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"It is injustice for those with power only use it to satisfy themselves and to make others suffer because of it, that is the sole reason why I kill for the Assassins."
―Nathan's last words to a Templar politician before he kills him.


Nathan was born in 1981 in Georgia, United States of America and ends up living with only his father due to his mother death of hypothermia. Ever since he was a young child at age 9, Nathan Williams always believed in the belief that is justice in the world no matter how cruel people might think of it. Nathan adapted a strong interest into politics and poltical sciences through his middle to high school years. When he was at the age of 17, he came home from school one day and found his home ransacked and his father on the floor bleeding and a dead woman lying across the room from him. Nathan's father quickly explained to his son that the woman is actually a Templar agent who was sent out to kill him because he was a former member of the Assassin's Guild but he retired. Just moments before he died, Nathan's father told him to go get his old white robe from his closet and go to a specific backalley where he'll find a group of people who believed in keeping the peace and justice for humanity which instantly sparked Nathan's interest. After moaning the dead corpse of his father, Nathan did what he was told, grabbed his father's white robe and went to that backalley to meet the Assassins. When an Assassin walked by the backalley, he noticed Nathan wearing the traditional Assassin white robe, walked up to the boy and asked him what happened. After Nathan explained in detail of his recent misfortune, he asked the mysterious Assassin to join the Guild and hope to do some justice for this country. Impressed by his apparent sense of passion, the Assassin took the boy in and Nathan's training begins.

Assassin Training and further education

Throughout the first 11 years of his Assassin training, Nathan mainly focused on freerunning, stealth killing, small bomb handling, small firearms, poisons and hacking abilities. Nathan's standard loadout for assassination missions always include a hidden blade, a silenced 9 mm pistol, 5 throwing knives, a smoke bomb, a portable EMP (ElectricMagneticPulse) device and a short dagger filled with poison. At the same time of his Assassin training, Nathan learns more of political science and government in hopes to bring justice to the political situation of the United States by targeting certain Templar politicians who oppresses the middle and lower class citizens by pressing taxes and foreclosures and due to their decision which negatively affected the nation's economy.

The Political Assassin reigns

In 2011, at the age of 30, Nathan Williams ran a campaign to become a Congressman in hopes that he'll have a better advantage of getting closer to his Templar targets who were causing the decreasing economy problem and it was the power of people which gave him the position of Congressman. Nathan Williams with his rank of Assassin and his position as a Congressman, give him the perfect opportunity to start cleaning house of the US government so to speak by killing corrupted Templer politicians one by one who propose any bills or taxes in any shape or form that only benefits the government and not the people. After one year of killing Templars within the US government, Nathan decided that the time has come to finally root out the remaining corrupted politicians who are running the show for this nationwide oppression and the only way to find out more about the ringleaders, Nathan needs to interrogate at least one of the eight Templar politicians who were attending a meeting for random bill for the state of Georgia. At the night of the meeting, Nathan Williams "persuades" the security to let him though and go to the meeting. As the meeting gets underway, Nathan actives his portable EMP device and disables every camera both outside and inside of the room. He slowly pries the door open, rolls his smoke bomb to go under the table and it release a large cloud of smoke. As the room quickly fills up with smoke, Nathan walks in quietly and started killing the men with his hidden blade, 5 throwing knives and one shot from his silenced 9 mm. With seven Templars dead, one was left alive who nearly escapes but Nathan shot him in both of legs to cripple him and picked him up by the throat against the wall. After 5 minutes of brutal interrogation, the Templar finally gave up the information which included the fact that his superiors plotted to assassinate the President. The Templar asks for Nathan's reason for doing this, Nathan answered his question (as shown at the top of the page), gave him his last rites and shots him in the forehead, leaving the room in a bloody mess littered with dead corpses.

Death of Nathan Williams

In 2012, Nathan Williams finally became the rank of Master Assassin at the age of 31 after all of his hard work and strong devotion to the cause. Members of the Georgia Branch of the Assassin's Guild have great respect for him for all that he has accomplished. After taking some serious thoughts, Nathan actually does feel that he has done all that he could've done for the Assassins and the United States with the thoughts of retirement from the business like his father and live out his own life. One night after a session of helping the recruits with their training at the Georgia Assassin Den, Nathan was attacked by a large group of Templars that surrounded the Den who were equipped with EMP devices and firearms such as shotguns and assult rifles and did a surprise attack on the Assassins which nobody was excepting and killed all of the recruits while the mentors have fleed the scene seeing that they were simply outnumbered 3 to 1 odds. Nathan Williams was among the last of the more experienced Assassins to be killed the Den. The Georgia Assassin Den was under Templar control and so ended the legacy of Nathan Williams which became better known as the "Political Assassin".


Again Nathan Williams has a strong interest in political science and governement polcies and such. He is very intellegent when it comes to planning an attack on a small group of enemies. He also pays very close attention to every little detail of an event or an object which sometimes that can actually help him in more ways then one. He always stays on task, not even to say any wise jokes about the situation or the targets, he simply gets the job done first.

Born: 1982-2012

Time Period: Modern Times

Affilliations: Assassins