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Nicolás Rueda
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16 March 1701


8 November 1777 (76 aged)

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Nicolás Alfonso Rueda was a Caribbean-Spanish Templar that operated during the his lifetime in Caribbean sea. He was a man of honor and had high social standing – although, he preferred to serve as a hitman for the Caribbean Templars, instead of making a quiet life in luxury. After the Purge, Rueda was imprisoned by American Assassins and subsequently hanged.

He is an ancestor of Freddy.

Biography []

Early life[]

On March 16, 1701, a noblewoman in the city of Seville was tremendously suffering for her childbirth. After a long birth the baby was born that the woman wanted to call Nicolas Rueda. Nicolas was the son of a noblewoman of the court of Spain while his father Anton Rueda (1782-1718) in 1701 was a simple sailor who had left for the West Indies. Nicolas was only taken care of by his mother and a nanny in a villa in Seville without ever knowing his father who had become a pirate hunter in the Caribbean.

When Nicolas was nothing but a 12-year-old, his mother got seriously ill and Died shortly after leaving Nicolas orphaned. The young boy was however entrusted by a Master Templar named Renardo Aguilar who introduced Nicolas into the Templar Order. Renardo lived in the Caribbean and decided to take Nicolas there and train him as a hitman. Renardo was trained at the School of Verdadera Destreza, a Spanish swordsman's art that Renardo was in turn adept at the young Nicolas between 1714 and 1720. In addition to Nicolas, he also sailed under Templar Benjamin Hornigold and Woodes Rogers in their hunters pirates.

In 1720, Nicolas officially became a member of the Order, starting in 1722 in the Havana Cathedral by the Grand Master Laureano Torres y Ayala. Nicolas, was one of the few Caribbean Templars who remained alive with the Grand Master and Eugiène Blaise since all The other Templars had been killed or removed as Renardo by the two Caribbean Assassins, Andrés François and Edward Kenway. The same year, Torres was assassinated as he searched for the Observatory and in this way the Caribbean Rite had fallen completely with the exception of Nicolas and Blaise. Blaise remained faithful to the principles as Nicolas himself did, but he decided to make a sort of crusade against Assassins and their allies. In 1730, Nicolas designed his targets that had to do with the Golden Age of Piracy; The Assassin-Pirate Captain Kumi Berko, the Maroon Shaman and Master Assassin Dakodonou and the Cutthroat Adrien Flood.


Kumi Berko[]

Kumi Berko

Kumi Berko was the son of an Ashanti Empire chief, living a life of wealth and power during his early years. Following a territorial dispute, he was captured, sold into slavery and transported to Jamaica. He joined the Maroons after being freed by the warrior Cudjoe in a plantation raid. After raising a crew and procuring a ship, Kumi started a career of pirating, attacking various vessels in the Caribbean. He later became an Assassin and had to be removed at all costs. Nicolas discovered that despite being a 49-year-old, Kumi was still active and had a dune on the island of Serranilla; a well-defended stronghold ruled by pirates and assassins.

Kumi broke the sea and besides killing many innocent people in settlements along the coast of Cuba and other cities. Rueda decided it was time to put an end to his anarchy along the Caribbean and kill him. Rueda went to the Governor-General of Saint-Domingue, Pierre de Fayet, and asked him for a group of soldiers to kill a Kumi Berko rogue robbing the seas. Pierre, who was a great friend of Rueda, accepted and put at his power 500 soldiers and a Man O' War. Rueda was pleased with the men he could carry and so he traveled to the strong navy of Serranilla. The journey lasted for a couple of hours, in which Rueda did nothing but sharpen his blade. The pirates had infiltrated the seas for generations in particular, they brought chaos disorder in the utopia the Templars tried to create. The pirates had to be stopped, despite the fact that the Order was weak at that time, and it was necessary to do the same thing. Rueda wanted the Assassins to know that the Templars were there even if they were two alone.

The ship Pierre had given to Rueda was called: Le Sirène (the Siren). Rueda knew he would have served him well. When they were in sight of the fort, Rueda put a pirate flag on the master tree and dressed the soldiers as apparent mercenaries. The strong men did no resistance when, Le Sirène approached more and more to them. Le Sirène drove to the harbor and the soldiers came out greeted by about twenty pirates, to guide them there was no point that the second-in-command of Kumi: John Crest. "You are welcome pirate brothers," Crest said to Rueda, thinking he was a pirate. "It is a pleasure for me to finally have you in the fist, too," Rueda mocked. Crest's face depicted the shock as Rueda took his sword and cut the latter's chest. The mercenary soldiers took their rifles and dumped them on the pirates, all the soldiers dropped out of the ship and started fighting with the pirates of the fort who had been taken by surprise. Suddenly Rueda while killing some pirates saw and felt his men shout of pain. The smoke bombs had been thrown on the floor of the fort as some snipers fired from a small canopy, Rueda thought quickly. He took a musket and climbed the stairs that led him to another floor. There, Rueda glanced at the point that held the roof, pressed the trigger. The tincture collapsed down under all the snipers who were buried in the rubble. Rueda smiled. A pirate pushed Rueda to the ground, and Rueda quickly recovered and saw a sword swirling over his head. Rueda escaped and raised his sword to the pirate's neck, which was still where Rueda was first. Rueda saw some assassins jumping from the floors and assassinating Templars guards in the air. Rueda pointed to his assassins by telling them to kill them and the sentence came in turn attacked by 5 opponents. A crude-pirate swung the ax for Rueda's stomach, Rueda roared forward and, behind the crimson, kicked a kick and sent him against a pirate-agile and the two stood against each other, Rueda took the gun and fired.

The bullet crossed the pirates' heads by killing them. Two pirates attacked Rueda together by designing their swords for the head and for the feet of Rueda. Rueda jumped by avoiding the first sword and then lowered, avoiding the second sword, Rueda paused and then slammed the chest of a pirate. A pirate captain pointed the gun on Rueda, Rueda grabbed the pirate and used it as a human shield. Rueda threw away the corpse and then kicked a ball into the pirate-captain's balls, which folded in two. Rueda took advantage of it and slammed the sword into the captain's pirate's neck, killing him immediately. Rueda saw around him that soldiers were having the best as there were no more assassins, probably killed. Rueda thought of Kumi. He had come to kill him and had to look for him. Rueda searched for the fortress courtyard where the fighting was running, but he found no Kumi anywhere. Then Rueda went to the war cabinet and found the door closed. Rueda slipped a couple of kicks and then the door jumped off and he entered the war cabinet. Standing there was nothing but Kumi Berko. "What do I have to honor, Mr Rueda?" Kumi asked for the room. "That you've been driven to the sea and brought chaos to this place," said Rueda pointing the sword on Kumi. "Well, if that's what you want," said Kumi. Kumi pulled out a gun and fired, Rueda quickly lowered and then swung his sword to Kumi, who shaved her with his own sword. The two duels a bit, Rueda when he could grab something and throw it against Kumi or grab Kumi and slammed it against the tables and barrels. At one point Kumi swept the ground with his sword, Rueda jumped to dodge but Kumi extended his hidden blade and sank it into Rueda's shoulder. Rueda screamed with pure pain. Rueda stepped back to a wall, Kumi rolled over to Rueda, Rueda in time pulled away and Kumi's sword slammed along the wall. Rueda took advantage of it and wound Kumi's calf. Rueda slipped a kick on the other leg as Kumi landed. "Now you cannot terrorize these seas any longer," Rueda told Kumi. Rueda stuck his sword into Kumi's chest, killing him.

Dakodonou []

Adrien Flood[]

Caribbean Purge[]