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Natha Hawk as 36-years-old

Nathan Hawk was a former employee of Abstergo Industries and later an assassin. At first, he was unaware of the templars but soon found out about them when he hacked one of Abstergo's computers. In the process, he also learned about the assassin order and the secret war between assassins and templars. Thinking that Hawk knows too much, Warren Vidic attempted to kill him but he escaped. In order to lure him out, the templars killed his girlfriend Amanda Wilkes. Soon Hawk was contacted by William Miles and he joined the assassins to seek revenge.

Early life[]

Nathan Hawk was born on april 5th 1979 in Las vegas, Nevada. Not much is known about his childhood. His father was a senator and secretly a member of the assassin order. While working as a senator his father made numerous public statements against Abstergo industries which is why the templars saw him as a threat and had him killed. Young Nathan was completely unaware of his father's allegiance to the assassin order and believed his death had been an accident. As a teenager, Nathan began to admire Abstergo's influence over other companies and even politicians. Nathan eventually became an employee of Abstergo industries in 1999, when he was 20 years old.

Employee of Abstergo industries[]

Hawk worked for Abstergo industried from 1999 to 2007. During this time he worked closely with both Warren Vidic and Daniel Cross. Hawk was a computer and security specialist in the security division of Abstergo. Vidic decided not to tell him about the templars because it was too risky. Cross was worried about Hawk's rising curiosity and tried to persuade Vidic to kill him "as a precaution." Vidic didn't approve this, believing that Hawk was too stupid to discover the truth. In 2007 Hawk hacked into a high security computer terminal and found out about the templars, as well as assassins and the truth about his father's death. Vidic soon learned what Hawk had done and attempted to murder him. Vidic failed and Hawk managed to escape the Abstergo facility in Rome, killing several security guards in the process.

Hiding from Abstergo[]

Nathan spent several months hiding from Abstergo industries and attempted to avoid any actions that would give away his location. Vidic created a plan to flush him out. In december 2007 Abstergo operatives killed Amanda Wilkes, Nathan's girlfriend. This flushed Nathan out of hiding but despite several attempts to take his life, the templars failed to kill him. Nathan was enraged and he swore to destroy the templars by whatever means necessary.

Life as an assassin[]

In 2008 Nathan was contacted by William Miles, The mentor of the assassin order. Nathan's heroic actions against Abstergo had caught William's attention and he offered Nathan to join the assassin order. Nathan accepted the offer and was inducted into the assassin order. Nathan became one of the most important field operatives of the assassin order due to his experience and his knowledge of Abstergo. He took part in several major assassin operations around the world between 2009-2011. In september 2012 Daniel Cross managed to locate Nathan and was sent to kill him by Warren Vidic. Cross failed in his task and Nathan escaped. In october 2012 a templar agent named Carrie Jones was tasked with killing Nathan Hawk because Vidic assigned Cross to train new recruits. In november 2012 Carrie Jones ambushed Nathan in Buenos aires, Argentina. Nathan assassinated Jones and escaped. He planned to assault the Abstergo facility in Rome to assassinate Warren Vidic. When both Daniel Cross and Warren Vidic were killed by Desmond miles in november 2012, Nathan was finally free and he didn't need to run from Vidic anymore. But the templars still remained a threat. And a new threat called Juno was also rising...


Nathan Hawk had several ancestors who had important roles in world history. Alexis Dufort was a french assassin who lived during the french revolution and an ancestor to Nathan Hawk. Isamu Wakahisa was an assassin in Feudal Japan and an ancestor to Nathan Hawk.


  • Nathan means "he gave" in hebrew
  • Alexis Dufort means "Defender of the fort"
  • Isamu Wakahisa means "Bravery, forever young"
  • Nathan was a skilled free runner and fighter
  • At some point in his life, Nathan used the animus to relive the memories of Alexis Dufort. Dufort had discovered a secret first civilization chamber during his life. This chamber contained a lot of valuable information about the first civilization