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The Oculus Enforcement Network is an organisation affiliated to the Assassins that provides security, espionage, and mercenary services. With lax regulations inside the network, agents of the Oculus are allowed the "carte blanche". This means that Oculus agents may act beyond the limits of the Creed, making the network a staunch ally of the Assassins, however despised by them as well.

Disillusioned with the Assassins' extremism, Lucas Brackwell eventually pulled the Oculus away from the Assassins, leaving the agency in disarray until British Templar Lord Ruthven took over.

Ideals and Goals

Solution to Moral Restrictions

Oculus is formed by Lucas Brackwell to deal with the fact that Assassins were at times rendered useless in scenarios that challenge their creed, since the main purpose being to perform tasks that Assassins cannot, agents of Oculus do not have to be Assassins.

The allegiance of Oculus, however, have always remained to the Assassins alone. Their agents, despite not being Assassins, are incredibly loyal and effective in carrying out operations.

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