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"As you die, realize that there are many things that you do not know, and many things that you will never learn. I have seen many men realize this as they gasp their last breath. They know that their quest for knowledge is over, but is a life where you search endlessly for knowledge truly worse than a life spent trying to kill a dying world?"
―Noboru Kato in his journal.
Noboru Kato
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Biographical information

21 December, 1840


1 September, 1923 at 82 years

Political information

Japanese Assassins

Real-world information

Noboru Kato (1840-1923) was a Japanese Assassin and played a large role in the Assassin-Templar war. He died during the The Great Kanto Earthquake and unknowingly had a child in America named Donald Falcon and is the Great-great-grandfather of Jack Falcon.

Noboru assassinated the Grand Master of the Japanese Templar Order, Ichirou Ueda. He retired at the age of 70 and was killed 12 years later during the great Kanto Earthquake. His journal was recovered by Abstergo and edited for publishing many years later.


Early Life[]

Noboru was born to middle-class parents on 24 December, 1840. Soon after his birth, his mother is found dead, seemingly murdered. His father, Kaito Kato, was left to raise Noboru on his own.

On February 15, 1841, Kaito left for America, leaving Noboru in the custody of close friend, Daiki Mizushima, an Assassin. Two months later, Kaito returned to Japan on a foreign ship due to his ship being stolen during his stay. Kaito's new ship was shot down due to the Edict to Repel Foreign Vessels.

Daiki received word that Noboru's father was dead and decided to raise the boy on his own. As Noboru grew older, Daiki taught him more about the Assassins. When Noboru was twelve, he was given a hidden blade. It was not functional, but Daiki promised that Noboru would receive the money to have it repaired on his sixteenth birthday.

Noboru was taught the art of sword fighting and stealth in the following years. He wrote down about his training in a journal that Daiki had given him to "Write down your adventures so your children might learn how great their father was."

On 18 December, 1856, Daiki was killed when Templars invaded their home. Noboru was barely able to escape before the Templars killed him too. He leaped out a window to escape the home and then ran away from the house. He had a few cuts on his right shoulder but nothing was too serious.

He wandered alone for many months until he was found by the owner of an orphanage. He was small for his age and was mistaken for a child. He, himself, could not remember his age so he was taken away to the orphanage. He spent a few years there and only left when he was 21 years of age. He would have stayed in the orphanage longer, for he only now began to look 16, if an Assassin and friend of Daiko had not adopted him.

Joining the Brotherhood[]