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Nina Parker (1848 - unknown) was an Assassin of the British Brotherhood, of Assassins, active in London during the Victorian era.

Nina was trained by an Assassin called the Old Man. He trained a small group of assassins, where each apprentice had assigned the city to watch over after Old Man's death. Nina was assigned to London, where she moved in her 20s.

Early life

Nina was born on a farm in a small village in middle Europe to her parents Milton Parker and Danielle Parker. When Nina celebrated third year of her life they moved back to her father's family farm in England. She was raised as an only child and never experienced love among her parents. Nina was always very shy, quiet and spent most of her time somewhere on the farm where she drew or played with animals.

At the age of 16, Nina was a witness to their parents' quarrel. Her mom moved from her husband to another small city and took Nina with her. After moving, Nina stayed in her new room all the time and didn't want to talk with anyone - even her mother who found a new man. After a month she ran away from the house thinking that she would forget everything that had happened lately.

Nina lived on her own for half a month. When she ran away, she didn't think where she was going or what she will going to do. She just wanted to get far away from her family and maybe one day accepting her parent's separation and return back home.

But living on her own was hard for her. The nights were cold and the supply of food was also not the best. She slept somewhere outside and tried to steal some fruit, vegetables or pastry from public markets to survive. She was starving most of the time, but only because she never had the need to steal something and didn't even know how to do it without any notice.

Joining the Brotherhood

One day, she was just sitting in a corner of ruined stable watching sunset with tears in her face. She was dirty, hungry, lonely, thinking about her future, her mom and also about her returning home. But suddenly an older man appeared before her, giving her some fresh water and a warm blanket. The old man sat next to Nina and she tell him the whole story about her running from home.


Nina's coat originally belonged to a male assassin who later died. As Nina grew, she needed a new outfit, so she just took his old coat and adjusted it to her size.

Nina has large scar on her right thigh.

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