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Chapter 1 - When it rain, it pours.[]

Raven Scwarz was having a bad day.

When she finally get around to clean her hidden blade, she found that it was jammed and she need to go to the hardware store just to get the tools to unjam that thing. On her way back from the hardware store, she managed to lock herself outside her car and need to call the local locksmith just to get it open. Her air-conditioner broke down when she's finally managed to make herself comfy in the living room. In the middle of summer.

As her mother would say, she's feeling quite narked.

After grabbing a can of cold beer from the fridge, she settled down on her couch to catch the late night news. Her parents seem to be working late again. As usual. She was ready to call it a day and hit the sack when the news turned to counter-terrorism movement the government made against the terrorist. It was the place mentioned in the news that attracted her attention. The same place her parents went to now surrounded by SFs and the brasses. The news mentioned that thanks to the SFs, they managed to handle the terrorist that had made their hideout there.

Just to make sure she wasn't overreacting, she called her parents cellphone. Failing to reach them, she tried to contact her colleagues who work over there instead. Still no answer. Not willing to give up, she tried calling her parents again.

Realization struck her like a splash of cold water. There can only be one organization that's behind this "Counterterrorism movement". Templars.

She didn't know how long she cried. It took her quite a bit before she managed to compose herself once more. She need to escape. If the Assassin's hideout was compromised, then there's no doubt they would attack here too. She could cry all she want once she manage to secure a safe place. Hurriedly she grab her Assassin's garment and equipment. She also grabbed her CD containing the malicious software she's been working on for the use of Assassin Order. Putting them inside her sling bag, she finally grab a leather sling she made and strap it around her arm. She was ready to leave when the sound of cars greeted her ears.Peeking from the window, she saw several men in black suits getting out of their car. It looks like they managed to track her down sooner than she expected.

"Bloody hell." she curses under her breathe.

She scanned through her inventory to see what she has for self defence.

A CD containing Virus software. A jammed hidden blade. And finally a sling. Wonderful.

Thanks to Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, she did not possess a handgun or any firearm of any sort. But she bet those boys outside would be packed with plenty of them. Looks like she need to do this David vs Goliath style.

Grabbing some glandes for her sling, she made her move first. From the attic, she climbed her way up to the roof. The men in suit seem to be ready to breach jer household. But she won't have any of it.

Contrary to popular belief, the sling is not whirled above the head several times, building up speed, before the stone is released. You could whirl a couple of times slowly if you have time to get the feel of the weight of the stone and while sizing up the target, just one big movement is enough to send the stone on its way. Trying to kill them all is not just foolish but will give her away too much. Her target is only one. The leader of the men in black suit who is waiting outside the Schwarz household waiting for his men to finish their search. She had chosen her glande carefully. The stone will make an arc before crashing into his head and sending him to afterlife.

Once the stone hit his head, it guarantees a skull fracture, ranging from concussion to cerebral contusion. Possibly a chance of instantaneous death.

She didn't bother to wait and confirmed if her target is dead. The ruckus his men made is enough to tell her she did. Already they start to scan the area for her presence but it was too late.

She was already gone.