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Obadiah Cornelius
Obadiah Cornelius.png
Biographical information

June 2 1822


January 1866 (aged 44)
Igboland, Nigera

Political information

American Rite of the Templar Order

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Salvation

Obadiah Cornelius (1822 - 1866) was the Grand Master of the American Rite of the Templar Order during the Atlantic slave trade as well as a heavy instigator behind the American Civil War.


Early life[]

Obadiah was born into a family of slave owners who owned a plantation. Growing up in this position, Obadiah saw humanity in black and white: the weak were oppressed and the strong ruled.

With this mindset, Obadiah was led to the Templar Order where he would eventually become the Grand Master prior to 1858.

American Civil War[]

Baltimore Plot[]

Over the course of a few years, Obadiah and the Templars devised a plan to manipulate the Southern States of America to secede from the United States. Obadiah wanted a southern President to be elected in hopes of manipulating him and thus giving the Templars control over America.

Although their plan was derailed when Abraham Lincoln was elected as President of the United States. Because of this, Obadiah tasked the Templar assassin Robert Loch to kill Abraham Lincoln at his inauguration, although this plan was also foiled by the Ngwa Assassin Ugochukwu.

Although it wasn't a total loss. Obadiah devised a new plan by manipulating the Southern States to secede into the Confederacy which would eventually instigate in a full scale Civil War in the Americas and amidst the chaos the Templars would take control of America.

Searching for the Source[]

Prior to 1863, Obadiah discovered the existence of the Source of Eden through the journals of notable Templars Kojiro no Umon and Richard Ravensdale. Obadiah decided that finding the Source would help further their goals in conquering America.

Obadiah received a lead that the Source was located in Mexico to which he launched an expedition in search for it. In the meantime he was being hunted by the Assassin Iona Moartz who was also searching for the Source of Eden. In 1865, shortly before the end of the Civil War, Obadiah discovered a Precursor Temple in Mexico and inside it, he discovered the Source and also from Precursor images in the temple, he discovered the existence of the Factory in Nigeria, a Precursor Temple that was used to genetically engineer the human race as well as containing a "factory reset" of sorts, activating humanity's neural transmitters and making them docile once more. He notified, what remained of his fellow Templars, that he would be sailing to Nigeria in hopes of finding the Factory.

Discovering the Factory and Death[]

In 1866, Obadiah arrived in Nigeria, unaware that the Assassins Ugochukwu and Iona Moartz were on his tail. He discovered the Factory in Igboland and used the Source of Eden to unlock the entrance. Obadiah navigated his way through the Temple and used the Source of Eden as a power source to reactivate it once more, including it's defenses.

Less than a few hours later, Ugochukwu and Iona confronted Obadiah which led him to attack them with the Source and created duplicates of himself to attack Ugochukwu and Iona. While battling the two Assassins, he went on to state that while the Assassins have a noble goal of freedom that it is misguided and sends an invitation towards chaos.

Ugochukwu, while still battling the duplicates went on to state that his actions during the American Civil War loosened the Templar's influence and ensured his people's freedom and told Hill that the Assassins were never anarchists, they support democracy, not the abolition of order and government. Iona then went on to state that the Assassins goals have always triumphed while the Templar's defeatist ideology can only get them so far and why they haven't won the Assassin-Templar conflict yet.

After the debate of Assassin and Templar ideologies, Ugochukwu and Iona finally managed to Assassinate Cornelius.

Personality and characteristics[]

Obadiah was a calculated and cunning individual as well as strategic, as seen when he and the Templars created a strategy to manipulate the United States into instigating the American Civil War. Obadiah was also a charismatic individual due to his upbringing.

Also due to his upbringing, Obadiah was a firm believer in order, control and the notion that the strong rule over weak.

Equipment and skills[]

As Grand Master of the Templar Order, Obadiah Cornelius displayed considerable leadership skills that enabled the Templars to extend their influence all over America, both politically and economically. Obadiah's strategic mind was a great asset for the Templar Order as he instigated the American Civil War.

Being the Grand Master, Obadiah was proficient brawler and trained in fencing from his youth. Obadiah carried a pocket knife and a revolver.


  • Obadiah means "servant of Yahweh" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this is the name of one of the twelve minor prophets, the author of the Book of Obadiah, which predicts the downfall of the nation of Edom.
  • Cornelius comes from a Roman family name which possibly derives from the Latin element cornu "horn".
  • Obadiah stood at 5'10 and weighed 180lbs.