Obidiah walking through the desert
Biographical information
Born 1840 Boston
Died 1910 unknown
Political information
Affiliations Assassins

Obidiah "Obi" Screer (1840-1910) was an assassin in the Old West. He was a defected Templar, who defected in 1860. He was a ranch handler as a boy, giving him time to become quite good with a lasso by the time he was older. He assissted the Union with capturing Fort Fischer and also attepted to stop Lincoln's death at Ford's Theatre. He married into a Native American tribe of Iriquois Indians after he fell in love with an Iriquois woman who was a Templar. She later defected as he had and joined the assassins. When they came into possession of an Apple they put it where no one would ever find it and resigned from the assassins. They had two boys and one girl who all became assassins and moved to different areas of the world to be near the respective branches.


Early Life

Obidiah was raised in a small town in the frontier by his mother and older sister. When a group of Templars attacked his home and killed his assassin sister he said he would joi them if they spared his mother. A week later the Templars came back and killed his mother anyways. Obidiah was a Templar and ranch handler from the time since he was sixteen till he defected to the assassins when he was twenty. He trained under his mentor until he was twenty-five, when he was promoted to the rank of Master. He was sent on his first solo mission as a Master right after his promotion ceremony.

Fort Fischer

After Obidiah's promotion ceremony to the rank of Master he was sent to help the Union capture Fort Fischer. Upon his arrival they asked him to infiltrate the fort and blow the ammunition and gunpowder shed. Obidiah Snuck in the back and blew the shed. The troops all rushed in and fought the enemy. The Templar captain there tried to make an escape on horseback but was pursued by Obidiah. He lassoed him off his horse beforequestioning him and putting a bullet in his forehead.

Ford's Theatre

Obidiah was told by a man that there would be an attempt on Lincoln's life and so when he saw John Wilkes Booth headed towards Lincoln's box he put a knife wound in his back but was thrown over the blacony and could not save Lincoln. Obidiah chased Booth alongside the assassin Boston Corbett, who shot and killed Booth.

Later Life

Later in life Obidiah married into an Iriquois tribe to a Templar woman who defected to the assassins. They came into possession of an Apple of Eden and hid it where no one ever found it. They resigned from the assassins, and had two boys and one girl who all became Assassins in the Egyptian, Italian, and Chinese branches. At the age of about seventy he and his wife both passed leaving the Apple hidden for eternity.

Equipment and Skills

Obidiah was skilled at freerunning through urban enviornments as well as natural enviornments.

He wielded a hidden blade similar to Connor's, two six shooters, a lasso that he used similar to rope darts, and a sheepsfoot blade.

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