 1731 in the outskirts of Kingston from his father Philippe François de Bullion and his mother Suzanné (1705 - 1772). Thomas's father was a lawyer and earned really could afford a large house just outside the city. Thomas studied with private teachers and became very good at all, Thomas spent the time to drive around the city and run on the roofs such as climbing. Philippe said that they were not activities that had to be done by one of their family but Thomas did it anyway. Thomas was the largest of four brothers and therefore often had to take care of his brothers and his sisters.

Time passed as Thomas turned around 19 years. One evening he and his family were waiting for his father but did not arrive and this suspected lot Thomas on that ground. His father at that time was a judge and had put on show to be a person with a sense of justice and would not do to the powerful city. At around 21:00 (usually her father returned at 20:30) His father came home in the company of a man with hood over his head. Thomas and his family gathered around to Philippe and asked him what had happened as Philip recounted of aggression had been rescued by the man with the cap. Philippe after he went into his study as he had a discussion with the hooded man.

Thomas wanted to know more but he was not allowed. Eventually towards late evening the man went away and Thomas went to his father. "What you have ousted father?" He asked Thomas to Philippe. "All right, I'll explain everything from the beginning," said Philippe plan. "They are never born in New Orleans as I told you, I was born in a noble family in France and a member of a group of persons, the Templars, dedicated to the control of human minds," Philippe said. Thomas upset. "But I did not want to be like them when I could and ran away to America by cutting each deck with my family and the Templars" said Philip, "But my family has sent a man to kill me and our guest first saved me," said Philip . "I am grateful and for reasons that I can not tell you my son, I will join the cause of the enemies of the Templars: the Assassins" concluded Philippe.

Assassin Order Edit

Thomas was impressed by his father's speech and finally went to sleep. His life by arcing time was no longer the same. Thomas wishes of his and his father's advice he joined the Brotherhood of Assassins Caribbean in 1752. Thomas was moved to Tulum while his father would become the governor of Portobello and would turn him into a den of Assassins. Thomas was trained in the ways of Caribbean brotherhood, in sword fighting, the free running in the forest, by the use of the rope dart and the blowpipe. Thomas also became an expert in poisons under the Mentor Claude Dimanche and Master Assassin Cozumel Providencia. Thomas also made friends with the Swedish official Victor Jensen with whom he held various workouts. Dimanche did not want that the Templars discovered the existence of Thomas because he wanted to make it his personal spy within the Templar Order. In 1756, the Seven Years War and Thomas had had recently begun ready to be the light in the Templars. He made contact with Quentin Blaise, through was started as an ally of the Templars. So for the next few years, Thomas worked for the Templars and learning more news could and handed them to the Assassins through the letters brought by pigeons and no one suspected him. Like the Assassins argued in French during the war but nevertheless lost the war because of the Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac. Thomas more often had several meetings with the leaders of the templars and every time he thought that he could very well kill them like nothing the instant shook his hand. Thomas pursued his task in 1763 was born as an illegitimate son with an already married woman. For this part of Thomas' life there are not many documents, only he officially betrayed the Templars in 1768 and officially returned from the assassins but because it had been discovered by the Templars. Also the son he had had was taken from him at a school in Boston in an orphanage.

Caribbean Templars mercenaries

Caribbean Mercenaries

In the final months of 1769, the Marquis de Pimadan had paid a group of men to kill Thomas. Thomas knew this and went to Nassau. He was walking at night through the streets when he heard noises behind him. Thomas turned and saw the 5 mercenaries behind him who took their weapons, Thomas saw three others before him bet weapons. Thomas took his sword, a mercenary sent a yell and attacked him with his sword. Thomas parried the sword and gave him the knee let us sending him to the ground, another attacked him with the bayonet of the rifle. Thomas parried the bayonet and held it with his sword and stabbed him in the chest with his hidden blade. Thomas turned to the mercenary who was going to kill him to back and shot him in the chest. Two brutes attacked simultaneously Thomas who reached down and stabbed her stomach while the other one hit him in the stomach. Thomas suffered the brute stabbed in the chest on the ground. Others were missing 4. Thomas dueled with three mercenaries together as he managed to cut one of them in the chest and beat the wall another. A mercenary Thomas injured his leg, Thomas gritted his teeth and then impaled the mercenary. Thomas cut the abdomen of a mercenary and then punched him in the face last your hidden blades.

Death Edit


Eric Rackham, The Killer

Thomas in 1770 he learned that his father had been killed by a Templar-assassin puppet. Thomas sad and furious at the same time for its loss as the Templars at that time had control of Portobello. Thomas knew that the same year died many Assassins as Victor Jensen or Jackie Charlotte by the hand of a woman-killer-templar named Lady Concord. While his father and Claude Chevalier and Edward Read the hands of a man transformed by Shay Cormac. In May 1771 Mr. Thomas was in Fort Charles as he was informed of a group of slaves had entered. The group entered the fort undisturbed and were greeted by Mr. Thomas. The man stood on the porch a few meters to smoke his pipe. Mr. Thomas noticed a Templar ring on the finger of a young man dressed in black. "Now" the young man shouted and all the Templars mercenaries and slaves attacked the soldiers of the fort to engage them. Thomas took his two pistols and unloaded on two mercenaries of the Templars and then ran to the walls of the fort. Thomas stopped along the road by several mercenaries who eliminated him with his sword. Concord went for Mr. Thomas to the walls of the fort with which he began to duel, Eric reached Concord. Mr.

Thomas was able to slam Concord on the walls and Eric shot on his right arm. Concord raised again and impaled Mr. Thomas with his sword.

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The François de Bullion-family

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Caribbean Assassins

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The weapon armory of Thomas François de Bullion
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